Sen. Dick Durbin talks Trump's 's---hole' comment, future of DACA

Durbin joined "The View" to discuss the president's controversial comments on immigration and whether he'll come to the table for a bipartisan compromise.
8:56 | 01/17/18

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Transcript for Sen. Dick Durbin talks Trump's 's---hole' comment, future of DACA
??? So a lot of attendees of last week's immigration meeting are changing their stories but not senator dick Durbin who said from the beginning that you know who launched into a racist rant before asking why we don't get more imgrant from Norway. Here to tell us more is senator dick Durbin who joins us from D.C. So hey, senator, so, I mean, you were in the room when it happened. Does it matter whether it was a whole or house? Is it more important what the meaning behind it was? Certainly. I think you put your finger on it. A lot of my colleagues who were in that room tworks senators and now the secretary of the department of homeland security can't remember what the president said. I can't forget what the president said. Right. Because he said in the terms that were explicit that his view on immigration in America was that we would favor some countries like Norway and the Europeans at the expense of Africans and people from Haiti. It was clear to me what the president was saying. Senator, what -- We should let our audience know that based on Twitter reports over 100 rabbis and jewish leaders are marching to the capital rotunda to defend d.r.e.a.m.ers and defend a clean DACA bill. That's what you're hearing in the background. That's right. What's the noise -- first of all, what's the noise we're hearing? That's what I just said. I can't hear anything. Oh, that's what that was. That's what it is, yeah. Sorry. Senators Tom cotton and David perdue who were at the meeting are now denying that trump used that word. So basically they're calling you a liar, senator. Because cotton said the difference is I'm right. They're calling you a liar. How do you expect to have a bipartisan deal when one senator in the United States congress is calling another one a liar? Well, listen, I stand by my words. Every word that I spoken about that meeting. I understand that politics is not bean bag. You better have a tough middle hide if you want to be part of this business but my colleagues are wrong and they know they're wrong. So they're liars? I'm not going to use that word. I'll use it. Senator, Alicia Menendez here. My father is part of the gang of% six with you working on this immigration proposal. Senator cotton has questioned your timing, why you didn't speak up immediately in the meeting. How do you want to respond to him? I think the thing that's important to say is that after the president made these, the worst part of his remarks, my colleague senator Lindsey graham Republican of South Carolina sitting just directly next to the president turned on him and said what he did was wrong and what head was wrong and did it in the most explicit way using the president's own word which some have forgotten or can't remember. He did answer him. Each of us had our opportunity but he led the way and I'm very proud that he did. Let me follow up on that. Lindsey graham was on the show and he seems to flip flop when it comes to the president. I'm not so sure we can rely on his word. He went in there thinking he was going to influence the president. Other people got to the president, everything went crazy. I don't know what to mak of that. Well, I know the forces that are at work within the white house. General Kelly, Steven Miller, they don't embrace this effort to find a bipartisan compromise. But I hope Lindsey graham can get through to the president. If you remember Tuesday of last week, I was sitting next to the president in a big kumbaya meeting of 26 people. It was Thursday everything went wrong. Linsey is hopeful we can return to the Tuesday trump. You have a history of misrepresenting statements from private white house meetings and some say you have done more harm than good to the DACA deal by reveal what trump said. Do you think that's true? I can tell you what you hear behind me are the voices of democracy, demonstrators on capitol hill willing to be arrested in a nonvia leapt way for the D.R.E.A.M. Act. I believe that the strength behind this, the energy behind this movement to help these d.e.a.m.ers is stronger than ever. There's a lot more support with Democrats than Republicans on DACA which is why Democrats are trying to speak with president trump and that's the argument, you possibly done more harm than good with Republicans. Honestly, you're going to see before the end of the day more Republicans stepping forward and saying they don't agree with president trump's views on immigration. I don't believe those views represent American. I certainly don't believe they represent the views of majority of Republicans. Certainly your father was working long and hard with me and others for a comprehensive immigration reform bill. I know where his heart is and it isn't with the expresses given to us by president trump. Yes. With all due respect, I know where the heart of people like Tom cotton is. I don't think we're ever going to win him over. Right. Senator Durbin, yesterday dhs secretary kirstjen Nielsen said under oath she didn't hear trump say either bleep hole or bleep house. Cory booker said that her ab niche shah makes her complicit in trump's racism. Do you agree with that? I don't know how Y could miss those words spoken by the president. To think we were in the oval office of the white house of the United States and the president was saying these things explicit explicitly, repeatedly and these people cannot remember they were said. I'm never going to forget them. In my former career, that would be perjury. A week ago though trump wanted a bipartisan bill of love and he seemed willing to sign anything you put on his desk. What do you think happened? Do you think general Kelly or Steven Miller is to blame? I think his staffers have talked him out of that position. And I hope he'll return to it. What he said on Tuesday was encouraging. And what he did on Thursday was very discouraging. It's his decision as to whether or not he wants to prove he has the right position on immigration by coming forward and embracing this bipartisan agreement. Senator Durbin, are Democrats willing to shut down the government Friday over this DACA deal? I didn't run for the senate to shut down the government but I will tell you something. We need to do the D.R.E.A.M. Act this week. This week, before we go home. I'm going to work hard every single minute of every day. I'm leaving here to go to another bipartisan meeting which is trying to speak to the same subject. I'm attend every meeting I can that is realistic and wants to reach this goal. Senator, do you think the president has any grasp on immigration policy? He didn't seem to know what a clean bill was last week. Well, I think he understands the d.r.e.a.m.ers. I only had spoken to him four times since he's been president. Most every time has been about the D.R.E.A.M. Act. He said don't worry about the kids. We're going to take care of those kids. The love. Remember the love? Yeah. I remember the love. So I think he understands they're in a special situation. Senator, 800,000 young people's lives hang in the balance, their friends and families, what is the chance congress is going to be able to get this done for them? A good chance. 80% of the American people agree with us. Democrats and Republicans. 60% who voted for president trump agree with what we're trying to do to help these DACA protected young people. Ife could get that sentiment on an issue in America I'm hopeful. Senator, I'm hopeful that whatever happens with DACA we can take a look at how things are done because we just had a father of four deported. He had been here 30 years and they tore him from his children and his wife and sent him to Mexico, some place he has not lived in 30 years. I hope we can find a better way to do this because it seems kind of willy-nilly to me but that's just me. No, it's not just you. Today it's DACA and the d.r.e.a.m.ers. Tomorrow it's comprehensive immigration reform rmt let's get this right for America. That man was no threat to our security. He certainly wasn't a terrorist. To tear apart his family at this point makes no sense at all. What kind of country are we living in for god sakes? We're about to find out. We're about to find out. Thank you senator dick Durbin. Thank you. Good to see you, man, and glad to see all those

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{"duration":"8:56","description":"Durbin joined \"The View\" to discuss the president's controversial comments on immigration and whether he'll come to the table for a bipartisan compromise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52410647","title":"Sen. Dick Durbin talks Trump's 's---hole' comment, future of DACA","url":"/theview/video/sen-dick-durbin-talks-trumps-hole-comment-future-52410647"}