John Krasinski talks working with his wife, reacts to tweets about 'A Quiet Place'

Krasinski joined "The View" to discuss the success of his new movie.
7:02 | 04/12/18

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Transcript for John Krasinski talks working with his wife, reacts to tweets about 'A Quiet Place'
Thank you so much. You know what? We're going to get to the film in a sec it'st killing me. I have to ask Y thiser question. Oh, Y. Which you know what? I don't really care about it, but yesteay we were talking about how to E a conversationen you areone and you are known to best guys ound. When you are stuck in that siion, what do Y do? Thank god F smartphones? You do the oh, my god. It's so good- just oh. . Good one. Good one. We actually have song in co that I just learned. In our early S, I was a page at NBC and were an intern at conan. Best days of my life. Do you have a favorite memory I have so many favorite memories. One of my favoriteories to be honest is we used to pretend to be interviewed when nobody was ere. Th N nerdy at all. On the set? Yeah, and sit in the empty chairs because was a script intern so we were ald on the first time I was doing - I ink it was one of my first talkshows, it conan and I blacked out because I saw T chairs and I was, like, this isn't real. And conan wasicest person ever, and if you watch T interview, hde me cry. That would make me cry. He is one of my favorite ople, andt's one of the best moments of my career. Yeah. The last T Y were here, you hadt gotten engaged to your amazing wife, Emily Blunt. Y Youave two kids now. Two daughters, hazel and violet. I was waiting for the picture. Tt's hazel D violet. They look hot L their mommy, but you raised them here in New York. Emily is from're fromston. How does that accent work our these ki? I think what your Han motion did is what itdoes it's malleable. Emily wend an indie movie called "Mary Poppins," and there aitish accen nd. Hazel was taking horseback lessons, and the lady said, tell T trot on, comet. Haze goes, trot on, comet. My husband and I saw the movie. Thayou. Of course, I'm a horror vie afaficionado. Your wife plays your wife in the movie. I don't think I coulrk with my hnd. How did you make it work so you were happy at the of the day? That was exactly it. So basically I was toored to her to do the E. That's true, because the Wayt played ouone, S says no. That's a super awkward dinner Whereo we go from here? Oh, my. And the other way which I was actua more scare of is she would say, yes,l do I for you. She is nicgh to do that and I would have been hetbroken Beuse I wit the intelligence, tel and class in anything she does. I didn't want her too it for me, so when she did sign on, I , let's treat this like our marriage. Be honest from the beginnin is therething you want to talk about? I told her the shots and we did the pretion befand so when we got to set, it was truly the best coltion of my life. I could make a , but I'll never have it a good asking with my wife. That iolutely love about this I that everybo , oh, yeah. John's in them and they thought it going be itty-bittyd it came out and it went -- people were going and just Lin minds about it. P. Were you vied re you rprised? What --as it everything? It wasolelyevything. I'm still in a state of it's overwhelming. You kno it is. I just felt like it wa something -- if I'm honest, this is the most all in ie ever been on anything. This is a very personal thin Thank you. Yeah. And it looks I when you seethe posters, but this is lov letter to my . This is about parenthood, and it's scary, but what wo you do four kids? All that played into the whesponse a the first time wew we had ING was wee at south by southwest, and the night before, my wife sa let's focus onneng so you don't pass out. Is one thing you want to happen? In the end, if they cheered, that would be . Everybody jumped out of the chairs and screamed at the T of your lungs. And my wife turned to me and said, oh, my god. That's where we have . Amazing. It's phena amazing. That scene we shed, I was sweating and I had a physical on as a par like I have neved before. Quiet pla to be quiet, but we had people tweet, fa that have seen the movie that had Ty funny reactions and I want you to read these tweets. Twitter never has funny reactions. That's weird. Anme I tried biting into hi reesieces while watching "A quiet place," I likes risking safetythe theater. That's true. His is myorite one, the next one. "A quiet place" was so ssful to watch that M fit bit logged a two- run. It's all true. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, . Ah. Okay. One seems essive. There is a special place in hell and talkuring move and a thousde ho than that is place for people who do that during a screening of "A quiet PLAC Any Tim movie for me is great T do two things for me. It has to take M a put me GHT in the. Oh, thank you. So forme, you know, when I see a vie, if I'm -- I I'm reacting the way, like, person the film is reacting, I'm all in. And pe are Allin. I mean, people are tippy toeing into the Thea Say that right to thecamera. That's all we need, guys. At's our new -- They like, this. Because they don't kno what' under that seat. They don't know' inhat room, you know? You have goto see this movie. John, yave to come back. I love it. Come oback anytime.

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"Krasinski joined \"The View\" to discuss the success of his new movie.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54423572","title":"John Krasinski talks working with his wife, reacts to tweets about 'A Quiet Place'","url":"/theview/video/john-krasinski-talks-working-wife-reacts-tweets-quiet-54423572"}