Breonna Taylor's family ‘outraged’ by Kentucky grand jury decision: Ben Crump

The attorney representing Breonna Taylor’s family called on the Kentucky attorney general to release the grand jury transcript to “let us see what was presented to yield these unbelievable results.”
6:34 | 09/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Breonna Taylor's family ‘outraged’ by Kentucky grand jury decision: Ben Crump
We were talking about yesterday's grand jury ruling that the Kentucky police officers did not commit a crime when they shot breonna Taylor six times in her own home and killed her. We're joined by the Taylor family's lawyer Benjamin crump. Thank you for joining us this morning. This -- I mean, this is just crazy. This is just crazy. Sunny, go ahead. Sure. Thanks for joining us, Ben. A lot of people are just shocked and upset by the grand jury's desion. Breonna's family obviously did not get the criminal charges that they have been calling for for six months. How are they handling this? How are they feeling this morning? Sunny, they are devastated. They are outraged. They're heart broken. They, like me and my co-counsel, they want to know what evidence did Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron present to that grand jury. Did he present any evidence on behalf of breonna Taylor? Because, if he didn't, then he unilaterally put his finger on the scale of justice and made sure that these police officers were exonerated and that breonna Taylor wouldn't get due process, that she wouldn't get justice. So we are demanding that he release the transcript of the grand jury proceedings since he talked about transparency. Well, let us see what was presented to yield these unbelievab results from this grand jury proceeding. Yeah. Well, this man Daniel Cameron said that no charges were filed against the officers who shot breonna because they were justified in returning fire after breonna's boyfriend shot at them first. Can you explain to me why he didn't get to stand his ground in his home with intruders breaking into his house? He doesn't know who that is. People keep talking about stand your ground. To me that's justified. If you're breaking into somebody's house and you don't know who it is, why are they surprised the officers got shot? How did this work? Yeah, whoopi, there seems to be two justice systems in America, one for black America and one for white America. Kenny walker had every right to the second amendment like every other citizen in the united States to defend breonna and defend himself from who they thought were obvious intruders. The fact that you have this dangerous no-knock warrant that's being executed in the first place and based on a lie. Did Daniel Cameron present any of that to the grand jury? Why didn't he have Kenny walker testify to the grand jury? What case was presented to the grand jury so breonna could get justice? That's what we're scratching our heads saying we deserve to know if this prosecutor ever tried to get justice for breonna Taylor or was this just a sham proceeding so they can wash their hands and sweep it under the rug and continue to disrespect the black women in society, especially in police shootings? Because black women are often disrespected and marginalized and breonna Taylor's legacy will be that we're going to fight to stop this disrespect of black women. That's what this comes down to. As her mother said, this is about defining her legacy. Her legacy is to prevent future breonna Taylor's, whoop and sunny. One of the officers was indicted of three counts of wan ton endangerment, but not of breonna Taylor, but the neighbor. How does that break down? That's what's so outrageous, they recommended to the grand jury and got the indictment for wanton endangerment of breonna's white neighbors that had bullets go into their apartment. But there was no endangerment charges for bullets that went into breonna's apartment nor for the bullets that went into breonna Taylor's body. Nor were there wanton endangerment charges for breonna's black neighbors who had bullets go into their apartment above her. It's troubling if you're not just a black person, but if you're a parent and you have a daughter -- if you're a parent of a child, this is a troubling result because it's saying that Tamika palmer's daughter breonna Taylor who was killed in the sanctity of her own home -- if you can be safe anywhere, it should be your home. The police killed her in her own home and they're trying to say it was justified, that everything was legal. Remember this, Kentucky's self-defense laws like most laws around the country say if you're an innocent third party that a person who is claiming self-defense can't commit violence against you just because another person was an aggressor. Everybody says breonna didn't have a gun. She wasn't posing a threat to anybody. She was living and breathing and got executed in her own apartment. It was not right. Just because they tell us it's legal, that doesn't mean it's right. Whoopi, everything that happened to the Jews in Germany they said was legal, but that didn't make it right. When they killed Emmitt till they said that was legal. That doesn't make it right. Now they're saying it was legal what they did to breonna Taylor. Ladies, that does not make it right.

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{"duration":"6:34","description":"The attorney representing Breonna Taylor’s family called on the Kentucky attorney general to release the grand jury transcript to “let us see what was presented to yield these unbelievable results.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73221776","title":"Breonna Taylor's family ‘outraged’ by Kentucky grand jury decision: Ben Crump","url":"/theview/video/breonna-taylors-family-outraged-kentucky-grand-jury-decision-73221776"}