Common says love is one of the 'biggest solutions' to life's challenges

The musician, actor and author of "Let Love Have the Last Word" opens up about his relationship with his daughter and what advice Michelle Obama gave him about relationships.
8:03 | 05/07/19

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Transcript for Common says love is one of the 'biggest solutions' to life's challenges
I Grammy winning superstar musician and actor and activist comment is spreading the love and getting personal and his new member bloc let low have the last word. Please welcome back the fabulous and amazing. Comment. You may not find common are you doing back yeah can lead. Have not been. Annan made her mom in the commencement speech. Answer alma Mata. Florida and now. And you look well and today. You know you're getting him back there. Not in I was didn't it was such for a full circle experience because I want to fan you historical black colleges have wanted to best. Experiences a life but I left there to go to pursue my career because those kind of work I'm done yet but then from my career to taking me back there to be it was because the commencement ceremony in the get honorary doctor I would have rolled. Four all due to airport they let me keep an eye. It's okay. You don't fill out going to sleep it is. Yeah. It's what a monumental moments in my life yes. Hasn't you have another monumental mummy of a new book called let love have the last word action and I think it's interesting to make the subject about love why did you choose that. I chose love because a lot of the topics that we talk about my when it comes to politics and of the divisive in this thing. And you know the corruption is going on in different things out I feel like those conversations weigh down on us and love for me has been one of their biggest solutions so when I am heavy. Like this fine and I'm not just talking of slow below and talk about my practice and as a human being and I find now ways to love myself. And like that faculty allows me to love other people who loved you would at a different from me. We don't believe the same thing I still don't have to spew out hate to be against that person not the and I think it's of thing we gotta practice. In these times overcome these lesson that's how we rise above it is to practice in love so that's why wanted to talk about it. And like talk about therapy talk about these are black men don't. They don't talk about some time to play. You know life if there but so my friends that. They look at me and be like you know what are you going that there was what's the matter you look like everything here everything is go with you anyone that there is work. We all need them in SoHo support before experienced so much Chama even when things are good he's still have. Things that you've experienced in life that you may not know you care which you. I really got six through therapy learned a lot about how reactor relationships. And I cannot really like no. From going to communities how much charm and it. They're young people go through independently some of the depression anxiety. I'm like man just give some help just give some support we are needed so my friend Ellie says other finally says it's an inside job yes it is best just like. It was it was good for me I saw Jay-Z talking in the conversation. About how. He said how the hardest work he had to do we say you know I hustled out do different things. I've even been shouted but he said the hardest worker had to do was to work on myself. And that's Robert Shiller like to work a lot but but I feel like the work on myself is helping me to go around via. A better human being so other. Your book is so beautiful and beautifully written and for me it seemed like a love letter to your daughter. Oh yeah somewhere she's here in the united my I have. Parishes and you write that she called you recently. And she said that she wished you had been mayor Moore for her when she was a child's death and how did that make you feel and how did it change you. It changed me in many ways it is definitely. At the moment other uttered discussion is definitely felt hurt I felt. Angry in a way in off felt these different emotional filled disappointed in myself. I was really trying to explain myself of light I thought I was there you know in China give these. Reasons or excuse this juices and ends his China give Mossad is storybook. What a change it would to waive change Munich is. Prominent in the book is by Mamie first look at say hey I needed his listens he does is our perspective this is where she experiences no matter what. I think I did and didn't do this is how she filled and they really show me how to love and additional wake of love is that. DNA would it take in what somebody else even if you don't agree or you think you write about this. And out I couldn't fix it at that moment he that is had enlisted men around I think. I look at that related you know our relationship as it grows and I think that communication has been helpful but I also apply that. Certain individuals now like Boortz a society like I need to listen to people like when I've been going to visit prisons in and talk to people in prison. I listened so I'm not like did his like yelled this is what we don't do could I don't know everything that they. Maybe experiencing and then when they may be heard and I feel the same way in society like our leaders should be listen incident to the communities that says. So the people at best served as. Without in the book about your love life and how Michelle Obama is government tournaments. Tell us about. This low love advice she's actually I'm issue really. I actually had experience when they were when Michelle Obama and present along when in the White House I had the experience of sitting down talking with them and you know she was asked me it is like Tom you you cannot marry while you're not married and I left. And then out you know we've got into the discussion if you like. You know you're not approaching it the right way because. And at that time I think I was looking for this perfect person and I'm not the perfect person she's got a break it down like you know what are they important things to you. Make sure a person has those things could you not go get everything in that announced that you wrote President Obama got everything you you don't live. You know how happy that comment Eisenhower was really important it was a insightful could you think he think they'd look imperfect people have a little. Only when you get reliable are now would you are right. I wouldn't. And I was crazy. Wouldn't you love nurses. I'm. I love the movie now let's get it I love the bigs again didn't back yeah did. You know my mother's is that a surge or not and as I was you know going to the hospital and being there. The people working in hospital I was. I gave them to own guns where executive really doing our donors some of the people in life. I loved the one who was caring like. Open hearted. My cares about people. Has a spirituality through wooded you know believes in higher power she has to be able to have fun like we gotta be it was. People think I'm dissolved talkers series I would highlight the joke like find like to go out to dinner have wine and and I think you know I like. Lane saying yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. I'm ready ladies back the Communist government and. Become more often had come kilometers. And we thank you I'm I love being here. We love it when your hair. So is new book let love have the last word is out today and you know what's not you have been so good today and.

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{"duration":"8:03","description":"The musician, actor and author of \"Let Love Have the Last Word\" opens up about his relationship with his daughter and what advice Michelle Obama gave him about relationships.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62882088","title":"Common says love is one of the 'biggest solutions' to life's challenges","url":"/theview/video/common-love-biggest-solutions-lifes-challenges-62882088"}