James Comey on speaking out about Clinton investigation

Comey joined "The View" to discuss his decision to speak publicly about the Hillary Clinton investigation.
6:23 | 04/18/18

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Transcript for James Comey on speaking out about Clinton investigation
work. Let me criticize you. Okay. Good. You S you reopened investigation into her private e-mail server 11 before the election, B quote/unquote, I wasiv a W where Hillary inton wasoi to beat Donald trump.should thebi have taken it himself, yourself, to guess who was Goin win? Ms out of ur rvw, you know, I'm listening to polls an going to beha thatoesn't sou R. If that was what I did, I would have that concern. Intentionally did not consider polls. In fact, one of my bestople, a woman in the general sel's office said, shoul youonsider trump president? I sa great estion, B not for a mt bause down that path lies the Dea of E F as an independent force.iftart consiring WHE fortunes will beected in what way, I'm trying to be tough on mf ithe book and ask, could you haveimplicitly even though you intentionally DI consider it, could have shaped you in some way? The answer is of course, I cohave. It wouldn't change thecion. I faced two tbl options. I could speak about arting the investition in a huge wor, in my VI, could conceal that. Which do I choose be St if dald trump had been up 20 points in the S, the framing would be the same ahe choice D same. You were consciously thin, she is gng to wi Ion remember that. What I'ming inhe boo -- What you said to George Stephanopoulos. Said, think, is everyone was assuming she going to be elected president. Part of theair,ould that have shaped my thinking bec it was just an underlyi assumption, a the honest answer is of course it could . Ientionallyember not thinking about, that but of course, it could . Uld be a fool to say, couldn't have had an impact on me, but thewer WOU be the same. In my view -- reasonable people can disagree, but you have to eak in M situation, even though that becauseot speaking would be a fra on the American people and concealing a L me ask you Thi because maybe you could haveorded differently instead ofaying you were, you know, reopen the investigation. Maybe it should have been, you know, we got all these - wet a bunch of new e-m and we want to cross check them T make sure we're not missing anything as oos to, you know, when you say you reopening the inveigion, it feels like oh, they must have found something. Mee must be happenin Yeah. And I think it might gone at, but also, yave done this to Republicans and Democrat you have opened investions that have pissed lots of people off. Y you think this is pi everybody off you have -- and listening to the book and remembering all oe esidents you seyou know, the bushes not hap wh at certain in you knows body now more -- have you C you have done stuff? I D I don't think so. I think there is a uniqu level of partisan division in our country, far greater than when I served in the bush administrationi think that is, in rt, the explanation for the an people assume in our country -- a people, but most partisans assume everybo isn a side, and they look at my action and every one of my acti they view through whose side is H. Whose team is hen wch is why the Clinton pare made me, and the trump people -- can't be true. I can't be both on clion's and trump's side. I worked hard not to be on anybody'side, but in today's America, thaonsing and infuriating anhe oth problem is there was oppouny to lay out as I ied tthe book. Here's whahe thought about. Even if you think we were wrong, here's I made ttcision. I want to believe you're N tical person. You're the head of the FBI, but you write in your boo you went to president Obama and Y were the verf tears saying you were going to M him,nd you say you were said insind area things about my party this rn I'm a republicaho has many issues with trump, and that is noteflective my party as a whole. I don't wao know you Politi and a lot of the thin're sayingnd doing arehly polital, and I clear T deck he by bringing things like is up. That' a good question.n'think of I as my politics I th of it as my va. I mean -- March and she was very sad on election night. Sure. That's his wi. Why bring up politics now? No disrespect, but what Y Ta on the party is, I'm more ten WHA you know about national security. I bro itp becau I was asked about it. I kn you have to understand how this looksor Republicans. Yeah. Okay? I get th. That's a good question. That the Republicans who are thinking but in the book, I'm telling a story about the decions and including -- I'm talking about your review. Seice to trump's ego, it don't reflectle have Ast all. You sound like aitical commentator to Ion't mean to be. I N't care wth people support a Republican or a Democrat bse I'm notither. I don't ca W they supp I hope the conversation will start with values come to policy second because always goi T fight about guns anxes and immigration, but L we are is a collection of VALU and that' wt unites Republicans and Democrats. And I hope ts not a politicastement. Did you talk about pols when you were the FBI ctor? You're prite citizen now. Oh, heck no. In fact, I didn't vote. I tried to follow the back and forth and tried not to, and 'T engage wh my wife she is an entirely sepate, and wonderful human being. And from Iowa. And from Iowa. I'm trying to tell T STO in E book of my family and how I affect them, but I really don't think of that as politics illy don't. All right. Well, you know we're keeping him.

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{"id":54563067,"title":"James Comey on speaking out about Clinton investigation","duration":"6:23","description":"Comey joined \"The View\" to discuss his decision to speak publicly about the Hillary Clinton investigation.","url":"/theview/video/james-comey-speaking-clinton-investigation-54563067","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}