Did Megyn Kelly endorse fat-shaming?

"The View" co-hosts break down her comments and her later clarification.
4:32 | 01/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Did Megyn Kelly endorse fat-shaming?
Yesterday. Nine and Megyn Kelly. She talked to win online work out guru thus fit mom. About losing weight and making gains some unexpected. Kind of advice on the subject to clip you should par. Laid the shaming baying into a professional business cleanup has some slot machine when I was a lost I can't wait I said my stepfather accusing eagle eye catching what my time. You say where you gone bad I. Yeah. About her. Snapped that that this wasn't working on for a lot of people and after all the blowback. This is what she had to say about it this morning. I said something yesterday on the show that clearly struck a nerve and I think it's a conversation that we need to have openly. We were discussing body shaming others something I absolutely do not support in fact quite the opposite. As an adult I have gotten healthier and my approach to eating but I like every woman I know. Still wrestle with body image. And still cringe when I hear person attacked for his or her weight. Please know I would never encourage that toward any person. Com. But she's so up and I I. So they took today. Because I thought that's what she was saying she told someone to just subsidized so lava has stumped slot so she said call me I'm you have asked yet yet another problem is that she's not a comedian I think that she was trying to be funny. But it comedian. If you do it right by you have the blowback against his stepfather instead of against you hacked right now because you'd make a fool of hat that's a problem it can people who are not comics should not we still don't know they aren't gonna attempt. So does this harm this hit me. I don't really specific way because my career was launched on the show and you're reminisce joy as 24 are scratching my Laurie Ingram had them on the show it to voters can kiss my fat blank with years later my prayer climbed back when not at his radio show and pretended to vomit in a bucket on air because a data PSA prostate cancer where am I it's the appearance of being new but it's literally like my neck up -- tips to help people to protect from skin cancer and I have been fat seems. Publicly and humiliated my entire career. And when you say something like sometimes sat shaming is good it really hurt me and neat idea I've always good to Megyn Kelly is sort of not true model but it what are my bucket list things I want to moderate a presidential debate I read her book and I remember when I read her but settled for more Derek Texan at. And ever being make weight so I want is rattled from warm. I know we work together but I am I yeah our friend and leave it I saw her socially we would say hello but I wouldn't consider friends we have mutual friends the but I think the thing about this is his rhetoric is very dangerous I wanna tell all the girls watching here. I'm a poor conservative political analyst ice is still very political person are what she decided to let her prayer and to be on the TV and what you want to do here. I've never had to lose a pound I got hot has been an equal jobs got airlock. I like again weighed up again I don't I. Donna it's not generally said something about my weight in about you know when he gets my fat ass yeah. With weight issues and you know we're coming from a household where guests I was Baghdad to you know lose weight and diet and things like that but now. I'm at a place where this is the best thing I could be and guess what's going on now I am being ski nascent. And I'm not seen any. Although I'm wearing this I small. How well Brian what what I'm not I'm not get a and you can't win for losing out here who missed her you just give any of the comments how about that then yeah. Think need to be really hit on us now has a sizable war aren't rhetoric on television because the idea I don't even like the idea of telling a girl like he. If you're going to defray age didn't stop beating fat blank like. First of well being I'm being overweight a bottom is economic at both the fast food is cheaper for people got a lot can afford green juice. Can't afford to go to the gym and some rounds I am not entice it to you know want to. That's the problem isn't really we I think ran on his a plus size model lid changing world right now. I just want to change the world we live in how we look at women's bodies and that he doesn't matter would sign it or any matters judging your wind rain on their appearance I want to get.

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{"id":52311943,"title":"Did Megyn Kelly endorse fat-shaming?","duration":"4:32","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts break down her comments and her later clarification.","url":"/theview/video/megyn-kelly-endorse-fat-shaming-52311943","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}