Judd Apatow on comedy in the era of 'Me Too' and his new show

Apatow comments on Louis C.K.'s most recent controversial stand-up set and discusses the new season of his show, "Crashing."
8:26 | 01/16/19

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Transcript for Judd Apatow on comedy in the era of 'Me Too' and his new show
He's a writer, a producer and the director of comedy blockbusters like "The 40-year-old virgin" and "Knocked up," and his TV series "Crashing" starts its third season on HBO this Sunday. Please welcome "Dad-bod" runway model Judd apatow. ??? Hi. What's a dad bod? I have a dad bod. You own it though which makes it great. Is that a good thing or not a good thing? It will ultimately kill me in the end. It's in the middle. There was an article about dad bods and there was a photo in it as an example of what it was and the photo was of me. Aw. And it hurt. I'm stressed because I watch too much of the news. You guys are in it deep. We're in it deep. It's aging me. It gives me anxiety. I shut it off when I go home. My wife about six months ago said I'm going to start watching way less news because it's stressing me out too much and I said I am not going to. I'm going to track it second by second. Now I am falling apart. I look like the war-time president. She's getting younger. She looks like Millie Bobby brown now. Yeah but we're in a phase where they're actually taking him down which is the good news. You know who's going to take it down, Seth rogen. Why? When we made "Knocked up", this is a true story, stormy Daniels as an actress in "Knocked up." She showed up to work and she told Seth in 2006 that she just had an affair with Donald Trump. Oh yeah? That means a congressional hearing, the first witness will be Seth rogen. Right. They'll be like, what's your name? I'm Seth rogen. I didn't think it was a big deal. It's like saying you slept with Alex trebek or something. It's a great irony that a porn star would take him don't. It's perfect symmetry. Your wife has been here, Leslie. She has. Talks about the kids and the family. How are they? How are the children? The children are doing well. Where are they? There they are. They're doing great. My daughter Maude just turned 21 years old. Which one is Maude? Maude is the one on the right. I just got drunk with her for the first time. Really? Well, that's a charming little tidbit. I learned something by getting trunk with her which is she's way cooler drunk. Did you tell her that? I did. I said I'm sorry that I stopped you from drinking all these years. I think it's your natural state. My other daughter, she's 16, she doesn't have a signature because they don't teach cursive writing in school. How old is she? She's 16. She says I don't need it. I have facial recognition technology. Everything she writes, she prints like the zodiac killer. That is one of the biggest and dumbest mistakes to stop teaching that. If you show her the declaration of Independence, she's like what language is that? What is that? I have a suggestion. Yes. You're doing this show on HBO and I know you did comic relief many moons ago. With you. When you were a young kid. I was 18, yes. And I wondered if we should do a comic reliefrelief--like show for the shutdown. Even if it comes back next week, people still are going to need stuff and I think that would be a good way for people to help other people. Would you be -- would you do that? Absolutely. All those people have nothing to do with these decisions that really hurt their lives. You know, there was an election and the reason why congress is democratic is because most of the country said we don't want a wall. So they shut the government down to get the thing that everyone just said they don't want. Yeah. Seems very unfair. 42% want it. I think that's less than -- That's still -- -- 58. That still surprised me though. It's not nobody though. It's not nobody. What's going to happen, there's going to be drones that can lift people over the wall, right? They'll have their own personal drone. We'll build this wall and it will be like -- why did we build this wall? I know, it's a joke. I say let's do it ourselves. Let's help the people. Let's help folks. There's a photo of me with Joan rivers because I'm a hoarder and I hoarded this photo since I was 20 years old. You were a little kid. That lady who talked about throwing out your stuff is my mortal enemy. If I threw out my stuff, I wouldn't have that photo. That's a good point. She never says throw out your photographs. Let's get that straight. Because photographs bring you joy and park. Speaking of joy, she's made a cameo on "Crash." You know what, they cut out my funniest stuff. Forget about it. Can you do that stuff? I don't remember but I had really funny stuff with Artie Lang and you took it out so what good is it? You know, sometimes I have bad judgment. I'm not even going to fight you on it. There's a chance that I completely screwed that up. You screwed that up. We do have a clip of this season. Let's play that. Why are you returning that? Mockery mostly. Every time I wear it people make fun of me. A friend of mine told me I look like I manage the band Hanson. I love Hanson. I also love Hanson. I don't think that's -- everybody loves Hanson. Some people just don't admit it. Show me someone who watched Hanson, like, what a bunch of tools. Let me see that on you. Right now? Yeah. All right. All right, guys, m-bop from the top. So, was that you as a blonde? So this wasn't a clip with you in it? No, no. The audience was anticipating. No. He took me stuff out. If we don't have her best material, why should we watch the season? Tell us about it. I feel like maybe you shouldn't watched. Ifl I feel like I've wronged joy after so many years of her bringing me joy. I'm jewish, I'm feeling guilty right now. One of the episodes deals with an angry white male who it's out of touch with the me too era. Joy says she probably couldn't get away with her comedy today. How has comedy changed? Are we too PC? You have to step over the line to figure out where the line is. There's a terrible routine about how he doesn't understand consent. Where we got it was Bill Cosby did a speech at a college once, a graduation speech, where he mocked consent to the kids. We thought, that's a good terrible routine to do. That's before we knew stuff about him, right? Yeah. That time it was tongue in cheek. What do you think about the Louis C.K. Story because he's been under fire for making a joke about the parkland kids and making a joke about the victims instead of the NRA which I would have done if it was me. What do you think about that? I think that, you know, I don't like the joke. I think it's a bad joke. It wasn't funny enough? Let's say it was funny enough, would it be okay if it was funny? I think any subject can be triangulated and elevated. It didn't feel like he was doing that. It hasn't been that long since that happened so it didn't feel like it was -- Kind of obnoxious. But he has the right to do it. Do you think that if he went out there -- then I'll go. Do you think if he went out there and he took a shot at himself and really came clean about what he did that it would play and people would forgive him? Well, we like when people are honest about their experience in comedy. Richard Pryor lit himself on fire and the next bit was about lighting himself on fire. But he didn't whip out Mr. Happy. I have to go. I want to thank Judd apatow. Season three of "Crash" premieres Sunday night on HBO.

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{"duration":"8:26","description":"Apatow comments on Louis C.K.'s most recent controversial stand-up set and discusses the new season of his show, \"Crashing.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60421954","title":"Judd Apatow on comedy in the era of 'Me Too' and his new show","url":"/theview/video/judd-apatow-comedy-era-show-60421954"}