Joy Behar and Meghan McCain make over each other's dressing rooms

Designer Jeremiah Brent helped "View" co-hosts Joy and Meghan remake each other's dressing rooms.
10:06 | 01/17/18

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Transcript for Joy Behar and Meghan McCain make over each other's dressing rooms
You may know our next guest from his tlc show, "Nate and Jeremiah by design." Not only is he handsome, charming and a talented designer, but he's married to a handsome, charming and talented designer. Please welcome my future husband, Jeremiah Brent. Hi guys. You said your home and office should be an extension of yourself and your personality. Why is that important? Listen, I believe that your space when done correctly is really the purist extension of yourself. The idea that people can walk into a space and intrinsically understand who you are and what you represent -- More than your clothing? I think it's the same thing. The idea that your home showcases your past, your present and leaves enough for your future, I think, can transcend even into your office. Beautiful. Very good. Thanks guys. We represented Jeremiah with the challenge of his career. Let's take a look. I am going to be making over Meghan's room. ??? Meghan is going to be making over my room. I don't want her to get mad. She doesn't like anything. This is going to be a Disaster. Entirely different human beings but I'm sure we can find a middle ground. She likes a southwest decor. I don't enjoy that. I don't want a cactus in the middle of my dressing room. This is a dine any little room. So I think that's going to be the challenge. This is a small space but it's bigger than Meghan's but I was here a long time. I've been here for 20 years. She's here phenomenon 20 minutes. I should have a bigger space. I would call it depressed minimalism meets valley of the dolls. I use this for prepping of the show. Producers come in and I get dressed in here and watch the news in here. I use this room for everything, to do my hair and makeup, I talk on the phone, I read my research, have cocktail parties. We serve pigs in the blanket sometimes. Everything goes on in here. He has a great eye, Jeremiah does, and I'm happy to see what he's going to do to tell you the truth. How are you? Let's talk about the room as it exists now. It's a dump. Do you have a hoarding issue? I do not have a hoarding issue? All the stuff all over the place. That's because people keep bringing stuff in. We want to edit. I want minimum mallism now. The real issue with her space is flow and function. She's got a lot of stuff in there so I'm going to organize the chaos. I hope you're putting a place for me to have my shoulder pads, you know. Is there a large enough collection? It's really a breast pad for people who need them. I don't need them obviously. Attach it to your shoulder? Do I finally look like a man? No. You look like Joan Crawford. I'll take that. After he finishes this, take a picture of it and I could go back to being a slob again. How would you describe yourself? Rustic and Ralph Lauren. I have a vintage American flag in my house with my husband that's above our dining room which is beautiful. I'm a cliche. You're attracted to heritage. Yes. Meghan's small space is if you took a small space and cut it in half and divided by two. Every square inch counts. What is joy like? How could you describe her to me? She's very strong. She's a girl from Arizona. She is hilarious. She's a Republican. When we fight on air, we always -- she's so funny and she could always crack a joke afterward. She has a sense of humor. I heard joy was joking I was going to put guns all over her. What are we going to do, just wallpaper thisith guns. We're not doing that. What did she say about me? You don't want to know. Cheers. So funny. At one point he said Meghan wants a flag. I said what, do we have to do the pledge of allegiance every time I walk into her room. She thought I meant an actual pole in the room with the flag waving in the wind. What was the biggest design challenge working with these two among all of them? Very small personalities. Listen, it was very separate. For Meghan it was really about maximizing every square inch and the idea of bringing in as much seating as we could and finding a way to call into account her heritage in the past and present and future. Joy, it was about editing, editing, editing. I would like to call it. You make it sound like I'm a hoarder. Let the video speak for itself. I'm just say. In my own home I am very, very neat. You are neat. Yeah. But here it's like who cares. But you're not connected to the space here. That's true. Before. Jeremiah you had your work cut out for you. We should watch the rest of the clip. ??? I need your help with either the shoes -- I don't know what to do the shoes. You want to screw the -- I'll screw this. I only wear two pairs of shoes. This is going to be easy. Don't mess with Meghan McCain. This is a weapon. So look at this. All right. So you have got -- Oh, my god. Our commander in chief. Yes. Madam. Sad. Bernie. Her favorite. He looks great. She named her dog after Bernie Sanders. That's not even true. Uh-huh. If you could explain something to me. I have no idea what that is but I don't think it's staying here. I'm a little bit upset and worried my dolls will be taken away. At the end she will have her cabinet of curiosities is what I'm calling it where every weird creepy doll you have ever seen goes to die. I hate these. I'm going to check on joy. I'll be back. Yell at me if you need me. Sounds good. So ugly. ??? Dada. Looks much heavier than it is. Good? Perfect. ??? I can't believe she walks in these. Those would be 32. All these are gorgeous. I feel like I chose the wrong aesthetics. Scratch my book would you? You don't know how I need one of these. I'm here for you. Good job. Thank you. Wonderful. We'll be ready to go. I can't wait. All right. Guys, all the stuff is organized. The final layer is in and now it's time to show the ladies. One, two, three. Ah! Oh, my god. I love it. Beautiful. It looks so much bigger. Do you love it? It's beautiful. I love it. That's me and my husband. I love it. As you look around, you can see I tried to put up the pattern, the tweed from a traditional men's suiting, on the carpeting, the plaid and the striped wall paper. And tons of seating. This poof underneath the wall shelving. It was just like a shoe graveyard and by taking that door off, we got to take all that storage vertical. How do you think joy did? What is her like add-on? You want to know what I did? Yes. All right. I worked very hard on this shoe wrack. Here's the deal. You once said on the air you found Paul Ryan the sexiest man. Paul Ryan because I love Paul Ryan. So I thought I would get you this. Oh, my god. All right. Joy, are you ready to see your dressing room? Yeah. Okay. Oh, wow. Gorgeous. Just like I wanted you to do it. Really? Yes, because it's minimalism, stuff you can move around in here. Look, real marble. These are solid, too. Solid. And you can push them together and make it into a coffee table or keep them separate and a chair for seating. We created three spaces within this one room. I brought you in a Navy sofa. Sophisticated. Comfy. And comfy. This is great. We wanted to maximize all the square footage. By taking the lighting and mounting it on the wall you have got task lighting now. Right? Fa Fabulous. Then before you had all of your chackis everywhere. Where are they? In the cabinet of curiosity. I want to see that. Everything has got a place now. Fabulous. And a place for your shoulder pads. On the bottom. That's where they belong. Wonderful. Really great. Hey Meghan. Come in here and look at what you have done. Yay. I heard you outside going my kh -- Sunny Hostin is so jealous of this rug. It's pet-proof. My Bernie does not shed. And he can hold it for 12 hours. It's been so much fun and I think this is the perfect example of how people have more in common than they realize. He did a great job. I had so much fun with both of off. So much fun with both of you. It was a really good time. He's wearing the shoulder pads. I have shoulder pads on. They're in my jacket. I'm just this sturdy. Thanks so much to the extremely talented Jeremiah Brent. Beautiful dressing room makeovers and for making me feel totally inadequate in the process. The second season of "Nate & Jeremiah by design" airs April 7th on tlc and for more of Jeremiah's tips go to our website, we'll be right back. Some air fresheners are so overwhelming,

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{"duration":"10:06","description":"Designer Jeremiah Brent helped \"View\" co-hosts Joy and Meghan remake each other's dressing rooms.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52410501","title":"Joy Behar and Meghan McCain make over each other's dressing rooms","url":"/theview/video/joy-behar-meghan-mccain-make-dressing-rooms-52410501"}