A majority of Americans think climate change should be a political priority

The crew discusses how Americans are thinking about climate change and government initiatives to stem carbon emissions.
54:48 | 04/26/21

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Transcript for A majority of Americans think climate change should be a political priority
It was the first Earth Day was like many and you winners and no no wreckage from the indignity the seventies. I'm Gaylord Nelson maybe the first Earth Day that I went to. How. Where it examined rhetoric that. What does that mean he's the first. I don't know we sat around a no we did but yet it's anyone's 70% of people smoked joint it was not knowing. Hello and welcome to the dirty politics podcast ideal injury. Today we happy science protest absurd for you while we're going to be talking about the FDA CDC's paws. Administration the Johnson Johnson vaccine. Applause ended on Friday. Also going to talk about. President Biden's initiatives on the climate he's annual try to reduce US carbon emissions to half of its 2005 levels by 2030. Nikki back kind of push used to be politically toxic but is it stale so we're gonna deep into rare public opinion on climate stance today. And what the political realities are we also had he good news or bad use appalling example. That focuses on vaccines hesitancy. And what Americans think about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after it was paused for a week and a half to your need to do all of that are under chief gates owner unity. Pay everybody. How's Miami. Technically and Hollywood for a by it's showing me enjoying. The South Florida area. In general you came across my diet Twitter transom last night because. Poker tournament that you're planning and I'd like it. Photographed you like hey Nate silver's plan brokered. Hard hard yeah. So I I cast this event that means you may you win money. I would a lot of money. I wish I was actually unable it is podcast the applicant would still be Indy three let's turn and it was a lot of fun it's. I should say like. But we're playing like a carrot do you have like masks on that you at least that's byters. Like that's activity for me after being vaccinated it was not play like poker before her buyback status changed but it was fun it was like a good thing for me that like. Is a partisan enjoyed it and acted normal rent in the term so it was it was cool. How well the content protections that slate you're. If you see anyone's faces. Who can I mean you can you have been so a lot of it poker. You're looking a lot of people's hands looking a lot at people's. Eyes right. You can look a little bit they're reading at a wedding which aren't like you actually Lester byters shall therefore your view is like. It's like blocked earlier a lot of time Osce count like. You can't hear people as well and that's. Less important right. You know focused something is like I don't know I'm gonna get into weird. Poker players. Territory here right but like when things like electing here where someone is is from what the election I was like are you like aid. Professional or arguing temperature right to some of his amateur canons you know don't topical rocket somewhere between light. But like enough you're not able literally have conversations as much in. Me some information that way but still this turbine actually. Seemed like a crazy record number of players and it's a combination of being like. A in Florida. Be like there's a lot of pent up demand for in person activity and see like it way I think people are recognized as well mining. Company could have. The compromise it has big effects on like what cities are moving to whip things people are investing in right or barely capped players instruments are from. Brokers are international right of people from an attorney in Miami Latin America from Europe whatever else right there are very few non Americans there while it's good dislike. Americans are actually. Cannot be as good at a chorus like the Europeans because Europeans have people like America play poker online legally in the US Merck easily a lot more experience right. So it's nice Clinton term and it's basically only Americans. But you now but yet despite that they were huge numbers of people turning out. Man and you know a lot of desire to get back to post pandemic. Normal like it acquires or weird obviously the players have like you from wasted assess risk right to an interesting being in that in that environment. But it won't. Welcome to 530 eight's news Parker podcast. Itself is a good scrap the rest of the show. I every Sarah and magnate and former. Arriving here are joining us early this morning but we're Gannett kind of citizen worker from Aaron wrecked so alls here that's today is politics editors are Protestants and analyst Sarah. He can't win. Higher Kaiser Parker's game. You know and sadly can't report. An exciting at the weekend. And meet its topped map frat. And Apple's current us this seniors are trader at her in Maggie I. And your poker player yourself. I absolutely terrible. Card players. Any kind I think I lost ten road. Last weekend. On a connect. Sound. And let's get into your area expertise and organ began with an acre to use of polling or act use of polling. It's something of a controversial. Example that we have today so on Friday the FDA and CDC lifted their recommended paws on use of the Johnson & Johnson code vaccine. After a week and a half of the evening in please. Given the rarity of the blood clot syndrome that prompted applause six cases of about seven shots. Some people Whitney for example were critical of the government's recommendation in the first place. Others said it was a needed pause to ensure the public and our vaccine testing infrastructure is responsible to help doctors prepare for the potential of blood clots Anders. So in the aftermath of the one of the questions is how did this pots shape public opinion of the acts. Wolf the Johnson & Johnson vaccines specifically and all of it nineteen vaccines generally. So different surveys have tried to address this question in different raise. And the question today. For good news or argues appalling is which is the best use of polling to determine the effects of the Johnson & Johnson. Pox so I have some examples here but I'm also totally open to any of view citing your own examples. As either reduced or argues is appalling were the best use appalling so let's start with a poll from actual ought insights and this was. I think that's one of the first polls to come out after the pause was put in place and excellent wrote. A quick check in with US adults reveals that contrary to the prevailing view on Twitter. The decision to pause the change a vaccine due to a small number of blood clotting issues. Actually makes Americans more not last confident in the cove in nineteen vaccines. These are the numbers that are that are in our poll 58%. More confident in vaccines and 23% were less confident. And then 20% on sure is there's a good or bad use of public for trying to determine the facts. Band's bad. I. That's the way they frame well under muted since I think there are some pretty knew what people are Twitter. And their trees the prevailing view Twitter army air couple of issues right when it's kind of like. You're setting up the question you couldn't question in a way that. Makes a pot seem. Very reasonable rate they're like OK listen if it's an emergency authorization for three code vaccines in the US including the Maxima that Johnson. The price protection from college work and singled out skis and reading so park's expert a million dissidents and have been administered. In response reports at six women who receive a dozen suspects seen that rare blood clots. The FDA it's easy recommended a pause and restrictions vaccine. Wright is making more happen or less competent I mean I would expect. At most it would seem to kind of set the question. In that respect right but they would save more competent Africa's Gary seeing kind of like the the pause framed in the way that like maybe the CBC the FDA would lie right. I think the problem getting this is some in the polling is that. You know Bristol the average person. A we'll just kind of seen the words. Blood clot. FDA paused Johnson & Johnson in the same sentence and I don't mean to bring in too much it actually but it's at a polling like if you don't like his have liked it comes to potential people. Like arts and Robert Johnson & Johnson right they're not gonna kinda get this whole explanation right the better comparison is a true before work ran. After Ricky look at our two field before how do you feel now and not. Perhaps a number call have a compared to some hypothetical version of themselves I mean you know other a lot of cups in each that you're getting to them. What would've happened if reports of these clots that surfaced without. Applause but yeah that's my viewers I don't look let's. Parents are from a starting point Nate says values appointments are excellent insights poll Maggie what are your possible still let me what I need and have. Run into it all three days wasn't looking is that all of them are worded in ways that basically frame. What. An epic action treaty it's right like none of maybe you can't even get it tax a reasonable work and actually breaks apart. What people are thinking because. The blood clot syndrome itself. And what people are thinking because of the Ponce. I think polling on this in general it's just sort of doomed to be stuck in this place where. Like Nate size. People arts thinking of those two things necessary and separate events so you're asking people like what are you thinking about boats. Win it comes to. Vaccine safety right now. They aren't thinking like the pause and the actual risk events as two separate things they're thinking about is the news that they have. Robert. Rice select you could see the numbers of people. Crew are less confident in the vaccine grow. After reports of blood clots regardless of whether or not proceeding. Yeah yeah but we don't really know which is more the investigator. For any potential decrease in writes let but I don't think any of these polls didn't well. Aren't Sarah. Yes to what I would add to that she has the real question I have with the Ashland poll and other polls out there. Is what is the cross tabs at people who already gotten vaccinated earned not going to get vaccinated. And the reason I raise that question is has. For the people who say that they're not going to get vaccinated current share if they well. That's the sucker I really want to understand how changing and rolling back the vaccination hair has impacted then there was a poll over the weekend for. The Washington has to eat he sees it tried to tackle pat and they did find that there was less trust for that. Vaccines and from adjourn or for Pfizer and I think that is a critical finding in these polls is this question for people who aren't tax needed. You know has this impacted them. That said as we know winners are indices are reporting that group. Looks increasingly intractable in terms of what it will take for them to get vaccinated which kind of goes act what he missing out. You know how does this really change the overall picture. And that I don't think any of these polls are really starting at that interesting to just to put added understanding more or less what does that mean you know was parity confident of being vaccinated. Desire to somebody she was like I'm you know unsure of vaccinations I think that Hassell on line. Didn't do a great job of trying to capture where public opinion was right after. The pots. I think there's another thing we need to have bear in mind is this. Blood clots and imaging is not happening back to change either like there were already people. Having conversations. About how much you who. Want war trusts the changing vaccine before this even happened simply because of the when he the press has kind of sat up. Comparisons between the different vaccines efficacy bright light I was already. Following that people on blatt Twitter listening to conversations. In. Groups of people of color waiting we're talking about. Well being worried about having this one. And vaccine that has need you know if you're looking at it as apples to apples which you shouldn't. That looks as though it hasn't lower efficacy rate foisted onto their communities because it is an easier one to get out needs last refrigeration that kind of thing. And like those conversations are happening that you had this thing on top of it I don't know I don't know that they can get me the keys to Parker while. I mean the fact is that. Johnson Johnson it's not. Exactly the same as well Daryn and visor right. And there may be reasons like have a friend who really happy to get Johnson & Johnson right of people from my but it's a eight I got Kobe already I don't want to get vaccine about the one shot ranked it hurt you right so they're people who like actually prefer. J&J Wright like it's it's different right I mean it's not as it's not once how to change is not as efficacious as two shots and their inner fighter against. It's non severe illness but really care about severe illness and so it kind of comes out why spell a lot of this whole conversation. Is like how much complexity. Can Americans it. Tolerate right this immediately if they and take away something like okay. He's fixings are different purposes. If you're a woman under age 49. Then the risk is very low and if you had to change day. It would probably be good idea if you could change a it would outweigh the risks of this very rare blood clots but. We have these other great vaccines that are also available so wanted this would have Bos right Brett you know and that's like if it was like super sophisticated. Anderson forced her for them get their message out right and I don't know that I'd and of the population up to that necessarily like that's kind of a super missed and thank. I think the there's there's a lot of nuance around that's cute I think is getting lost in. You know that Twitter to scores of that light. The park was. My understanding from what watching that. You know listen to what the experts say the CDC was saying when they were coming without ponds. Was not really because they wanted to build trust. The cost was happening so that they could happen this time and space to go out and communicate with the but the health care field. Because you have this thing that needs. It's not just normal blood clots write it needs to be treated differently in some cases. In ways that are like sort of the opposite of how you would normally treat a blood clot. And you want to get this information about like who is most at risk what he's missed you looking for how she'd be doing this out too that health care community. Because something that might you can. That is split curable. If you know what you're doing it and so it the cause. Like trying to it. Trying to do me a poll to find like whether people. Trust more because of this ponds at the cost did not go into effect. To build trust also seems like a weird cause and effect space to be I want to read some of the. Are there polling data that we have. And that we can take a well further into this conversation so. A U gov poll showed that the CDC recommendation to Paul's Johnson & Johnson vaccine used. Causes public confidence in the vaccine to sing fifteen points. That poll from acts he has 62% of people who sad that they would wait and see about getting vaccinated said that that J&J pause. Negatively impacted their willingness to get vaccinated of this gets your question Sarah about. Really we should be focused on the people who were skeptical. Unwilling to get the vaccine candidate should their views because that's been the the most important for track to reach her community. And then the poll that you mentioned Sarah from ABC Washington Post that came out today. Quote just 22% have unvaccinated Americans said in a poll released Monday that it would be willing to get the Johnson & Johnson backs. Almost three and 473%. Said they were on dwelling so this gets act. But to kind of specific things that we are talking about one of the group of people were skeptical at U. The difference about feelings regarding the Johnson & Johnson vaccine specifically in comparison to news five's or amateur. So a lot of data America activist rat hour. Are any of the errors do you think good uses of polling bad news is appalling how should retreat that. I mean yet I mean it to concerns I have. About the pause necco kind of beyond the overall level of vaccine presidency your number one. What does it do for Dotson Dotson sept because that has abuse cases that are are nice right and there had been some evidence that the demographics problem. But who is getting JJ. People were a little bit younger acts the racial demographics were pretty. Well armed represented the US population virginity shots which they're not for the American shots on the work hopefully catching up. So you know I worry that law. Me it's like it was a repeat kind of RD had some talk about like minded. JJ being it's as it is right now I think it's gonna need to be hard to persuade people on the fence about and kind of related that is yeah I mean we basically got. Half the adult population vaccinated. Announced this pause right which means are getting out of people that are less eager to act because or a true a couple of weeks ago that he wanted vaccinated you you basically could write. And almost every state. So the fact that like people who were on the fence about it. May react Wordock it really is is important and a part of what I think. So you're saying that this is a duty is appalling because it confirms your worries like do you think. Polls that I just cited. Are good in that there methodology in the winter they approached these questions. What really. I think investigators actually from a number of vaccine doses right where. We can get 3.4 1000000% and the average on April 13 which they are also announced its since fallen to two point eight million so not catastrophic but like. You know what's going up up up up up and kind of that they buried it peaks right like that might be coincidence. I personally think it would probably that in a week or two anyway but it's still like it's not a great fact experts saying like OK all this. All this kind of polling. Kind of comes out. And it's ambiguous vote you would private default with the actual behavioral data and I don't artists like but yet these decisions like a political weapons. You know number one is people don't always necessarily. Buy your framing. The FDA if he's you can say putting out of but it's a caution makes say hey I've heard that raise abundance of caution before would Donald Trump was taken to you Walter Reed hospital. Right. They sent out of inhabitants of Kosovo turns up at some later reporting his condition was generators serious right. Gayle and we close at 538 office. In March you know eleventh 20/20 years something right. I think probably sell well or doing it out out of abundance of caution. And will reassess the week right has not been reopened sits right sort of people who kind of study like political communication. To me it's like organist scene that you're sentence is really safe. You take this actually read as being really dramatic as we will see ordering in repairs should who are not like waiting. The 538 or New York Times. Arm articles about kind of why the pots occurred right not to send us seemed rusty really bad if there. If they're stopping illustration as a vaccine. And they say about a possible we're used to sign that would it means that actress Mary series is going on writes let's. That's part of it I guess I did some singers partly I think like. Yeah I think the FDA. Mean to the CBC these people who understand. Public opinion and understand kind of the psychology of a kind of mass behavior which is may be different in a Covert identity and is in an earlier. Vaccine another situation where people are not pay much attention right here at me like. Some polls throughout like none that Americans are merely changing which is very very high and so I wish they had like. Consulted a broader range of of experts in part because like where they are impostor last week. It was a pretty firm on clause right they were kind of really exciting is it really really rare complication. And don't worry about it too much right to me but I would've said in the first place but that seems to me. An acknowledgment felt like there initial guess how public would receive it. Didn't quite match what their what their expectation. Talk about that because like I feel lick from the political standpoint I'm looking at this and sort of seen it this. Mean I'm sure we've all been watching the CDC this year and watching them go. Our partner in terms like for people who currency and a video on January saying receding registering. It's like until it right obviously like that's the sound of big action plan sound. But being right in being Ben still. Very active to. Like they don't do with being and then the public will be like. And then all images other thing now and. So much of that has like lost their credibility and icy same thing happening with Dennis because let me sat on sat and watched. The and that basically this this committee meeting that decided what to do friends lie secret sit there and watch the game. And it came down to voting on two different. Options. One of which was to just like. We're just gonna dancers and JJ JJD under the deal whatever. And everyone was just the start easing changing again no big deal ever also if you are women under fifty Britain and make sure you know about this. Which is legitimate because were up like fifteen cases now. And all of them are big men in their thirties I think that median age is 37 so that there is up. Population for which redskins' much air and it makes me eighty cents to let those people know. They have other options because other options exist it's not backs Nate or not acne or changing it's changing war. All these other things. Right. But they chose against. Hopping that extra information out there and I think. I can't see a reason to do that except that they are reacting to people talking about whether the pots was a good idea. I don't know that. Decision not to include that with Smart because if you look at night. Do you consider slides at their breaking down the pros and cons of these options. And at the Collins. Follows not having this extra message out to women under fifty. It's that you know it puts the burden of understanding risk on individuals. And the populations that are most at risk from coated are partly at risk because they don't have access to quality health care. Like the kind that you need to make sure you're getting diagnosed and treated for TT SE flee. And opening Contra doing this is like well it's going to be tough to communicate. So de wet winds. Not doing this thing because it's going to be tough to too tough to communicate it. One question I happen nest it is you know STC have to do some. Right the clinic not acknowledge that this was happening on some apple do you think it should've just bid message in such away from the beginning that hey. Here's what he knows so I believe it took. And like it dear sir before we knew it was all six women who had been confirmed in the cases like. How shouldn't have been rolled out to kind of look wait some of the mass confusion. To get an issue like Monday morning public quarterbacking. I. I think they shouldn't start from the place of light. Here's what we know about these six people. Pay if you are a woman in this category. You know there's other options out there available to you. It that's concerning. We don't think it's a big deal but here's yet communicating about it basically I think is probably should start. I didn't see the wings like a deer to pods to get the information out to health care community for sheer. I don't know rule that it needed to last as long as it didn't like. That news. I don't I don't know that they necessarily did anything. Terribly wrong with how did. I mean there is there is an example from the UK. Where the case it. In contrast a year for AstraZeneca UK say. We're gonna risk as we just chill out because it benefits kind of outweighs. Outweigh the risks right UK later kind of wound up. Limiting aesthetic people thirty and over of both genders. In the UK. Cockpits and the easy vaccines. Remain much more attacking the U in the EU where that it posits that took I think are relevant. Data point regular debacles question of what just on the surface like we're talk publicly about like you know the fact is that even deferring a change a dose by a ten or twelve days it will mean adult also number of people calculate back right. It's probably not thousands but it might be like just the delays might be. Dozens or hundreds or something. Like that if you kind of ballpark and that's not trivial severely get it later Connecticut and that becomes more serious problem there is no way that under any evidence that could uncover. Pepper like a 65 year old male. That the risk could be Hardin there were actually that's because they're at lower risk. Blood clots from the data we had so far because like carbon is very very deadly if you're like an older person especially older male right so like. If you're a seventy year old guy or one. Who has his or her Qaeda ticket has canceled because of blood clots respect younger people and you're like. A hundred times more likely to die from co written the new younger person. Like I don't think there was ever any case for like. A blanket. Laws. What I really wanna get actor is what's the best way of understanding how census has already been done it has shaped public opinion. Because on one hand if the public finds out about these things may. See the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. As last safe or they may be rest exit and taking it. Regardless this information was going to get out whether or not the CDC paws whatever mr. I don't really want to ask so much about whether or not CDC sort of paused. But more. How did this shape public opinion. After now that it's all said and done do we know that it has made people less likely to get the vaccine who previously worked on the. I think it's pretty clear cut. That trust in Johnson Johnson has to Terry about the Uga pull actually did do it nice job capturing it simply asked g.'s TJJ's safe or unsafe. And on net there. It will it's a fifteen point T creeks and confidence like that happened right. The question remains who acts useful pictured at that scale product pack. Is houses actually impacting people who are already saying if they're not gonna get vaccinated or that your. There wasn't actually a T Kris and that acts against Paul was around 30% still said hey I'm not likely to which was true the last time passed last month. I think the post poll was getting at that as well it raises the question. If J&J because it was shot didn't need to be refrigerated. If it was going to have more access rule parts of America where health care can often be a challenge. He does that now make the bird and even more difficult if you already have people who are saying I'm not get vaccinated. Tend to be white who tend to be Republicans and attended in rural areas. That's the real question. But I think we have to step back and say how many of these people are all ready willing to get vaccinated and I'm not choose that we're seeing that they drop off in relationship exchanging news. Yeah I think the thing that we mixers and conveniences keep in mind is that what people think of changing it's not necessary as people think getting tax. There is the what I see every operas like in the midst of mean academics getting better in the US. It's not getting better in many parts the world it's not it's obviously keep catastrophic in in the air right now for example how many have been some. Some reports near times had a story in Italy like it's a little bit of kind of anecdotal talking to doctors right but there is concern. In the developing world that western countries who have expressed her predation. Over Johnson Johnson and AstraZeneca which of the vaccines that Aries you can administer in. Please remain have cold storage right beaches are kind of you know AstraZeneca it doesn't Dotson is a noble backs listener right right yeah. You don't much developing world has gigantic contract with these companies and and in the US where we're electing an ally that. Actually these are vaccines are really get and so we have a right that's not true around the world so in each and you ought up the pockets accused in a second about like. The things the White House is or is not doing about. About helping India out but there are rural white patients consider. All right so this was angered his appointment I'd like segment dot a day into the weeds but hopefully now listeners have some sense where public opinion stands. Maggie you're and I give us your final thoughts on this whether it's good or bad use of polling or. Just a message from science reporter. I think. One thing to keep in mind is that I was listening to pull off it needs this big. Vaccine expert in America recently talking about how historically we've got new vaccines. We know what the serious side effects are are six to eight weeks after. Big roll outs. So we are already passed the point now we have seen what the big side effects are going to be secure somebody who's hesitant about the vaccine indignantly eating. To kind of see what comes. We're past that went out like you know what's gonna come off. It's not vaccines have not. After historically been a thing where a year to later he certainly happily this big explosions side effects it's a pretty short term thing and were cast. Our sounds better. Well let's move on and talk about American opinion on a different topic but also a science topic climate change the Biden administration called climate summit last week it's also trying to pass an infrastructure plan that among other things we're trying to expand renewable energy sources. In recent years the number of Americans who say the climate and environment should be priorities for the president and congress has grown so according to pew research. In 200841%. Of Americans said protecting the environment should be a top priority. Today that number is 64%. On the question of dealing with climate change specifically. The number of Americans who said it should be a top priority grew from 30% in 2008 to 52%. So a majority now. Why are Americans increasingly saying that they want politicians to focus on protecting the environment or addressing climate it's. Well I mean how it to get cynical about it we did a story several years ago about Howell. Americans. Opinion on climate change tracks opposite the party in power. So I think they're suddenly see you can look at this and say this is those taking over from the prosecutors seek hence. American concern about doing something about climate change generally went I'll. During the track yours just like it but down during the Obama years and basically whenever there's a president in charge who is against doing anything about climate change is when people are most interested in doing something about climate change. So for the nerds in the back that's what we call thermostat opinion which happens on a lot of issues which is basically that. Americans are just contrary ends too. Oppose the party its power. I mean is there anything mortar. Sit back though because when I do you look at this poll it looks like. Support. For. Dealing with climate change. Read op. During. Obama's time in office so in 2012. It was still. Had declined a little bit from two guys and its immediate resident. Twenty. 27%. But then by 2016. It was up to like 38%. Americans who cared about our tutors said he wanted to see. The president or congress prior ours climate change and that's it increase. It is while a democratic president is in office who's something else happening here. I mean to say somebody else a nickel a different direction it like it means people are being. The self interested. Van. If your age thirty I think you know what it's a part of it like when I'm openly retirement my grandkids to date seventy mean packets. Very scary if your age seventy. Are you like well. You know I think my beats for my beachfront Condo in Hollywood Florida will be okay the next 1012 years. Then you'll probably find you felt that mean you know I mean the problem with climate changes like intently cutter burst. CO2 emissions at some point right kind of things bill laden. Well another in and get worse right and so yeah it's it's a long term problem in like and therefore it's natural for kind of and rational for younger people to be more concerned about it. So you're saying at the poll numbers were changed because older people are dying awfully isn't the US population becoming older. So why would the younger people care about our climate change. Let's see the climate change is like a it's like it's a giant problem when your age seventy rates like to jar problem in like. You know 4040 years something right as a higher percentage of the population still live is an experienced when he forty. Instead of being dead I forty. Then what people are are going to be concerned about it. The other. Phenomenon I think that's happening here is for democratic senators climate change is really become bored and she you when you look at all of the different issues Gallup tracks asking Americans what's the most important problem. Climate change doesn't register it's like 2% rate still the economy still health care. The non democratic voters there has been huge shift and there's actually been a decline and how Republicans think it climate change mapping problem it's incredibly partisan issue. I think though part of the reason why we are seen an uptick in overall numbers is because it really has become more pressing issue for democratic senators. And independence as well. I think it's also a plaintively. It in situations where we are tying climate change in choose certain kinds of infrastructure. You're starting to get in to bat space where. There are a lot of people and there has historically. People going back twenty years. Who are neatly in chew infrastructure names dad. Help climate change. But not because of climate change. That means. Ten or twelve years ago the climate activist in eighties I was reporting on we're talking about d.s big panels where you would get it people and who would be like a climate change in the Chinese oaks. But hey I just got electric car and I'm really into putting solar panels on my house because they had different reasons for why those things were interest to them. And so like. It happened this playground infrastructure I think is probably in the good idea. Leiden the administration's part because it starts to get some of those overlapping circles. One other question here before you get into some raw politics of this is we see different numbers on protecting the environment. And dealing with climate change specifically and protecting the environment is significantly more popular then dealing with climate change. You know mr. it was 64% of Americans are protecting the apartment should be a top priority. 52% of Americans say that dealing with climate change should be a top priority. Is that we is that kind of get at where you're talking about their Maggie between like someone might want solar panels because they want like clean air and water but they don't believe in climate. Change yeah oh absolutely and really cute I have conversations likes it with my family around that. Buddies back clean air and water. Affect people's everyday lives in things in any conflicts that are to rack and he's leafy global. And dear needs independents tied up in public feelings of independence from corporations that people don't trust that are tied in some of these trusts and things that solar panels. And all of that stuff comes into playing. Before you even get to you. Climate change IQ that conservatives had delivered more rural areas has always been you know. A conservation analyst aspect alike you know you don't want your. Waters are you going fishing committee polluted rioters your fermented the harmed by acid rain whenever raises a little bit of light kind of in a preserving nature in the environment. It's kind of a probably. Popular notion that is like a little bit less politically charged then. Ban when you bring up climate change. All of them you know climate change people most people believe in climate changes everything's a pew in central things are very divided right people mostly are. You believe in man name climate change. Right and I should say here these are two different answers their questions and I've been referred here in pew research is should you would require a change be a top priority not do you believe that human activity is the eight main cause of climate change. When we do get that question have we seen changes over the past. Decade or so because I mean the weight of the media talks about this has changed and I think the wave that. Politicians even talk about this has changed like you don't really here. I mean trump wants a particular case but you don't hear a lot of Republican politicians today saying that like it's full on hoax. You to know but I'm looking I think that's really interesting and Gallup polling on mess is they ask is the seriousness. Of global warming generally saturated. Gently correct are generally under arrest. And what you've seen huge uptick in under arrest needed which kind of reflects that you know climate change is a growing concern. But you've also seen a huge uptick in the people who say it's gently saturated. It really is too polarizing camps even if I think some of the ways in which we talk about climate change that it is attributable. Two man made problems is part of the conversation and made sale one cent in early two thousands. But their does still seem to be this general sense within the population that all excellent saturated look at what China's doing her India's due in terms of their content the end. Greenhouse gas regulation. I think it's interesting and I think that it is how. Debt we had and in terms like the rhetoric. Seeing shifting from it is absolutely isn't happening to let its opening but how much can we do about it actually. And how much are we responsible for actually. I mean and that he's being that the US like who should really take responsibility for this is now becoming Kane. A focus of rhetoric which I think does show legacy change and acceptance. Of the basic science. Ball also kind of maintaining status quo in terms like should we do anything. I'm looking at a the Gallup question about it do you consider yourself an environmentalist. And in 1991 was the first Earth Day was like many new owners and no no wreckage from the indignity the second. I'm Gaylord Nelson maybe the first Earth Day that I went to. How. Where necessary to record that. What does that mean you spokesperson. I don't know we sat around it. No we did but yes I Tony went 70% of people's majority was yeah aren't. Not that young easily as as like a top learn how old I was. Because they're thirteen in January it was not certain joints than 78%. Of people it's anyone's said to consider themselves environmentalists. That's down to 41%. In 20/20 one. Oh before credit came I think report when he went one rates like. Part of it is like there are a lot of us Al Gore kind of polar bears thing world. Places like kind of thermostatic where there's a lot of backlash against. Against liberals like kind of early two thousands on the environment. In some ways like the fact that like that's not the rights primary. Battleground anymore rightly kind of moved on from like gays and global warming polite. Trans people did trans people and immigrants right now. And like. You know in some ways. That's bad for its people immigrants obviously but maybe it means that like that these issues about gay rights and injuring more usage about the environment. Are not that conserve and Courtney it may kind of help the cause of the environment that like it's not as much in the prosecutor's anymore. What has taken out of the cross hairs because I would think that. A couple things could be happening one politicians realize that this is an actual leave. Like free full area to be arguing over because undermine public opinion has actually changed and so it's not a winning issue. War I guess you'd realize that something else is up more winning issue you move on to that and I didn't they're moving on public opinion changes after the fact which. How old how does do those things interact. But there's. A lot of debate about how much you can attribute individual weather events. Two climate change I think probably. Both sides limit to yourself this hurricane was because you're not into mr. whatever else right alike you know the fact is that it. America has been warming. The weather has been changing people kind of have some experience with that right and it's very slow it's gonna outweigh but it weather fluctuations but if you have more. Wildfires if you have more heat waves right if you have more severe weather and again you know things about like is it actually Maurer just. It's short term anomaly but like the fact is that you know on. People if you ask people I don't there's August if you asked are you experiencing the effects of climate change. I bet a lot of people would say yes right and as this becomes. Moore Moore a clear signal it'll be harder harder to deny the fact that like. V temperatures that you experience a different times of year. And whether parents are not the ones that you remembered when you were a kid or something right and you hear lots of news that record breaking heat. Whatever else and so you know selected haven't affected potentially there's that. Apocryphal. Winston Churchill quote about like well now which is tackling over the price. And I think that there is some effects to Wear beards with climate change now where. More and more people see you get that news happening. And we're just having arguments over what is and isn't works doing to fix it. Like I mean there is one of the things that need kind of we're looking out what's this. Though Washington Post Kaiser Family Foundation poll where they're asking people like all these different things in the green new deal if you heard that it contained this which you will. Be in favor of it. And like all of these different days you know guaranteeing jobs. Upgrading buildings with energy efficiency is setting a goal for a 100% power coming from cedar emission energy sources within ten years. All of those things are getting like seven. And then you get down to increase federal spending by trillions of dollars and suddenly what support just like drops off right so it becomes a year. We liked the idea ends we don't like the price tag conversation now. Use and we do think we need to make sacrifices. And pray that that was the other thing that's really an arresting that all. Though of course I mean I think something. A lot of scientists have pushed back on its that it should it come out team needs these problems it should require it government action. It's I think actually it's act the you're seeing earlier Ian right now we see how hopefuls but Biden's. You know. Intersection plan is popular and it citizen in which can change by creating jobs in the economy. You have to think that that kind of gets that some of the economic concerns that we seem to comic climate change because it's such it cock next issue race. Where it's like okay if we cut back on coal patents we lose these jobs that are creating new jobs does it does that help in some way. Address. The underlying problems of climate change but can also make sense it's not just morass of public opinion. I mean it the green reveals interesting in that light. You know one of the critiques. Environmental protection from the right was always like well this is really needs it's about the environment but really it's a cover. To restructure the economy under in the most cynical comment across birch and this right like him or socialists. World right. And a green new deal kind of it sort of is kind of doing that kind of right elect actually likened him. Restructures his eighty. Anybody ever waste and it works sustainable. Environmentally and economically where you know we're gonna probably have major new regulations on businesses emirate have. Universal health care whatever also does kind of match those things together. Excellent things that are less environmentally saline. Our poll fairly well like in theory note that's that's if your. Only concerned about the environment. Anyone say hey luck I'm being political here right. I am just we often we have to take care of this hurts worse problem later dropped cigarette how to do what the right prices right. That's kind of a different care and in the green new deal. Yeah certain to bring a point on our goal of these users to product need to answered your first question. Q does conduct polling on how many Americans say that climate change it is affecting that in order local community. And it 22% said a great deal and 39% said Som sedan that is 38% percent not too much at all. A grand total 62% of Americans and at a target at least some effect on her local community. Now of course that is different from how much of an appetite you have for doing something about it we do receive that. You know when Gallup pets economic growth against environmental protection. Things fluctuate ought to nearly eight based on how the economy is doing and it's a recently we've seen an optic. In people who say that we should prioritize economic growth over environmental protection. I think I would imagine politically why the art administration is trying to do you. It is to kind of frustrated back pitting one against the other dynamic and make it such that. Economic growth post coded. It is. Very much a part. Environmental protection. It's or to get it about a little bit we've talked about a lot of public opinion here. What are the political realities. What Joseph Biden is trying to do you. Is it popular will he succeed as it's one of those things that he has to do because the base wants it buy it it's gonna be politically difficult. Where is this more of an asset Joseph part that doing something about it well. Benefit his administration and its popularity overall. Re dating to the Paris which I didn't do it on day one bounce. Around 65%. Of Americans were important. Last Friday was on cried and committed the US cut its global warming emissions at least in half by the end of the decade. I think really ambitious goal and unlike other countries there aren't any laws in place to ensure it happens so it was something that's kind of but lot of skepticism with him parity even among those who once. Significant change fast. And some now proceed with the infrastructure which I would note it's not at least by the idea administration being painted depicted as the green new deal greatly there's a separate movement in house. Where more progressive members want to act on more to what I didn't party proposed that probably doesn't have the political well to get your congress. That's at their elements of that construction parity in place that are looking to me he wrecked or grant. That are looking to me you know electric cars more accessible route she could pictures now applicants station near Tesla on your next road trip that there are things in place and that Ilyce currently stands. But it do you think. What Biden has said publicly on Friday level ambition stated air it seems unlikely that apple be net the types of laws that pushed congress. Interest or so like basically talk is cheap kind of what you're saying like you can say that but the actual. Laws that you would need to get there aren't really being. Taking out. My sentiment curious Maggie lake what did you think friends right. Basically. Like news. That's kind. A lot. And what we've seed when it. The Democratic Party over the years right is that there's a lot and manages to get through it's not. Much the plus side it's that. He successfully cast US car emissions. At relatively stable topples over. 20/20. Years it's. Britches great ensure shows in harmony without hacking into exponentially increase our carbon emissions that we had not. Gotten very good at actually passing policy reduce its car emissions. Ends. Bases a 100%. Everything I would've expected well isn't the reality to some extent that like the reductions that we have seen so far I've come from. New technology. That is it. Necessary we. The US government isn't particularly responsible for and it's just the cycle of innovation more then what the government has actually doing. And that that may well continue and it obviously the government plays a role that incentivized and subsidized you know different sources of energy etc. that are Saturn but that white. More technology is gonna take time it almost regardless of of the government does I don't know. Well. Or ask it so it's little hard to look at the state. Com. CO2 emissions by country and here might in the conversation he had heard about echo it right where life. Things get better in the US it's Hitler and it's it's slower and be you know. We can afford to like. The if we can afford to solve this problem now on the plot policy messy Europe will do right you see. Missions. Siren in India for example in China but it has had some progress at. Telling him but like gap in core arts the world winners and growth. Equation is very different I think we talking about kind of growth that. Could lift people out of poverty potentially you know having global slips this is obviously a complicated. All right news wall now you have conveniently tied RT segments together for me that's a good place. And things so think you name Sarah. Are. Thinks they're having it is important to depressing conversation. Monday it's the what island to do an important that there. With that my name is game entered it's in the Burkle and program Claire Curtis editing. You can touch by emailing us at podcast directory com channels of course greeted us with questions or comments. If your fan of the show we are reading. Apple Store or tell someone about us things listening. And yeah. Yeah yeah.

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