Second accuser comes forward against Brett Kavanaugh

"The View" co-hosts discuss an allegation that Kavanaugh engaged in sexual misconduct with a female classmate 35 years ago at Yale.
5:33 | 09/24/18

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Transcript for Second accuser comes forward against Brett Kavanaugh
So, mong on to sething, ere's now a second woman who's come fward accusing scotus Brett kavangh of sexual misconduct. She told Ronan far it happened when Kavanaugh was a fresh in colleg but here's what the guy in the white house had to say abot ts min kek. Brett kavanaughs an hi way. 'Ll S how it go W the goes wh . I think cbe the's a chance that this could be O the single njust things to happen to a candate anything, but amit eavanaugh a I forward to a vote. Now, come on, man. Isn't I atle premature to sort of STA the conversation like this? Who am I talking -- please. It's touching how H stands behind anybody who's been accused ofxual assault Moore, now this guy. Warms your heart. It'sconste In the words of the great Chris rock, crackhead go with crackhead. What haseen real disconcerting to me is not only presidentaying Tse things even before she testified, Lindsey W't ce vote, it's Mitch Mcconnell Ying -- mcconne saying I the very near future judge kavaugh will on the ud STEs supreme our he saiat over th weekend. You know, when I W - if U have a jury trial and you have a ray I don'tare what the star witness is going to Y, THA won't ce my te, that jor gets town the jury. Re these senators still on iary commiee they're sa cause ] That's absurd to me. Sten,hese ys, there re rumors about thisecond accusation last week. Yes. And then Lin grahamnd Mcconnell come out and say we' theyaccusati yeah. They figure they'll push him he'll be in, tll Y and then we'll guy isguilty.that what Reay has bothered me through this, I T there's a muchay way this could have women because of them havow said, Dr. Ford and Ramire said we didn't want to put our nam O the and have to potally pli testify. Ronan's piece he talks about howocratse digging thh it and they're stuck the posioher it's going to be told for M can't cont O have to put ese arepeople'siv are lineow they're dealing with death threats in Kavanaugh's family and thesewomen. Makes me really sad. What was the qro the otr day? Whdidn't she come out yea and yearsago? Thome oecause people like you. Yeah, because feel that they not be believed. They are ashame Abby, to your INT, how couldhi have beenone better? I've been saying it for weeks, you cduct a background auigation, the term investigation is in the name. They are in the profession of dothat. That's youandle this kind of thing. It7dpp Anita hill.u just open up the BAC inveigation an do it that way. It's transpa and nonpartisan. Why isan farrowhe chief agent of these cases? It's absurd. Because he is not tical. Because he's not serving a pocal stand. He she women and their stories, and that' different. That is the hy glad H saying, look, thihere. Uestion was, well, was ts online? Did they put this in "The new Yorker" ne in the mazit was . It usual comes O first astest way to you to make a point? No. This Thursday supposedly -- she may it back now and say thertoo much gng O and omen that are speaking out. You could see that Happe WHE she says we need an investigat ianne Feinstein has asked for that. The doc may finally find T testicuy just like T republic have been pling dirty tricks with megarland and Democrats are going back at them and the don't it. If she testifie wan to see her testify in front of those white guys want to see them bring in some femaleator to smooth it over so that they T look thabad. Yeah She should demand I you've B watching this show you're awa that kavanau it. He's deniedllegation two. He says didn't happen. Hen't the. Thellegations a St smear. Now, if you sort ofal a ok at what a real smearooks ke atow folks have been talkibout thesewomen. Yeah. Loot --ou want to talk about a S? Ea 'S a smear Ese are allegations else We do. Except fyou-know. But they're in charge, see, at's why Ty do what they 're in arwhoever isnha calls the game. Together and rt of makhat geittle bit different.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss an allegation that Kavanaugh engaged in sexual misconduct with a female classmate 35 years ago at Yale.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58045689","title":"Second accuser comes forward against Brett Kavanaugh","url":"/theview/video/accuser-forward-brett-kavanaugh-58045689"}