James Comey says Trump 'morally unfit' to serve

"The View" co-hosts weigh in on the former FBI director calling Trump "morally unfit" to be president and more.
8:17 | 04/16/18

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Transcript for James Comey says Trump 'morally unfit' to serve
Now former. FBI director James call me is interviewer George Stephanopoulos and last night. And he did not hold back when he gave his assessment of the White House resident take. A lot. I don't buy the stuff about him being. Mentally incompetent or early stages of dementia he strikes me as a person of above average intelligence. Who's tracking conversations and knows what's going on I don't think he's. Medically unfit to be president I think he's morally unfit to be president person who sees moral equivalents insurance from. Who talks about an treats women like their pieces of meat who lives. Constantly about matters big and small and insists the American people believe if persons not fit to be president of the United States on more. Grounds so out what was your biggest takeaways and lessons how to tell you really failed to I'm not I'm not locked up. Yeah well on Wednesday when is it that's riot I wonder then that. Stock quotes and reading the book you are you here at eighty comments on the physical attributes. You know that come out of hand to hand. Ten cool if you want to prove you're above this in your objective in your coming from a law enforcement stance even if you thought those things I think it would give your argument more power. If you didn't include that. Because they feel like you're giving a little bit of chum to the sharks by saying I yet yet small hint yet this. That puts you on the ground of everyone else talking about him if you've. Kept it where with the facts though his expertise I think it would have just a little more going for me. Why not tell them don't told a right now about it and I even thought that when I first heard it that equals and at orange skin mideast talks about the white on to his size and he got an attending ban. Probably but putting that glasses on them that stays white. What else is a small hands it again check my hair I don't Italy as I was too long as well I think that what he's trying to do is write a book sex and detaining the way. He's right he's so as if he's writing a novel almost like he's a writer James coming I was reading the buck. It's very readable it's not as boring book yet and so I think that that's what he was attempting to do it wasn't that it was being a you know like petty. I don't think but we'll ask of that becomes him that's my art. I found them. To be credible I don't know why he he delivered be information in much the same way that. Cities and I was in my office dozens if not hundreds of times where you have an FBI agent come in. And tell you these remarkable things it can that sort of dead and Boies yes he had little hands and yes this time it's an honor. I guess it looked like he was I mean that there that's how they deliver this information. That's what it it struck me. As very credible when he set the trump asked for his loyalty I believe him when he said that. Trump how well you know it that the memos that he released as a private citizen he felt was necessary I believed him I bounce him to be. Very credible and I believe him more than I believe the president of the united yeah the last day. Copies of cant decide what he is is this boy scout to finding that the highly Q sat. Or is he a media personality at a highly political animal a lot of things he was staying. Just don't add up to me number one that dossier he keeps talking about is unknown. Verify and it was Clinton RI president trumps enemies will the PP tape he keeps talking that is on. Derek I wanna play number eight Desi I don't Ariza say that that's some bear it yet essays that I would be happy time talking about it in a way again and why are we keeping Wiren bringing it up it's on verified this unverified because senseless I will say salacious that's why I think you're sadly right out I agree but where we're trying to get to the bottom of what really happened here and if there as if any criminal activity with brush I will say. That this he's talking about every decision with Hillary Clinton being made. Because of politics he talks about expecting her to win the election candidates winning election should make no difference in your decision as the head of the FBI. What's so right now. Just seems like he's settling scores and the Daily Beast had a really interesting article is out this morning. Interviewing at the I insiders were saying things like good lord what a self serving self centered jackass true form he thinks he's the smartest dire rallies. And so I immigrants are sold universe economy at I just. He clearly loves the media and that's fine if you wanna do what we do but it's not fine if you're the how to the FBI. He's no longer than I hadn't yet CI. The acts that you know. My mind I'm a couple of questions but one of them is when did you realize that your credibility. Had gone out the window. Because he used to be a very very credible guy he was wise now. But you knew that what he was doing I mean he was delta air did you Barry yeah. You dock robotic moments you knew that he would get this side and there's cited didn't matter. And somewhere along the lines the politics. Shifted. He got involved in places where he shouldn't have been involved and didn't know how to save what it needed to say like. You know don't tell me you re investigating what you actually doing is you got new information and you will cross checking to make sure you had everything. That's different that's it we're reopening the investigation. That's like old and we think we found some new stuff as opposed to listen we just got all this. The new stuff we just want to make sure we didn't miss anything that's different so I'm wondering. Would be and that tells me he's not savvy he may lack the media I doubt it but he's not definitely that savvy enough. And. In the game basket and I think he reveled in the opportunity to be defaced at stepped out as I've got an update that he she were wondering and he went out of his way to see no one else knew what I was gonna say that's very much teamed up on CNN you're gonna say I'm. King as well that he leaks through his friend who's a Columbia professor I'm sorry but he was legally and an FBI official leaking is a cardinal sane and all forms of politics and it sure as hell as one of the FBI in or out. And it will say if you have some information is they have the companies to do it on TV coming your own mouth not your summer random lot lawyer that is now apparently working for you I was at the time their way to many conflicts of interest like that's an if you weren't leaking anything in or out of any situation in politics and is the cardinal. Car I actually funny skit that he bet it is not a leak and I think that we have started using that term across the board a leak is. This is when you are government if I don't I am I think that maybe I audience doesn't maybe our viewers don't. The bottom line is a leak makes it in my in my mind my definition of it is if you have a public official government officials. It's a sending out and and serve confidential information. This leave allegedly was James call week. It's giving a memo of his recollection when he was a private citizen to his friend and having his friend release that information said it cannot allow government leaked this and I'm fine thanks how. Reason that he was talking about risks skin color and all the suns up. It is to show you that he remembers details and that he's telling the truth I thank. He lives and I kind of me honey you're at risk of what he saw that yes and those that he has that's a valid point I think he and the other thing is the dossier. Had turned other orange face and I come on everybody well. Strap like let me not anecdote no I mean come on of all the things tailback Donald Trump any person has yet weird hair and it warrants like when we. Well yeah. Today he's got days to give them proven but didn't it now find out. That Michael Conn was in fact in proud when he said he was not now anti anxiety has paid by Donald Trump's political enemies which he didn't reveal when he brought it to Donald Trump. And as a bunch of salacious disgusting information and it is being sent out there like it's maybe company was hired by the Republican first. Now back yeah. We have got a commercial break lights it's a hot them. I thought yeah Broward he's coming up Wednesday congratulations rather have a layover he couldn't. OK. Absolutely not all that lay out what we don't want and we just want to know what the hell went on mad we just want asking what have.

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