Kamala Harris doubles down on promise to not ban fracking: 'We're aligned on this'

Harris said neither she nor Biden will ban fracking, clarifying the campaign's position on fossil fuels after the recent debate.
9:32 | 10/26/20

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Transcript for Kamala Harris doubles down on promise to not ban fracking: 'We're aligned on this'
This weekend vice president Biden called a group of trump supporters chumps. Even if he loses, trump isn't going anywhere, and neither are his fervent supporters. How exactly do you plan on bringing the temperature down in this country, and beyond being the president for everyone, can you name something that you and Joe will do to reach out to trump supporters? Yeah. That's a great point, Sara, and thank you. We have to bring the temperature down, and, you know, frankly, I think we've seen far too much chaos. Even before the pandemic, and the fear, the anxiety. It's undeniable, and, you know, when we're looking at what we need in terms of leadership, Joe is someone who will really restore calm, and from the beginning it has been his mission to lead in a way that we will heal and bring our country together. Joe says all the time he will be a president for all Americans, and you can trust him on that if you just look at Joe's record. And, in fact, we're very proud of the fact this we've probably built one of the broadest coalitions of any campaign. We've got of course, Democrats, but Republicans, independents. Cindy McCain to Colin Powell. People across the spectrum, and I think we all know, listen. We have to approach the biggest issues our country is facing in a way our country understands we're not even bipartisan. We're reaching out to trump supporters, and that includes reaching out about what they need to put food on their table, and what they need in terms of job security. What they need in terms of investment and infrastructure and job creation and strengthening the economy of our country. All Americans will benefit from this, and it is our intention to lead if we win in a way that is not about partisanship. It's not about who you voted for in the last election. It's about where we need to go as a country, and I promise you that the issues that we are facing right now like this virus could careless who people voted for in the election. It is an equal opportunity predator, frankly, and we need to address it understanding that the American people deserve so much better. Hi, kamala. So joy brought her sweater. I brought my fly swatter. Truth over flies. Ana. But I -- and listen. All those people who can't pronounce kamala, I hope they can get used to pronouncing madam vice president or MVP for short. Maybe that will roll off their tongue a little easier. Let me ask you about a policy issue. Joe had to do a little cleanup after the debate regarding the energy policies, including his decision on fracking. He said he would transition from the oil industry and claimed he never opposed fracking when some of his past comments signal otherwise. Do you worry that this is confusing, that it could hurt in places like Ohio with working class voters who are worried about their jobs, and considering you wanted to ban fracking when you were running for president, tell me how are you guys reconciling your differences and what is the position if you can clarify it? Thank you. I appreciate you raising it. First of all, without any ambiguity, Joe was clear we will not ban fracking and let's clear up further things, and we will not raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year. Period, full stop. Joe is also committed to understanding that we have to also acknowledge the science in a way that frankly the current president does not on the covid issue and on climate, and so Joe says, hey, look. The climate -- we are experiencing drastic changes. We have to deal with this, and let's deal with it in a way that we invest in infrastructure which is also about an investment in job creation. Great jobs. We have the support of folks who are in the building trades who have some of the most incredible apprenticeship programs available anywhere, and it's about electricians, pipe fitters, the folks who know that these skills are so important to investing in what we can do around renewable energy and saving our planet and ensuring we can all have clean water and clean air, and that's just the bottom line, and Joe and I are a team. We are aligned on this. We are aligned on these priorities. Senator Harris, during your presidential campaign, you said a Harris justice department would have no choice but to pursue criminal charges against trump for let's say obstruction of justice. Would the same for a Biden department of justice? Do you support a trump prosecution? Sunny, first of all, there is a huge difference between Joe Biden and my perspective on the department of justice and Donald we willave a department of justice that conducts itself as the personal lawyer of the president such as the way Donald Trump has done, and whoever leads the department of justice if we win is someone who will be independent and will make the decisions based on whatever in their discretion with the facts and they have without any interference from the white house, period. Yes. So you know, we're already seeing record voter turnout which, you know, that looks pretty good. Many Americans are understandably nervous about what's to come on election day. If nobody wins in a landslide, that's to me, the nightmare. This could drag out for weeks, and it could ultimately end up in congress or even the supreme court where, you know, this coney Barrett woman has been placed to help the situation on the trump side. What can you say to voters who are like me who are in a panicked state? Yeah, joy. Here's the thing. You know, I have been traveling the country, and here's what I know so well. Our democracy is as strong as the American people's willingness to stand up and defend it. Our democracy is strong because the people know that whatever the outcome of an election, we as part of our democracy that we support have peaceful transfers of power. I have full confidence in the American people that whoever they vote for in this election, they will not stand for an interference of that kind with our democracy, and, you know, people are lining up. I'm traveling all over the country. I have been in just the last few days, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, I was in Michigan yesterday. People are lining up, and they are speaking up and they are people standing in lines for hours knowing that the power of their voice in an election, especially where there's so much at stake like this one, the power of their voice is through their vote because they believe in our democracy and the integrity of our democracy and our election systems and I don't think theye going to give up there. They are going to see this thing through and defend our democracy because that is part of wh makes our nation strong and different from others. Now there are reports that the bid team is vetting Republicans for cabinet positions. We're also hearing Bernie Sanders is eyeing a role. Is this the kind of party diversity we should expect from a Biden cabinet. If you are elected, are there Republicans you want to work with in a Biden cabinet? First, let me just tell you. Joe and I are both superstitious so we are not measuring the drapes at all. But going back to that previous point though, we are very proud of the broad coalition that we've assembled, you know, I mean, people like governor Kasich is supporting our people who have been active in the Republican party, people who are independents who have been active in what they do who are supporting this ticket because they know that our mission really is to deal with the challenges that we face, and do it in a way that is with a practical approach and based on values that are a what's in the best interest of the American people, American working people and families. So I have to ask you this question, kamala, and it's as silly as it gets, but it's my favorite. Okay. You're sitting and you are having this debate and you look over and you see the fly circling. Do you first think to yourself, uh-oh, I see it. Do I tell him or do I finish making my point? Did you see the fly first or did you discover it later? That's my question. Oh, whoopi. Let me just say we should get beyond the fly, you know, we should just fly awa from the subject and -- Yes. And move on. But I appreciate the question. Thank you. Well, because, you know, I know when I saw it, I thought would I tell him? Maybe I'll wait a little while because, you know, I'm terrible that way, but, you know, it was -- thank you for coming today. It's -- we have our fingers crossed for you and for Joe. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"9:32","description":"Harris said neither she nor Biden will ban fracking, clarifying the campaign's position on fossil fuels after the recent debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73839147","title":"Kamala Harris doubles down on promise to not ban fracking: 'We're aligned on this'","url":"/theview/video/kamala-harris-doubles-promise-ban-fracking-aligned-73839147"}