Rose McGowan shares her thoughts on Time's Up movement

McGowan joined "The View" to discuss her thoughts on non-disclosure agreements and what her movement, 'Rose's Army,' stands for.
7:55 | 01/30/18

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Transcript for Rose McGowan shares her thoughts on Time's Up movement
The statistic is 1 in 5. It's more. We all know it. Come on. "Brave" is not just about that. That would be a real downer. This is about how the be brave in the face of adversity. I tied together my stories and connected them with just some ideas. What if? Ronan farrow in "Citizen rose" there's a scene where he says you're like the gristled old man coming back saying, I have the information. I have the code. And nobody believes him. And in the end, the the twist is they were right. I'm sad when people come at me with that. I also, accidentally, worked with a pedophile. I bet you have, too. You worked with a pedophile? I did. Man named Victor selva. He's on the registry. I gave an interview. About the second day of the movie. In preproduction. Before the movie starts. Man came out yelling in the neighborhood about pedophiles and I didn't know what he was -- like what? And, um, I asked. Oh, like, he's just mad that they didn't hire him to work on the movie. Right. So this is what they do, systemically. Probably everybody has zeptly worked with a ped tile. And I don't take joy in that whatsoever. We have been talking a lot about the women coming out and saying all these things. And they have had so much trouble speaking up. All these years. Have been covered up. Can you imagine what children go through? I was thinking that today. These are adult women and we can't seem to grasp it. Imagine what a child has to go through. I can't. I mean, I can, actually. I don't want to. Terrible. It's terrible. And what people don't understand is -- is that -- part of you, a big part of you dies. Who you were dies. Mm-hmm. And you have a choice. You can either slowly be taken down. In a way you have to get that dead body out of you. Mm-hmm. And it's really sucky that you got stolen and dote get to be who you were. You with reform. Those children, a lot of places have a seven-year statute of limitations. So a 5-year-old? It's changing. I think all statutes of limitation. If murder doesn't have one -- Why should rape? This murders the soul. Several actresses created a campaign called time's up that's raised over $20 million for a legal defense fund to help people fight. You called all of this Hollywood fakery. I might know something. Just saying. You know, the thing is is that -- it's the intentions are good. But I know the people behind it. It's four CAA agents who needed good P.R. I hope they desperately help these women. I believe these women, and -- there's Justin Timberlake hash tagging my wife looks hot tonight. #I just did a movie with woody Allen. Come on. It's fake. I'm sorry to puncture your here roes. Sometimes the heroes need to be better. You have created rose army. It's different and parrot from the me too movement. You support the me too movement. I am the me too movement. Can you tell me the difference in what rose army is? The Harvey Weinstein moment is a watershed moment in America. In the world. I think we'll all remember what it was like before and what it was like after. So what you have done is broken the silence and broken the ceiling. Tell us about the rose army. Thank you for asking. Rose army is simply, and y'all are members, if you want to think differently and do better, that's about it. My goal was, three years ago when I trademarked rose army was to start, I started hammering the word complicit. And rot in Hollywood. It's okay. This country. With race, they won't look at it. You have to look. It's the only way you can heal it. Then you get to move on and be free. People are so scared to look at it. Do you think differently? People, I was at a restaurant. I picked up my bill. The waiter wrote #rose army. It's a secret code. A woman said it at a party. It's like, yeah, I want to be 10% better. My goal was to see if I could move the needle by 10% from every level of consciousness. Somewhere in the middle. Including my own. Can we wake up? Can we be more awe many? You have a secret society. That secret society in all of us. It's just 10% more. Humanity. Because -- The construct of men and women going apt it like this, it's not work something well. If we can step back to the bigger picture. If men, who he been sold. They've been sold an idea of what they are. They're trapped in it. They're trapped. I see so many trapped. I'm like, oh. Be free. I know there's no tools. In other languages, they're a lot more descriptive. English is sad, mad, glad. It's basic. There's not a lot of words for it. That's why me too works so well. It's a shord hand. Rose army is a short hand. Let me ask you this. I have interviewed hundreds of survivors of child sexual assault and women as well. I see how brave and powerful you are today. But in those quiet moments, when you think about your life or the -- over the last 20 years, and what this has done to your life, what -- what's been the most difficult part for you? My sister -- and she didn't mean it in a bad way. But you see I was treated as the media largely at almost every major media place was bought by him. Different people there. They were paid. I was number one of his target lest for 20 years to smear me and create a false identity of a crazy, offbalance woman. What they do to all of us. Every person I met treated me thatway. My sister -- when people asked her if she was related to me, she would say no. She believed it. She didn't believe it. The I just came with some baggage. Yeah, yeah. You should read the book. You had a difficult childhood. Your life has not been easy. And you have done brave work just like the book says. And you're strong. It's about freedom. So many of us are. Go us. And also, you know, I always say it's like the guy in the tarzan movie. They always send one guy out. Go over there. And he say, no, I don't want to go. He say, go, go. He goes, he looks and looks, you hear -- and you see him go, oh, oh, oh. The first one out always takes hit. Yeah. I was just doing -- an interview. I was going to say -- on behalf of a whole bunch of us, thank you for take this hit. Thank you. We got you. Our thanks to rose Mcgowan. Her book, "Brave" and the single, now you're here, are out

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{"duration":"7:55","description":"McGowan joined \"The View\" to discuss her thoughts on non-disclosure agreements and what her movement, 'Rose's Army,' stands for. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52710141","title":"Rose McGowan shares her thoughts on Time's Up movement","url":"/theview/video/rose-mcgowan-shares-thoughts-times-movement-52710141"}