Rep. Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos Duffy on career, family and future of GOP

After announcing his retirement, the Wisconsin congressman and his wife explain the reason behind their decision and why 15 Republicans in Congress are leaving.
5:31 | 09/09/19

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Transcript for Rep. Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos Duffy on career, family and future of GOP
Your families and everything, but work has been huge for both of you. What made you finally come to that decision? I know you were dealing with some health issues that you found out about. We were having some complications with the baby. We have some holes in the heart. We're going to need open heart as any political family would have, I have eight kids and we always evaluate, you know, what is the right decision at what time? And every member of congress has two schedulers. That's how business our schedules are, and I have to balance, you know, what is right in service to my state and what is right in service to my -- to my family. There's 435 members of congress and only one Duffy dad. I made the choice to spend a little more time with Rachel and the kids and find a clear path that kbifs me more time. Like what? I don't know yet. I might be a host. I don't know what I'm going to That's the fun part of life, the chapters. This is not easy what you are going through. How are you doing emotionally and physically? You look beautiful. Thank you. Thank you. There's not a lot of debate with it. The baby has holes in the heart, but could have other developmental challenges. So we wanted to create more space in our life, and he's right. Every member of congress is re-evaluating. You know -- you know how challenging it is to be a child inside of political family. We feel like some things we regret and missed out on, and we're kind of after 8 1/2 years tired of doing that. One of the things I'll miss, whenever the capital shows up on the screen of television, my kids will say, look. There's daddy's office. Aww. That gives me chills. That's sweet. We're family first. How are they doing with baby number nine on the way? They're excited. We had a gender reveal. I brought a clip because both of you have big families. No one is ever happy at the same that's the big challenge when you have a big family. Here's our reaction of one of my children from the gender reveal. I want the baby to be a boy. You don't want a sister? I don't. A boy. How many sisters does he So with this baby which is a girl, we opened it up, and we have this big cake. It's going to be six girls and three boys. He wanted to balance it out a little better. The Republicans, minority in congress. I agree. Got that ratio. Pretty close. You're from Arizona and went to ASU. I grew up watching you both in the real world. You know how important it was for me to see a conservative woman in many realms of pop culture. I understand your decision to step down, congressman, 100%. I'm worried about the 15 congresspeople leaving. You and will Hurd, that's, like, a stick in me. I'm such big fans. What can we do to get more conservatives elected? I think you have to recognize when you look at the 15 seats, will Hurd is the only one we are going to have a challenge with. He's a tough seat, but the other ones are really Republican seats and we'll keep those seats and what's healthy for a democracy is you have citizen legislatures. It's good to bring in new blood, and that balance makes our government work well. Think Nancy Pelosi and Stan Hoyer have been leading the house since 2003. We had John Boehner and Paul Ryan, and that new blood is good I think for the democracy and for our party. The tradition is -- George Washington, you know, left and it was the first time we saw someone give up power and go back. Maybe Mitch Mcconnell will leave. Maybe. Oh, no. We're not going to call him George Washington yet. You can always go back. You're very young, and I mean, you know, I hope you and Paul Ryan run for senate and governor and make my political Wisconsin dreams come true. Why are they leaving? We know why you're leaving and why will Hurd left, but why are they leaving? I heard joy talk about, it's Donald Trump. They're leaving at a time when as conservatives, we're implements a lot of conservative policy that are making people's lives better. Really? Their economies are stronger and their salaries are rising. Their opportunity is growing. You're going to see that in new York and California, but in the middle of America, that's happening. But congressman -- Hold on a second. I think it's important to note they're leaving despite a great opportunity to implement policy. They're making decisions individually about their family like we are and what's right about them. Don't you worry about the environment? He's terrible on the environment. That alone could turn you Hold on. That's your children's future. I really think it's hard -- I do believe it's really hard to see when you are in these coastal bubbles. If you live in middle America -- we live in rural Wisconsin. The towns have turned around. The factories are back. People have jobs. There's more jobs than there are people to fill them, and that was not the case. And a lot of times at the expense of the environment. Not good. The regulations that you want to implement isn't going to cost you your job. I would gladly give up my job if I could have a magic wand to make it all go back to what it was. In a second. I agree on the environment

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"After announcing his retirement, the Wisconsin congressman and his wife explain the reason behind their decision and why 15 Republicans in Congress are leaving.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65488799","title":"Rep. Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos Duffy on career, family and future of GOP","url":"/theview/video/rep-sean-duffy-rachel-campos-duffy-career-family-65488799"}