Amy Schumer, Rory Scovel talk confidence, gun control and more

Schumer and Scovel discuss their new movie "I Feel Pretty."
8:58 | 04/20/18

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Transcript for Amy Schumer, Rory Scovel talk confidence, gun control and more
In the movie, "I feel pretty," Amy Schumer plays an insecure woman who gets knocked unconscious, yeah. But she wakes up feeling she isgod's gift to all men. So familiar, ladies? It leaves herco-star, Rory Scovel, a little lost at the dromat. Take a look. What's ur number? So this is how it S. Just like that. Well. Just like what? What hns like what That is very clever. I don't know why that's clever. What is clever? I'm just asking what the number - hat's yr number? And th I go, 118, and you're, like, no, your phone number. Yeah. Yoe go how long have you been hanging onto that? I haven't. I haven'teen hging ont that. The dry NERs, andit on perfect girls? Well.l give me your one. My phone? Give me yourphone, and I'm going to give you my number. Ou still talking to me? Don't chick out, son. I'm not chickeningout. Please welcomemy Schumer and Rory Scovel ?????? Yeah. Hi. Se chairs. These chairs. They are a little Youecame T expert. Hi, dies. Amy, congratulations on the success have been having. Thank you. Thks. It's fantastic. In this movie, you pla somebody who has H self-est you had to get hitthe he, right? I know. Yeah. But anyway, Yo Amy, seem T have a hself-esteem also. Magazine I appria that about you. I admire it. [ Eers and ala have you always been like ? Yeah. . My parents -- my parents did re goo job of straight-up G as a child, like, WHAs reallyyoung, T were, like, you're the most betil girl in world, and I was, like, I am Mine did too. Ine didn't. No? No? Yours just put a bver your ad? I it's good, but then, youkids say mean things and yourconfiden, it gets chipped away. This movie is all about getting back to that litrl coence that ha. We need it. Yeah. Everything is different W men versus wom look in the mirror, what they see. I have joke about this. A I noticed a dated, they all hake, a mirror face when, like, they look in the . They are a Normal guy and when thk in the mirror, they are kind of just, like-nd then my mirror F kind of just, like, well. Do you have a mirror fa can you show us your mirror face? Ome on, Rory. I can also D this. What a sweetie. You're known F doing characters like the southern bro and the German D whato you thinhose guys would think looking in the mirror? If I going to do this guy, and look in th mirror, and you can dotoo. Do your southern -- and I'm going to look in thmior, yes pretty highup. Not soferentrom that Amy said. The eyes. Overed it. Sometimes my eyebrows are so high Andy eyes so low I'm not even seeing myself. Igine what I tnk I look LI, and go out into the world. I loved the move I had sofun, and I was laughing. There has been this weird backlash I think. Can you imagine? I gash from theternet. This weird backlash -- F for being. That's weird. Crazy. And T bash was people were saying yourharacter is a blonde of healthy weight who is tractive, and you're supposed to make us believe that you are ugly how D you rnd to that? First all, that's the nicest bacash ie ever heard. You aoo pretty I just made me excited for LE to the movie. It's not an ugly, vile ol beautiful. It's about a girl who struggles with self-est which is something we can all relate to also I think it is fair to say at it's a lot Harr for other people, and recog that I am csian, like D love if this movie were starring a woman O col who has had it way harder THA me, and I think and I hope we getthere. This is hopefully just a step in the right direction. You are, in fact, a new. I . You got married. Eers and app O Chris Fischer is his Na Yeah and the thing about it, and we talkeabt it in ho topics. You didn't know him very lo. A F months wait It was longer than that, and I apprte what erybody said, but thank you. U know I'm not, like, a fool, and impulsiveike that we have known each other for about a year now, andhave been LG together now for Aly six Mo. So, you know, it's not -- it's not a long courtship, but it's -- not years. We had great weekend in Vegas, and three minutes babies in E re? 'S a rudeuestion I think. Is it a rude question? Is it rudebe, like, do you have your peri whh N't. I'm wearin white skirt. Don't ever give me this. T give me this two weeks, noi hope so. Maybe if we're lucky enough, you know? Not rig now. Not while I'm here. Rory, you are married as we. You also have a daughter. Whatd of dad a you? Notreat. . I'm,e, an oka dad. My wife knowshat she doing, and I think it's -- Is some. I think ia it maternal instincts and she is willin do research. When she sends an artle to read, and she is, like, we should dothis,nd I'm, like, that'sheg. Let's learn organically. N't want to read Ng. They wanted me to ask you if you were going to change your Na a woulde Amy Fischer. I'm not trying to be long land -- Amyfische Sorry. No Amy fischernd also, I don't know. Think timere changing. I think would be -- I would feellly strange taking my hud's Na. It's handma Ta It S weird when you start a ff . Iook my hus's, and I'm, like,ho are you talking to? I hav M first husband's last name, because minasoo hardo spell, and then I got married again, and I still have my first husband's last . I S already the business with that named cld change it. Is myam Stick withar. Can I ask a serious question? Always.been veryvo about gun ntrol, and mch for our lives which wasre thing. So I have a two-part question what du we need to do in this country, and since you're speakgut politically -- Yea You basically divide your auy often. Oh yeah. How do yofeel aboutthat? I mis makingce the money I was making. That W cool but m,ike, you, like, if I could hold my tongue, I wo I have to stapor what I know is right. Plause ] Thank you. Don't clap send me money. E money. It's bigger than yourself. It's bigger myself. So when youask, what should do? We just -- W need more sensible gun laws and thehings when you say that. When you say, I don't think somebody ws severely mentally ill should E to get a gun. Somebodyho is a domestic abuser shouldn't get a gun. Somebody oe terror W LI shouldn't be able to get a gun, and they arle to. Wihe NRA, and their nrambers who want gun laws, but the people thetop, it's a business em. E sa, she wants no one to have guns is whatare trng them Ty, and you can't breakthrough to em. Very hard. What these kids have done at parkland I more change than I thought I W see in my lifetime. That's good. Wonderful. And the children will save us. Ye thewill. We need to be looking to em. Yes. It's their world. Yeah. Hanks for coming by. Thank you to Amy Schumer and scovel."I feel pretty" is in theaters today, and we'll bght back.

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{"duration":"8:58","description":"Schumer and Scovel discuss their new movie \"I Feel Pretty.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54615089","title":"Amy Schumer, Rory Scovel talk confidence, gun control and more","url":"/theview/video/amy-schumer-rory-scovel-talk-confidence-gun-control-54615089"}