Jon Stewart discusses his new film, ‘Irresistible’

Stewart discusses directing his movie and opens up about what he would have done differently while hosting “The Daily Show.”
6:19 | 06/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jon Stewart discusses his new film, ‘Irresistible’
Yes, you wrote and directed the new movie, "Irresistible," and by the way, I loved it so much. It stars your former "The daily Show" pal Steve carell and rose Byrne as Democrat and Republican strategists who descend on the small town race, and it's about how big money corrupts our election system. Why was this the topic you wanted to tackle in this moment? Because there's so much you could have tackled and you do this really well in the film. Thank you. I think for me having, you know, done "The Daily Show" for 16 years and seeing, you know, that kind of day-to-day, the polarization, everybody who knows me knows I don't think both parties are the same. I think one is doing its best, and the other is insane, but I also think that those -- what has empowered that insanity to some extent is the confluence of money and influence in the system. It's incentivized the system to allow for that kind of dysfunction from this one area. So I think in that regard, I wanted to look at it kind of as a climate movie as opposed to a weather movie if that makes sense. Yes. Did you -- did you always want to be a director? That's not my question that's written, but I'm just curious. Is this something you have been wanting to do for a long time? Well, identify done one before called "Rosewater," but not really. It's kind of like, you know, whoopi, starting out as a comedian, you always kind of feel like you're not going to get another chance to create something, to do something. You're used to working the nightclubs and doing those things, and I just always considered it kind of a privilege to get a chance to make something, and put it out there from whether it was a book or a standup or the show or a I think of it all as kind of a conversation that continues throughout hopefully a long career where you are allowed to continue to create like that. Right. So I just consider it part of the menu. Do you miss having a daily uh-oh. Can you hear me? Oh, no. You don't miss it at all. No. We miss you though. It's exhausting. You know, I felt like I took "The Daily Show" as far as I could possibly take it within the confines of my own brain, and I really thought that it was time for somebody else to bring a different enthusiasm and energy and perspective which Trevor has done brilliantly. As I've said to him, I wish he didn't do it so handsomely. That feels like a personal attack at times. You know, you can be brilliant, but you don't have to throw the dimples at me. That's not fair. We're going to come back with more with Jon Stewart. Hey, it's me...your skin. Some cleansers get us clean - But take my moisture. I'm craving a balanced clean with cerave. Cerave cleansers, developed with dermatologists, help me maintain my moisture balance with hyaluronic acid, known to attract moisture, plus 3 essential ceramides to help restore my natural barrier. With cerave, cleansing can be about giving not just taking, so we can be a healthy-feeling clean - cerave cleansers. From the #1 dermatologist recommended skincare brand. (Vo) Whole grain oats, cinnamon and Cheerios all rolled into one. Start your day with the deliciously satisfying crunch of Cheerios Oat Crunch. Available in Cinnamon and Oats N Honey. Good Goes Around and Around Hey there people eligible for Medicare. Gimme two minutes. And I'll tell you some important things to know about Medicare. First, it doesn't pay for everything. Say this pizza... Is your Part B medical expenses. This much - about 80 percent... Medicare will pay for. What's left... This slice here... Well... That's on you. And that's where an aarp Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, insured by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company comes in. This type of plan helps pay some of what Medicare doesn't. And these are the only plans to carry the aarp endorsement. That's because they meet their high standards of quality and service. Wanna learn more? It's easy. Call UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company now and ask... For this free Decision Guide. Inside you'll find the range of aarp Medicare Supplement Plans and their rates. Apply any time, too. Oh. Speaking of time... About a little over half way and there's more to tell. Like, how... With this type of plan, you'll have the freedom to choose any doctor who accepts Medicare patients. Great for staying with the one you know... Or finding... Somebody new, like a specialist. There are no networks and no referrals needed. None. And when you travel, your plan will go with you anywhere in the country. So, if you're in another state visiting the grandkids, stay awhile... Enjoy... And know that you'll still be able to see any doctor who accepts Medicare patients. So call UnitedHealthcare today. They are committed to being there for you. Tick, tick, tick, time for a wrap up. A Medicare Supplement Plan helps pay some of what Medicare doesn't. You know, the pizza slice. It allows you to choose any doctor, who accepts Medicare patients... And these are the only plans

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{"duration":"6:19","description":"Stewart discusses directing his movie and opens up about what he would have done differently while hosting “The Daily Show.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"71516389","title":"Jon Stewart discusses his new film, ‘Irresistible’","url":"/theview/video/jon-stewart-discusses-film-irresistible-71516389"}