Kerry Washington on missing 'Scandal' and starring on Broadway

The actress discusses the conversations sparked by her new Broadway play, "American Son."
8:41 | 12/06/18

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Transcript for Kerry Washington on missing 'Scandal' and starring on Broadway
Hasan is giving audiences and unflinching look at a controversial issues like police violence in black community and white privilege and all kinds of stuff that no one really wants to look at but that we have to. And we are now joined by the star and producer of this amazing show. The fabulous Kerry Washington. It. I feel mom hi I just you just don't want getting my dying now which is great as my mom's parity yes. He picked up our beloved land there's so much to get to the silly and ask you I'm. The biggest fan scandal I would say those data are not yeah. Yeah character that was based on a true story Judy Smith who as an aide to my character was inspired by my guys hurt and she was an aide to George H. W. Bush who admits I. Olivia Pope what a powerful character that was gonna miss about that role. I miss the product person is yeah. I. I I missed. Honestly you guys know I I miss the people that it worked when you know that that cast but also our crew. You know you really become a family I always get people off I was Olivia Pope before it was anybody's wife for mom and and still I really I. I do love that scandal family. A lot of us do stay intact without a lot of crew members and cast members come to see the play which have really extraordinary and find his. In a lot of ways of characters so different from Olivia Pope which has been fun for me as an actor. But it's always great to every connect with our scan a family. Yeah us and this is actually a second time on brought it hey at waved American son. He understands its famous people like Sonia Sotomayor are Michelle Obama has been an audience I don't think I can do anything if those people and I had I had her forearm when you have notable figures like that you know act honestly I had friend asking the an addict does it make you more nervous and I think what it makes me is more focused because. My job is to dropping to their reality of this character and the clay is so intense and in my mind is like. Who carrying about who's in the audience than I'm not really doing my job because I have to be really dropped into the reality in the speaks of the Plaistow. When it makes me do is it makes you get to the theater a little earlier because it got him where deep brats when they really any look at flight Atlantis had to live there. Well I mean you know when the former First Lady is having has there's lots of Secret Service people standing around and being gates outside the theater. And today with the justice. Yeah our Bronx girl yes but not a high I. The play is about a lot of interest in things as your point about race class gender police brutality. Which are cell relevant today we're talking Harry daylight at a Nevada. Ballots thrown out of place not accommodate him yeah tell you I think the raider did. An extraordinary it's our job but because everyone who comes is surprised by how much laughter there is in the play there is because there are true is when your it. When hearing real live talking about tough things life is tragic but life is also no Larry absolutely though it's always the best work at yeah is a combination that's right there's enough laughs to keep viewing your seat and what happens is really gripping in the play but there's discussion. Died there that they slipped into the play bill Seattle and then you have a a talkback what I do have a few talk backs it was very important to me at. For me the play is it's a prayer and an opportunity I feel like and you guys know this better than anybody. We don't do enough talking to each other when we come from different worlds and I think and particularly we don't do enough listening to each other action and the plays this wonderful opportunity to watch for different people from very different perspective sound familiar actually very different backgrounds. We're really talking about difficult topics and really listening to each other every single person who's in the audience no matter who you are has moments for you go exactly that's what I think an auto moments for Ugoh. Wow I never thought about it from that perspective before and that is so exciting for me to be a part of that. But people are so. Blown away by the play at the end of that that I wanted to give them tools so we partnered with this incredible organization called the opportunity agenda. And they helped us build out discussion points and resource is in ways that people can talk about what happens in the play and also work to make change. And I ask bits yeah. I. I thought the play last week dad and none of them you know was just your a look at your all let me OK. Yeah. I thought provoking and it's it's really about. A pair parents yes. Who's biracial son yes. Is missing filled a black mom and a white dad and it's the middle of the night it's 4 AM and we are desperately looking for eighteen year old son. We can't find him all we know is that his car is showing up in the system and the police we don't know what happened we don't know he is. And it's about kind of our Knight in real time an hour and a half of real time in this parent's nightmare like. Where is our kid. What is doing on what has yapping and anxiety and I am elated to have because of one of your lines I think what they ask you to describe your son and and you said something like what he's six foot two. And he was born in 2001 and I have a six foot one kid that was born in 2002. So I immediately heats Phelps what you were feeling and I asked you backstage how is it possible all the emotions that you go through. To be wood into the curtain call. I mean it's it's it's. Really an emotional it's you know hey it's an honor to be her from and I really do feel the part of me. The part of me that believes the plays like a prayer is the part that says like. Let's see each other and that's matter to each other no matter who we are. And so when you feel audiences get fat it's it's a joy to come forward and to say lake. Thank you for being on this ride with us because the play is that it's like a roller coaster guys shoot and and you just feel like thank you for coming thank you for being in this journey with us and now go talk to each other hip thing. Well don't want you were you working on us so we've been on for eight weeks and we have another eight weeks ago and before you. You. Went up to the average. How long were you wearing her slaying I didn't just talking about you are everything yeah are armor Purcell process if it's directed by the brilliant Kenny Leon. And haven't Tony winning director and a man and heat in in the media are rehearsal process we all sat around a table and we really talked about the play and and the issues that the pay triggered in asking there's the other two character who player to a law enforcement officers. And so we all talked about the play and we talked about what we had issuing it and what confused Dustin. The play remedied Lacey and and some brilliant playwright Christopher. And it it's so we worked on and a lot it in the rehearsal process you get older is yen up and somebody thinks you are also a founding member. Of the time's up you lady to hill and confirmation of that on HBO and I would've loved your take. When we were all here discussing that capital hearings would you then doctor and I'm Diana. The bought that it what do you make of how an island that. Am you know I think that. What excites me about. What happened then and what happened now there is a nightmare element that feels like we're revisiting the same nightmare and that not much has changed. But what happened in response back then and what happened to response today is what excites me and that is the number of women who have entered. The space of public office the number of women who are saying if this happened. That means that I have to come forward and make sure that those first three words of our constitution we the people are a reflection of all of us talk and make sure that the people who are work. Remember that they work for we pay their salaries and they have to represent and all of us yes. You know does carry license and OPEC. January 27. It's quite something.

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{"duration":"8:41","description":"The actress discusses the conversations sparked by her new Broadway play, \"American Son.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59658334","title":"Kerry Washington on missing 'Scandal' and starring on Broadway","url":"/theview/video/kerry-washington-missing-scandal-starring-broadway-59658334"}