Aidy Bryant on her new show 'Shrill'

The "Saturday Night Live" cast member shares what it's like to be the leading star in her new scripted series.
8:59 | 03/14/19

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Transcript for Aidy Bryant on her new show 'Shrill'
Mr. President, I've got to be honest, this is only going to get way worse. I like you, Sarah. You're a straight shooter. That's why you've outlasted Sean spicer, scaramucci, Bannon, Priebus, Gorka, Flynn, Yates and Tom price. Thank you, sir. I think it's because folks listen to me because I'm no nonsense but I'm all nonsense. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is just one of many characters aid Bryant plays to perfection on "Snl." Now she's branching out as writer, producer, and star of the new hulu series, "Shrill," where she learns to embrace her size, her smarts, and her sex life, with a few awkward moments along the way. Watch. Could I also get the morning after pill. I think it's called step two. Thank you. So, do you sell more of the morning after pill in the morning or is it kind of an all day thing? Hey Nick, do we sell the morning after pill -- That's okay. We don't need to bother Nick. He's doing pill business. Um, I'll just pay and -- and this will be over. She's funny. Please welcome aidy Bryant. ??? Welcome to the show. Thank you. You're a very funny lady. You've been on "Snl" for what, 7 years now? 7 years. That's a long time. You're telling me. They eat up people over there. Yeah. You must be good. Oh, well. You also were nominated this year for an Emmy. Yeah. And I understand that you really scored a great seat between Justin Timberlake and milo Ventimiglia. What can I say? Who smelled better? Tough to -- I was sniffing all around. I was taking it all in. Wow. That's amazing. I do what I have to. I'm with you. Now you and your bff, Kate Mckinnon, you often write together. You did skits together when she's there. She's hilarious also. The two of you are funny ladies. How does that work out with the two of you writing together? We started together. We've been in the trenches together. We love to write together and do sketches together because we laugh at each other and that makes it harder to get through the sketches but it's worth it. Do you have to fight to get your sketches on or is it really easy? It's a fight. But I mean, that's kind of part of what "Snl" is. It is merit based, you know. If you can write a good sketch, it will get on and I think that's kind of a cool process. But lorne is the captain. He makes the decision. Absolutely. And captain, thank you. Aidy, I'm so excited you're here because we're both from Phoenix. We went to the same high school. I was two years older than you. Xavier, what's up. Two chicks on mainstream TV. You also impersonate me on "Snl" and I loved it by the way. I saw the spoof. Yes, I loved it. I loved it. But when you impersonate people, do you ever worry they'll get mad? Of course. That's the nightmare of it, I think. You were very kind about it. Thank you for getting my clothes right. Thank you. It is kind of scary but I feel like you try to kind of just boil them down to like what's an interesting quality about them and kind of blow that up bigger and hope that they have a sense of humor about it, which you did and thank you. Sarah Sanders? Did you ever get blowback? I'm sure there have been people who didn't like it. I've never heard anything from Sarah Huckabee Sanders so I just assume she loves it. Don't assume that. Your new show on hulu, "Shrill," is hilarious. Thanks. It's so funny and it's based on the memoir by fat acceptance Lindy west. It's already called one of the most body positive shows ever. Tell our audience about it. It's based on this book by Lindy west and her essays are often dealing with the topic of how often women get sidelined by obsessing over their bodies and hating themselves essentially. We've all been taught for a long time that there's sort of one way to be and if you're not that you're not worthy of a life and you can't start your life until you're thin. What this life is about is getting to the point where you're like, I don't want do that anymore and I want to stop putting all my time, money and energy into trying to make my thighs smaller and instead trying to go after my dreams. And that's what the show is about. So true. The specific plot lines are based on some of your real life experiences. Yeah, yeah. I have a question. One of the plot lines has a personal trainer going up to you and talking about that there's a skinny person trying to break free in your body? So in the first episode there's a moment where a personal trainer kind of grabs my wrist and she's like, you're a small person underneath there. You're not meant to carry around all this extra weight. And that's something someone really said to me and I think she was well intentioned. I think she thought she was helping me but that kind of tossed-off comment can be so hurtful and at least for me for most of my life I sort of was like, thank you, yes. I think part of what the show is about is trying to stop that sort of cycle and just feeling like, okay, I can stand up for myself and say that doesn't make me feel okay. Let me give you a suggestion for what you tell that personal trainer. There's a fat person dying to come out of you. And she's starving. She's looking to have a little fun. Listen, you've -- in this new show you talk about you've struggled with your weight your entire life. I can relate. And you talk about reclaiming the word fat. Yeah. I mean, I think there's a lot of ways to think about it but I know for myself I spent most of my life living in fear that someone would call me fat and so afraid of that label, and I think part of what Lindy's book really did for me was kind of reframe that and look at it as a descriptor and not a slur. It's true, I'm fat, but I'm also smart and creative and funny and a good writer and I'm talented. And you're also very sexy and you own it in this show. You show a lot of your body. Yeah. I'm so impressed with that. What did your parents think about that? Well, yeah. I mean, my parents, I think they're incredibly proud of me and they know that I've sort of pushed myself in this series but there are sex scenes. There are, yeah. But you look good in it. Thank you. You do. It's a big deal. The first thing they said was, do you have to make the noises? Yeah, I do. Silence would be worse. Or someone dubbing in to make noises for me would also be bad. They're really proud. Another issue that you tackle is online trolls, online bullying. You actually quit Twitter which I'm so impressed by that too. How has cyber bullying affected you? I started playing Sarah Huckabee Sanders and suddenly I was in this lightning storm and I would get 50% of trolls saying, you know, you're a fat, ugly pig who shouldn't play this strong independent woman and half of them saying you're too beautiful to play that fat, ugly, lying pig and it reduced both of us to our appearance which is revolting and not okay and I started to feel like why have this channel to receive these messages and if this is going to be a toxic place I don't need to be in there. Good girl. We're so happy for your success. Thank you. And we're happy for your parents. Thank you. And our high school. And we're happy for your high school. We love you. Thank you for coming. Aidy Bryant, all six episodes of "Shrill" stream tomorrow on hulu

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{"duration":"8:59","description":"The \"Saturday Night Live\" cast member shares what it's like to be the leading star in her new scripted series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61683955","title":"Aidy Bryant on her new show 'Shrill'","url":"/theview/video/aidy-bryant-show-shrill-61683955"}