Michael Cohen sentenced to 3 years in prison

"The View" co-hosts discuss the sentencing of Trump's former personal attorney and the deal reached between prosecutors and the publisher of the "National Enquirer."
6:21 | 12/13/18

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Transcript for Michael Cohen sentenced to 3 years in prison
Let's go let's get to let individual one lost another ally yesterday the headed The National Enquirer David Pecker. Claims the paper may have slightly payments to the playmate Karen McDougal says she didn't hurt his presidential campaign. It was allegedly sent out by Michael Collins was just sentenced to three years in jail. So you know who just to win that he knew I had let directed Cohen to break the law that man. And asked him to do any easy and ease not because suggests not embarrass the president. Get a reduced sentence as kind of let it outright I don't think there's already incentives US banks and any they don't give you three years in prison for just casual thing. And also he think that Strom that they have other documents and phone calls we heard the tape of the two of them. About arranging the hay out of Spain he what we heard him say to sit tramp we're going the men had talked to about the payments and at a castle what's is an the guy who is his accountants what's his name. Ask Bloomberg something. I got it about we have a get the milder why are why why I heard Eric we'll get the money and who has the trump families and the CFO for years and years yeah I've always said there inches doesn't mention the Packard I what's his name day Baghdad an ad aired an Abu un American and hacker guy but I don't say the smoking gun it's going to be with that in the lawyer the CFO and with a guy that runs national choir is that is where the money and within the trump what it reminded me as I just watched the Clinton affairs if you haven't seen it's fabulous and I just I learned a lot about what's special counsel and but they do and they were looking into Whitewater the time business dealings before the election and that's when they found Monica Lewinsky thing you cast out this big net which is what they've done with the Russian collusion. And that is led them here what was scope of the special counsel. Mandate is pretty broad and it says. Crime you can investigate these particular crimes are anything arising therefrom and that's why I think we're seeing all of you know we're seeing the web -- bigger bigger bigger we're seeing all these referrals. What was kind of interesting to me when I read this disagreement between bid AMI which is The National Enquirer. They set this it is further understood that this is the prosecutor's letter. It is further understood that neither AMI nor this office will disclose this agreement exhibit a attached her to. On or before November 62018. What's the point so they wanted to make sure it assists and I don't want to make sure that this information didn't impact feeling I don't ASEAN riot term election that is on its implication is. They don't want to do what's. What has moved in W English Russian plane Allen's press conference yesterday at Yale glee as he said I mean living in my personal and mental incarceration ever since that fateful day. And I accepted the offer to work for the famous real estate agent I Wii is can be characterized as blind. We'll tee to Donald Trump which I was I was part of his problem was the school grounds and that seemed to have amber Michaels on Jane interview with CNN and I believe it was embryonic killer saying he's dead who says trump samples she says all this about what is that all of that all of the polls are saying different things yeah he was selling even like in the face of obviously no one is different but he he was it was obviously yes man from the beginning on his campaign and I don't know how you live in a mental incarceration under a candidate has even the terminology of this is strange end. Law and political Michael Collins on his business came from the Trump Organization and emit a lot of liquidity they have like three client is encouraged on manatee from one other person he was a child with other things that weren't trump related this this guy was not a good person now and yet they going to make him into why she trains like a Vick don't get what I want ESI is on the anniversary I read this he thought he says this is what he said about Rea who did this is a guy Michael Kong who told reporters looking to trap a few years ago quote. I'm winding hill tread very lightly because I'm going to duty you. What I'm going to duty it was going to be disgusting this is Michael Collins isn't that lets not canonize him Michael Colin well he does not like. I don't find this out around so I wouldn't want to point that's out. But he also tweet in December 192015. Yeah Hillary you when you go to prison for defrauding America and perjury. You know room and board will be free. Trump about hot is it batch. Well yeah I mean this will is similar learning Katayama karma harm Marva aren't visited Cuba of their own. Now what. Is not what are to be under the present it. Or I'm calling the bad dude like well you know I can I help you out to be a victim he's you know Melanie as early as well it may well have all these people I didn't know that would this surprise some won't be people I want to jail I mean their banks so many indictments. From Michael Flynn to man afford to calm wind and meet the circle is every being everybody that is has surrounded him as an honey I mean yeah. It is not forget in Teaneck. That would missiles pointed out. When he was left it. What we've talked about. Who you surround yourself when asked him how you do your business it's not necessarily the person it's the people you are surrounded with and you know. The swamp is now I don't know what it is now how well I don't love you can swap I don't know what you thought it. I don't know newstalk clip king I wonder why I don't these sort this clip of Orrin hatch the best teams so called senator from or you're talking is expecting an all that senator that you have here is the is staying at the Hilton hall Matt yeah now I said the esteem so called yen right. Its impact. Here's a guy all right Chris I used to like him because he was very friendly with Teddy Kennedy and I had bipolar and acts like the left I'm I. I. Can't supplement sorry because what he's said to the report reported said Bob you know the president. Michael Cohen the president they might have committed crimes in Abu I don't care who said. The president is doing a good job we have we come witness senator are you talk saying I don't care if he committed a crime that's not under Clinton's. Exact demands and a half but now we almost Donna mean that Romney's that's taking a seat if he's he's one academic price and they also lower the price now the do you care about him not once did little unhappy about carry most interesting thing about him is his Twitter carrying out so he's Lauren Hackett denigrates wouldn't count on it really. Yeah out it's hilarious.

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{"duration":"6:21","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the sentencing of Trump's former personal attorney and the deal reached between prosecutors and the publisher of the \"National Enquirer.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59801758","title":"Michael Cohen sentenced to 3 years in prison","url":"/theview/video/michael-cohen-sentenced-years-prison-59801758"}