Raven-Symone discusses her moment with Janet Jackson and hit show 'Raven's Home'

She shared details of her travels to South Africa with her brother and what she learned working on "The View".
8:31 | 10/11/18

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Transcript for Raven-Symone discusses her moment with Janet Jackson and hit show 'Raven's Home'
So listen, instead of going through all this rig ama role, please watch our clip. It will tell you everything. ??? You ain't never had something so good, hot and fresh out of the oven, honey. You ain't getting nothing ??? ??? I said hey, whoo ??? ??? ??? ??? sweet potato, cherry, lemon, apple strudel ??? ??? each one is delicious but there's nothing for you though ??? ??? I said hey, testify if you want a piece of this pie ?????? Please welcome back our own raven-symone. ??? I love the bell. Hit it one more time. You right. I know. You guys, hi. I love the bell, you know that. She doesn't really love the bell. I hate that bell and you're the one responsible for that bell. Why? Sometimes when I'm speaking I don't need to be interrupted with a -- It makes me feel like a cat. You right. She was here, you know, she was with us. And then the powers that be decided she needed to graduate. I did get to graduate. Yes, you did. And we got to watch raven rebuild our relationship with Disney. Yeah. And her show now, and we got to see the new version of the show. And then it went so well, freaked everybody out, they said, look, you got to go around the world. I did. You just went around the world talking about your show. Tell everybody what happened. Tell them, tell them. I'm super excited about it because I didn't get to go around the world for "That's so raven." I just premiered "That's so raven" in 2000 -- in France only and then I got stuck in America because I had to work and work and work. But for the season 2 premiere of "Raven's home," I got to go to South Africa. It was amazing. I got to go to London. That's me and dumbo chilling. That's me and my brother at the Tate modern. Super awesome. I got my A.A. I finally got it. Oh, in art? In art. They know, they know. They're all about it. In art. In art. She's an incredible artist. Thank you. I'm working on my bachelor's but that was so much fun. The food in South Africa, this right here. The architecture was beautiful, the people were amazing. It was a great experience. But my favorite part of it, I got to go with my brother. I work a lot. He works. And it was just me and my bro doing good things together. That's my bro. He looks like a bear. That's him. It was fun. Great. Yes. Raven, you were a co-host on the show as we all know. You are beloved in this building. Oh, my god, what up, guys? I'm serious, everyone from the security guards had nothing but wonderful things to say about you. A little sad we never worked together, but do you miss it? You know what, I say this all the time with the most love and respect, I miss the people like I miss my mom at times. I miss everyone here. I love how she said at times. I miss everyone here. The work ethic, the non-editing, the non-script, I need a script and an editor. I need like a director being like, stand here, don't say that, and then say it here. Like that's what I'm comfortable in. But I admire and I learned so much about myself on the show. I got through a lot of mental blocks for myself in this show, and I also did the show because I wanted to grow up in the public and a lot of people do it different kinds of ways. This way, only way you can be mad at me is because of how I'm thinking and you're judging my mind instead of anything else that I do, so I like that. And what else happened? What happens did she do? What happened? Oh, I'm so sorry. See what I mean. I love that question. This past June you presented Janet Jackson with the radio Disney impact award. She is one of your idols and one of my idols. We share that. What was your night that you met her and I haven't met her like for you? Look, look at your face. Look, look, look. Can we talk about how much y'all look alike, you and Janet. I did a little -- Look, look, look. Your face the whole time. I can't believe you met her. She looks like she's about 12 years old. She's about 12 years old. Her outfit was fantastic. Yes, it was. She smelled good. Does she? She had her first Reese's peanut butter cup in my face. What? She's a vegan. I asked her if she could live anywhere where would she live and she would want to live on a private island with her child. I asked her those weird questions, you know what I mean? It was built up. It was built up. Yes, it was. But I was going to say -- This isn't the first time though you've presented a Jackson an award, right? I think we have a clip. When I listen to the wind, it tells me the secrets of my destiny. When I listen to the music, it's Michael Jackson who inspires me. Congratulations, Mr. Jackson, you are the entertainer of the year. On behalf of all the children of the world, we love you. You didn't know that we were here to see Michael Jackson, fool? Do you remember anything about that night? I don't remember one thing about that night. Wow. I have a really bad memory. At least you have that though. I have that and there's also another clip which we couldn't play here but it's us backstage with him. When he traveled backstage he had cameras follow. Janet did too. When that clip comes out, honey. Stop rubbing it in. We have to talk about your show, "Raven's home." I love "That's so raven" and this show people are obsessed with as we've talked about. On Friday's show it's an all musical episode. Yes. Because you like karaoke. She doesn't like karaoke. She is karaoke. And she can sing. I did karaoke with you and I was horrified. Remember that? I did not have a great time because I can't sing. No, you can't. That's right. You heard me. And yet you keep trying. I keep on trying. I mean -- You have to just mouth what she does. You have to sing her voice like -- Exactly. That's how you do it. You're so good at it. No, no, no. Here's what happened. I've had albums, I've enjoyed myself. I did not go public with my music for a while and I needed something to release and karaoke became my stage so I did that. The musical is great. Can I just say one thing before I leave and, yes, please watch the musical this Friday on Disney channel. It's amazing, the kids are amazing. But I also want you to go see "American son" on Broadway. Yes. Fantastic. Fantastic. Kerry Washington. Fantastic. So that's what I wanted to say. She's going to come and see us too. But you know, you're always home here. You come back any time. We just, you know -- I love you guys. Thanks to raven-symone. "Raven's home" airs Friday nights at 8:00 P.M. On Disney channel.

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{"duration":"8:31","description":"She shared details of her travels to South Africa with her brother and what she learned working on \"The View\".","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58443214","title":"Raven-Symone discusses her moment with Janet Jackson and hit show 'Raven's Home'","url":"/theview/video/raven-symon-discusses-moment-janet-jackson-hit-show-58443214"}