Charlize Theron explains how she relates to Megyn Kelly

The actress says she ended up having more in common with the former Fox News anchor than she expected.
3:34 | 12/17/19

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Transcript for Charlize Theron explains how she relates to Megyn Kelly
Megyn. Yes, I was interested in this movie for all the obvious reasons because I used to work at fox and I was there during that time. There's an innate distrust between most conservatives but particularly conservative women in Hollywood. What was it like playing a skeft woman and did you have any new reactions or impressions of what it's like? I used to worship Megyn Kelly early on in her career. I don't anymore. I used to want to be her. I just want to know playing her and going through all this, do you have any impressions of what it's like to be, you know, a conservative fire brand like she was. It's a really interesting question because I'm obviously not a conservative. It's interesting when you take a story on like this that there's this instant kind of like, well, would a liberal know about doing this and the first thing that became so clear to me is when we were talking about sexual harassment it's a nonpartisan issue. Like it wasn't important for me to be -- we weren't telling a political story so I didn't have to be political accurate with everything that she's -- obviously she had said things -- we wanted to be as accurate about what the news stories were in that period and obviously she had said some very proactive things and we felt like it was important to just be truthful about that and to not hit it over the head but we had screens that would show some of those news stories and stuff but outside of knowing her as a conservative woman, what I was shocked to kind of realize through my research was that she's a woman that I didn't think I had anything in common with and I learned that I had so much in common with her because she is somebody who's incredibly ambitious. She wants to be really good at her job. She's worked incredibly hard to get where she was, and when this thing happened she was at the top, the pinnacle of her career. She was negotiating one of the biggest contracts at fox and stepping forward to her, I think, meant two things, that she was weak, that she didn't want to be defined by this thing. She had worked to hard to be this incredible journalist, and that she might lose everything and that's something that women who are victims of sexual harassment face every single day. The risk of what they're going to lose is so great and this idea that when people say to me like why do you believe women so easily, women have nothing to gain. Look back, women are the ones who lose everything. Most of the women at fox never worked in broadcasting again. They were ostracized. Punished. They were punished, while the men went on to -- shine got a job in the white house. This settlement between O'Reilly and Ailes didn't even match. I mean, their -- Golden parachute. Exactly, yeah. That was the moment where I realized, wow, like, I know that feeling of being ambitious and wanting to be great and also that feeling where those things can be turned around and be weaponized against you as a woman. When you're a guy and ambitious, it's great. When you're a woman sometimes -- Not so great. It can be turned around and used as a negative. So in that sense I really related to her as a woman. We loved having you. You have to come back. I talk too much. No, you don't. Our thanks to Charlize Theron. "Bombshell" is in select theaters now and nationwide Friday. Do yourself a favor and go see it. I think you'll really -- it's a good eye opener.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"The actress says she ended up having more in common with the former Fox News anchor than she expected.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67781889","title":"Charlize Theron explains how she relates to Megyn Kelly","url":"/theview/video/charlize-theron-explains-relates-megyn-kelly-67781889"}