Ilhan Omar on being projected to be first Somali-American to win seat in Congress

The Minnesota Congresswoman-elect talks about the discrimination she faced during her campaign, her views on the president, and following through with her campaign promises.
6:44 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for Ilhan Omar on being projected to be first Somali-American to win seat in Congress
The book and congressional districts high. And his middle name and it leaves Newton. Who it is. We are and I know what we're lazy. Believe Arnold and I probably will be here today. We'll. We still have win last night. For the first two Muslim women elected to congress and we're talking to one of them right now joining us via satellite. From Minneapolis Minnesota is congresswoman elect. Yeah Hahn all mocked. Happy happy wind CU congratulations. On your first exact dance think when you are the press Somali Americans. How do you still in the small head. Go moaning movie and the rest of you I feel really happy. Very excited and honored to have the opportunity represented my people. The people of the fifth. And congress soon. Congresswoman elect congratulations from everyone at this table yeah a really interesting story to tell us well you can this country. As an immigrant at the age of twelve he would speak any English one message of hope. About last night got your victory. So why my message to people is that if you. What carton and that you believe in creating positive change was in your community you can achieve anything. That's quite a half. During your campaign you face is Lama phobic attacks. Did it ever deter you where you ever scared. And we are living in that in the air really oh win that we have people who are in positions of influence who'll look at someone like me who was with slim. Who is a one men black woman who an immigrant and refugee. And don't recognize me is an Americana and so there is some lots lows. Opportunities for people who harper hate to use that. But I have always said I don't defend my identity is what I descend this idea this. And that when's we are in inquisition to have conversations with people. It makes it hard for them to heat us up close and that is. And that is what our triumph and our Vick to me it's really about. That's right. Meant congratulations this is Joseph right. Trucks closing message was about stoking fear and division. We everybody who has who's watching knows that would that caravan. Stuff that he kept pushing out them pushing it which a lot of people say it worked in many districts in the country. An and you said the is that no debate on what the trop is that racist you have made that statement. Can you elaborate forest please convince the convince us what why he's a racist. So. You know we we see clearly today with all the winds actually that there is at rejection of the politics of fear and decisive message. That this is really a country that welcomes people and treats them like family. And we don't only just welcomed refugees and immigrants but we send them to Washington. But with with trump and and the fact that I recognize him as someone who. Is is the racist. Is that the angle back to that Mya Angelou. And the quote that says sixty tell you who they are the legal the first time. This has been someone new who has. Cozy up to white nationalist who has called people who look lake me and come from the country that I came from. It really horrible things that I can't repeat on a friendly being tied TV. And and so we eat we should recognize him as what he ends. And move I think it the conversation and and beyond him Dion. This this decisive mess and to a place of hope. I'm inclusion. Net and and that is really what what this election has been about. We have seen here in Minnesota. A lot of the folks who were running on his politics. Loss we've had that we in the Greek night and a great warning. Because we decided to use the politics of joy. And vote with our warm hearts even though it's a cold state. Yeah. How bad relations he made history last night and that's incredible and I think there's a lot of people. Watching you this morning and probably see you as the face of the future at the Democratic Party. 87 congressional candidates declined to supporting anti Pelosi for speaker of the house. Are you won a baton and should Nancy Pelosi you'd still be the leader of your party. So Nancy Lillie has. And someone. That that I have admired the event had to my notes and the someone who works really hard to. And I think there is it really amazing. A cool Floyd does young. Bold progressive. Members of our cock pencil who are going to come together to have a discussion about the direction. Of the Democratic Party and then I look forward to being part of that conversation in the citing the Libby who is it's that says to lead our our party and then the agenda that we want to accomplish. For the American people is it fair for me to say are not completely sold on her remaining. The leader I am currently. I've really hadn't thinking about what it really means for us to accomplish. What we campaigned on grass last night at our admit DSL rally led the democratic her headquarters. Ice said we need lots of promise sends. We've invited people to participate and I democracy and for the next two years four years six years we have to get to work in delivering that for them. And so I am all been to having conversation. With people who I think might be able to help us move that agenda. Congratulations again yes and thank you for. Mom.

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{"id":59035865,"title":"Ilhan Omar on being projected to be first Somali-American to win seat in Congress","duration":"6:44","description":"The Minnesota Congresswoman-elect talks about the discrimination she faced during her campaign, her views on the president, and following through with her campaign promises.","url":"/theview/video/ilhan-omar-projected-somali-american-win-seat-congress-59035865","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}