4 former presidents gather to honor Barbara Bush

"The View' co-hosts discuss the significance of President Trump's absence at the funeral.
3:58 | 04/23/18

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Transcript for 4 former presidents gather to honor Barbara Bush
cheers and applause Welcome back. This weekend, photo of George H.W. Bush surrounded by his son, George W. Andif Laura, the Clintons and the Obamas and the current first lady, Melania trumpa veryferent reactions. Me saw aorof folks putting politics aside and iredible woman, and others old guard that was Dra out of the swamp by the guy white house I don'know whatmp you're talking about.e is just as deep as it was last time. there's N draining. So I mean, whao Y guys see?s picture made me nostalgiy L for America that I grew up I basical where there were statesme country itead of con men. Whaabout you? I loved the photo of president obamah mean trump because she had this really gene smile on her face an I was seeing -- that one.wh saw Twitter it said somethin like when you go Barack, Youd and I just loved it because she was S of one of those birthers and you can see he sitting next to her, they were getting along and he just seemso be a very forgiving person. He's a gentleman. I S rap of Barbara Bush during one of the and it talked about how she said I don't like Bill Clinton's politics but ie I LE the disnction and the idea that we can disagree in a litical forum but there's a humanity underlying all I that was just sassy to me. [ Applau I'll agree. I loved Barbara Bush so much. 00 was wearing pearls the day she . Ake on Me were real. She wn incre iconic first lady and even Ju seeing prenke the hands veryone casket, it'st like class a they around and their love story and THA portrait, I think anlegantlo together and I think we're in an era where everything is decisive and Ang and having dinner with who voted a different rty is a big deal. Why do you think that I there O reasonbut on the sample theowe todo es better. If you're swamp, you've got a lotalks god that you need to have and you're dark in a way that don't understand. Been there,sident tru should have been there but mostitting presidents don't go to the funels of the first lady, right? Restingly,he mu Oma caught flack for not nay Reagan's funeral, W Ed classl when presint George W. Bush didn't attd bird Johnson' funeral I 2007, nobody raised a fuss. I think people just see what need tosee. Sometimes they can go. Somemet'sbably BETT if tn't, you know. She said S disparaging things about Donald trumen eud. Alive, Barbara Bush. Yeah. She said I don't know how any woman could vote for him. There'sll bad Jeb. If B looking out into the audien you don't see president trump's face in that moment. Family is what it should be. And about his mom who, you who's kind of a classy lady. Not one of those people I thaticture denigrated the pr didn't like the press. Th were acrimonious momenthere into trouble th the press, even George W. And Clinton. They were not happy. Thi guyent goes after the press as these is the enemy and makes up fake sts.that's why they're different from that's one of the maineasons why we should be long at that picture and understanding what we and we need to becauseone of us -- this is not

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"\"The View' co-hosts discuss the significance of President Trump's absence at the funeral.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54668042","title":"4 former presidents gather to honor Barbara Bush","url":"/theview/video/presidents-gather-honor-barbara-bush-54668042"}