Ed Helms on crashing wedding with 'Tag' co-stars Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner

Helms joins "The View" to discuss his new movie and remembers his time on "The Daily Show."
6:32 | 06/15/18

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Transcript for Ed Helms on crashing wedding with 'Tag' co-stars Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner
Good? I'm great. How are you guys? We're good. We were just talking about hall passes by the way. Do you have any of your own? Senator Mitch Mcconnell. I don't -- What is it about him? Just the allure. I don't know. Yeah. It's the eyes. I don't know. I'm married. I don't -- Stay away from the topic. You might get in trouble. He might actually bump into them. Here's a safer subject. Father's day is coming. Tell us about your dad. I hear he has got a unique sense of humor, your father. Yeah. I think I got some of my sense of humor from my dad. He is a remarkable guy. He grew up in Alabama. There he is. He went to college on an rotc scholarship, served in the Navy, got himself through law school, and he just loves -- he is very sharp. He loves word play, and he'll always use weird, like, he knew the phonetic alphabet from the Navy, so instead of saying French fries, he would say foxtrot foxtrots. He would use French a lot. Or it's raining outside. It's putting outside. And it was awkward especially when he said these things in front of our friends or at restaurants. Did you enjoy it or close your ears and say, dad, please? It was funny until, like, at a birthday party he asks all your friends if they need to use the tinkle-torium. You survived life as the child of a lawyer though, and it was probably super special. She is a lawyer by the way. There you go. Yeah. It's hard to be the child of a lawyer because you lose every argument. Of course, you do. It's the training for you. We embarrassed your "Tag" co-star Jon hamm and we found a clip of him on a dating show in the '90s. It was amazing. We dug up this gem from your time on "The Daily Show" in 2005. To find out if the attitudes have really changed, I have equipped myself with a hidden camera. I even caught up on some of my favorite periodicals at the local library. The sensation was liberating. So much so that my enthusiasm for speedos overwhelmed me. That was a great cart wheel on the beach. Thank you. Super comfy in that speedo. There was a law on the books that you can't wear speedos. You showed them. They repealed that law. Chris Christie was there, I guess. I guess so. When they repealed the law -- Can I just jump in really quick? I grew up in my formative years watching "The Daily Show." You are so fantastic. I miss John Stewart all the time. You played such an integral part in politics. Can you tell me your favorite interview ever? Oh, my gosh. If you had to pick? So many. You're putting me on the spot here. Probably -- actually, it's one that I didn't do. But when Steve carell interviewed your dad is one of my all-time favorites on the straight talk express. That was so funny. So good. There are so many great memories. A genius. I geek out and watch it every night. It's still great. Trevor Noah is out there killing it. Well, I think you all killed it in this movie, "Tag." I watched it with my husband. We couldn't stop laughing. He said it's something I would do because I'm so competitive, and I was very, very into it. You got to meet the real life group of friends that have been playing this childhood game for 30 years. Yeah. How was that? Oh, wow. Cool. I mean, this is awesome. It is cool. One is a priest? Yeah. Come on. So these guys lived -- I hope they didn't tag him in church. There is no rules. You can tag anywhere. No safe spaces. The fact that it's real. These guys really do this. That's what makes it so special. I don't know that you can make this movie except for the fact that it's real. Otherwise, it would be too absurd. One month every year? One month every year, they set aside to just -- You have to tag each other no matter where. And honestly, it's kind of poignant because it's what has kept them together as friends for 30 years. You would think they would get into a different game like "Password" or something. No. I could easily do this. You and your cast mates bonded. I understand you crashed a wedding in Miami? Is that true? Yeah. Together? Tell me about it. A week or so ago and we were doing press in Miami, and we were having dinner and there was this beautiful wedding going on over this partition next to where we were, and it just -- everyone sort of chatting, should we just say hi? Should we pop in there? I don't know. It could kind of go one of two ways. It could go really well or ruin their most special day ever, and we just -- the energy was so good. It was such a great-looking wedding, we just decided what the heck. Why not? He has the Mike. You normally try to blend in when you crash a wedding. As soon as Jeremy walked in somebody goes, "Oh, my god. It's hawk eye." They were so great, and it was just beautiful. Beautiful moment. Come back to the show. Absolutely. Always welcome here. "Tag" is in theaters today, and

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{"duration":"6:32","description":"Helms joins \"The View\" to discuss his new movie and remembers his time on \"The Daily Show.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"55925709","title":"Ed Helms on crashing wedding with 'Tag' co-stars Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner","url":"/theview/video/ed-helms-crashing-wedding-tag-stars-jon-hamm-55925709"}