Elaine Welteroth talks 'Project Runway' and inspiring women with new book

The former "Teen Vogue" editor shares details about her new memoir "More Than Enough" and becoming only the second African American editor-in-chief in Conde Nast history.
5:44 | 06/11/19

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Transcript for Elaine Welteroth talks 'Project Runway' and inspiring women with new book
Only. A lot of Barry. I'm worn many hats he's an award winning journalist former editor of teen vogue and the latest judge on Project Runway. Now she shares what young women can learn from her trailblazing career in her new memoir more than enough. Claiming space for who you are no matter what they say please welcome Elaine well to rock. Okay. Title. But they say it's so. For people who don't know your story you rose through the ranks of the fashion and beauty industry to become the youngest. An only the second black editor in chief and Conde Nast of 107. Been. Year history where you took over teen vogue which is mind boggling to me. But growing up you set you didn't see people in magazines that looked like you which I can absolutely relate to and I'll tell us about how that experience impacting you because I remember looking through magazines and. Yeah you know is into Satan might very first memory in life. Actually relates back to this and it's one of the first stories I tell in my book. I remember being in pre school. And being assigned. A family collides they were all sitting around looking at a heap of magazines and we were to cut out people who look like are battling. Sect member of flipping through the pages and not seeing anybody that looks like me or my family. So. I decided to make what I call my white paper family. I cut out how white people could have whoever else is doing now and you can imagine my mom was not very happy about that they'll and I came home she sat me down at the dinner table she called my brother and she that we're gonna read you this assignment. She pulled in ebony and essence magazine's. And we did the assignment to get access to keep my white daddy. I had this why I don't see why you give up that I had a lot about everywhere now and my mom made me she she may be tape it up next to my wall that's my bed yeah I'm I want it to my bed. As a reminder of who I am it was the first thing I saw every morning the last thing I saw every night in it was there to instill. Pride in who I am so. When night you know years later got the opportunity to be a magazine editor and to dictate what happens and look what goes in those pages it was. In that was critical for me to make sure that those Pete is reflected that real world. And sent heard you know young black girls at look like me and and people who have been marginalized and media for too long. And it changed the magazine and thank you for that. And. OK yeah beautiful stupid survey today they narrowed what she looks like a fashion way out of that got okay. Com mutual admiration society so you I had a chance to meet each other because I interviewed you a Tebow years as talked about his journey of yours. And of course we've seen the pages as sunny was saying it would seem to two pages of the magazine is changing over the years but. Scenes still sort of a little bit of a battle right you don't see upload people like you behind this. Unfortunately not and I think you know we've made a lot of progress when it comes to representation. In terms of the people we see on the covers of magazines. People we seeing campaigns. But where we need to push for progress is behind the scenes because you can't authentically change the stories unless you change the story tellers. And what I found as one of few are one of the only you know people of color black people. At the magazine is that sometimes. I would get mistaken for the only other micro we look not light and it yes and I think that goes to show that there aren't enough of us behind the scenes and we really need to work. To change that you. Well before Miguel contend that project on May not the and it got VT van body if anyone of the judge is I I love that Sally and I grew up watching an air bag it was cameras in college that. I was in my. Formative years but what's it liking on this iconic show and it's made such a huge comeback I don't think you who watches the show. And I think now. Is time this week actually and it it it's just been so much fun to work alongside people that I've admired and industry for so long he and it kind of feel like work week the forget the cameras are is there and it feels like a natural extension of the work I was doing it teen vogue in terms of nurturing. You know the next generation of talent. And it's just been so fun and I remember a year before. I ended up on Project Runway I was at. Tebow is the editor in chief and it was a random Sunday I was late for church. And I came outside of my house and a could be enlighten just trying to be low key and realize that New York City Marathon was going on in the streets of Brooklyn. And all of a sudden I hear someone scream my name in. And there's this blonde head that's bobbing like a foot above everybody yells. And it's Carly plus and our and that its chances I was late I did not about an hour before that and at that very moment we caught each other's I that we both thought. That happens for a reason we got it when we know each canister but we were let sit down and like really get to know you we did camera we have to work together I don't know what it is. An and the stars aligned Annie you're later here we are on this major show together and and work island really knew that what I want excited about but in terms of being a part of the new. You know I did you the new evolution of Project Runway is that I really wanna connected with what's happening in the world and what's happening in the world of fashion around. You know increasing conversations are on diversity and inclusion. And really connecting it with happening at Hollins and we're gonna give away your book. But you are all thanks to Elaine will also rocked her new book more than enough claiming space for who you are no matter what they say is available now and everyone in our audience is going. Okay.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"The former \"Teen Vogue\" editor shares details about her new memoir \"More Than Enough\" and becoming only the second African American editor-in-chief in Conde Nast history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63640514","title":"Elaine Welteroth talks 'Project Runway' and inspiring women with new book","url":"/theview/video/elaine-welteroth-talks-project-runway-inspiring-women-book-63640514"}