Scott Pruitt out at EPA

"The View" co-hosts discuss Pruitt's resignation.
4:56 | 07/09/18

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Transcript for Scott Pruitt out at EPA
While we were going, the scdal-plagued EPA chief Scott prui fall resigned. But befoouelebrate. Ah! His replacement is former coal lobbyist Andrew wheeler, has a lucrative history with the energy and chemicalindustries. No one has explained te yet, why we're going to coal. I' not burning coal in my house. I don't know how that's going to . It's the coal industry the C states that - give jobs to coal miners. D they were very pful, it seems to me in the last election, that's what happened. The problems, when you're minicoal, there are soy coal-related illness can GE airborne illnesses. If you're peeli back the regulations regulations are supposed to protect T that work in the indust so rather than move to and train people in clean energy and new form of energy, I don't know that I is in their best interests. On't you remember what happened to hillalin she said we're going to end the coal industry? She -- they went crazy on her use she was basically saying, we neetechnology. That was the end -- that was probably the mt -- Remember how a couple of time have picked on people in thedmistration you have said be care because the personnd nd them is worse. Is guy that every time wejoke he was in the he out scandalous spending or anything. Now I'm fearful that what warned of is happening in this guy. Is this guy worse? Ias saying that aboutaul Ryan. Everyone louds the person going Pruitt a litany of scandals. Including weird one about the mattress arying to get his wife a chi P ah. I did note that up. He was put oau people were having mean to him. Because he was doing all this wacky stuff. It crazy. Even conservatives are not defending's a very hard he 12 offenses clean energy, I believe van Jones talks about this T. That we need a better -- of CL energy. Republshink that you're sort O like a climate change fanati you're going the want to take away eryone's trucks I thought the narrative and messaging with clean energy is so convoluted. Ielieve this wheeler is muchse than Pruitt. Onall ING. With pruitte were in your . People were watching him allhe time. This guy will bescandal-free, underub Rosa. He be unraveling all of the EPA regulations andetting more and more toxins into the envient. That was -- Here's the thing that states can do if this is happening inr state, you can fight it. Right. You can say,noe're not going to roll BAC protections on ourrivers The workers. Beca well, dumping. People's quality. Dumping in people rivers. Right around the corner fr their homes. You sa no, we're not going do that. You're going help U find a different way. He had se weird scandals. $43,000 F a prooifrt phone booth in his office. Like"get smart." Weird stuff. He actual requested his security detail help him find a favorite moisturizing lotion at a hotel. I can relate that. I mean, like -- moisturizer. Moisturizer. Secre service people. Down you go in in New York. You C -- yes, a secret door. There't to B more than a boot a secret door if you're paying $43,000. It's crazy. The interesting thing is in ne a little ways, neorhoods are paying attention. Towns areg attention. Regass of howhey voted, we all recognif you're over a certain age, what the air used to be like. P. What the riversd to be like. And I thinkeople are starting to go, what do you mean you want to? We remember what T smell was like. We remember when people just let stuff intoair. And I think people are stag to say, well, I don't kn don't know if that'sy wit me. 113 degrees. Just FYI. Oh. 113 Degre and you couldn't see ain that'shat L.A. Used to look ke. It was never that high of temperature, I don't think? In Beverly hills 3, 4,105. It's bad all ove it's hot. It'scraz the whole world is like that. We'retty good. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Pruitt's resignation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56459705","title":"Scott Pruitt out at EPA","url":"/theview/video/scott-pruitt-epa-56459705"}