Sen. Mazie Hirono explains COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act she introduced

The Hawaii senator and author of the memoir “Heart of Fire” explains how the bill encourages the reporting of anti-Asian hate crimes, saying the AAPI community is “under siege and vulnerable.”
6:35 | 04/19/21

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Transcript for Sen. Mazie Hirono explains COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act she introduced
Her new memoir heart of fire and immigrant daughter's story senator Mazie Hirono. Shares the journey that made her one of the most passionate voices on immigration hate crimes and diversity in DC. Please welcome senator Mazie Herana. Welcome to the view senator and I think Sarah has the first question. Yes I don't know how everybody hi hey. Ewing reduced the bill say cold big nineteen hate crimes act which is received a lot of bipartisan support so far which is kinda shocking these days. What do you want people to know about this bill and where does that stand right now. At a time when they Asian American exhibit island community feels under siege M vulnerable. This is a bill that enables the senate had at least and then in a filed by the house of take a stand NC. These kinds of unprovoked attacks targeting Asian Americans totally unacceptable. This is really simple bill olive president. It asked the Department of Justice to appoint somebody to review these kinds and to work with CNN that local law enforcement and community advocates. To report these crimes because they are very under report as. Now do you find yourself changing your own behavior due to the rise in these hate crimes. Yes it really gives me plaza. I have heard for so many people who say that they've had to really be so much more aware. Their surroundings and I used to walk correct him when I do going with. Listening to now. You know audiotapes is set out with my ear pods I don't do that anymore I need to be very aware. My surroundings. Set senator you joined with senator Tammy Duckworth and taking a stand against the Biden administration's lack of cabinet position level. API representation. Since then the administration has appointed. One person as deputy assistant to the president and API. Senior liaison. Are you satisfied with this and as a start I suppose and what to expect to see from the administration going forward. They initiation and NI and Tami to hook where it came to a meeting of the minds there is no question that her a lot of very talented experienced CPI people out there who could serve them of the people and administrations so. The senior level position and in the White House as well what we calls for is really important that the title is as deputy assistant to the president so that. She Erica Morrison who. We'll have a seat at the table to be in advocate effective applicants so yes it's a start and the president acknowledges that. That they are no. Six secretarial. Positions. By PPI is. And so while he knows that we would like him to do better. Is senator. Arm early yet in this so shall we were talking about congresswoman Maxine Waters statements. I encouraging protesters in Minneapolis to quote unquote get more confrontation all that's those are her words. Now Derek Shelton is acquitted of killing and George Floyd do you think the words are dangerous or are they justified in your view. Or any other comments lot of weight all life's. We've all watched that trial. I certainly hope that if found chauvinism credit which IE in all it takes is one juror saying no two guilty plea. I certainly hope that they protest will continue but in a totally nonviolent way because it is very clear. That we need policing reform in our country because of the kind of despair policing that. Black of the black community has had to face for decades and decades. Senator Serrano you where I'm critical of president trump Supreme Court appointees. Neil gore said spratt cap and I and Amy Connie Barrett. Now that they're on the court there's a lot of talk from Democrats about expanding it which is something justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said she was firmly opposed to before she passed away. Where you stand on this now. Win Iowa City makes it justice Ginsburg at a dinner and she told me that live and at that time we're gonna see a lot more five to four decisions. Which she thought was very bad for our country because these would be decisions that you could tell. Where based on an ideological. Perspective. And so now ever gonna see 63. Votes on the Supreme Court that is not good for our country's not good for our courts so. I have been an avid Kent for what I would call the court reform. And and so I'm very open to having that kind of debate and discussion. Because you cannot have us Supreme Court. Laying them love them land based on basically ideological perspectives and that's what a lot of 63. Decisions have been a big and he's one of the reasons that there at a sold many cases. I'm voting rides and I knew you name in a woman's right to choose doubling up to the Supreme Court because he's the abacus of these positions think that they now have a Supreme Court. There will go along with them not to mention LG BTQ rights we'll also come under attack. Your new book is called heart of fire an immigrant daughter story you read about your youngest brother Wayne. Who had to be left behind in Japan for years when your mother immigrated with you when your older brother two YE. Now prior to the trunk administration's family separation policy you were already outspoken on the issue. What have you learned from your own family story about how this can impact children and what should be done to help them. I know from my own found ways. Experience US. A child is separation and a Sally my mother left my younger brother we did not know has been a clause in trauma. For the rest of his life but to have to do would be nobody to take care of Wayne in this country. A that the issue about the two older kids who could go to school so when that child began to separate thousands of children from their parents. Is I knew the kind of trauma we are inflicting on these children and on their families and I spoke out. We not have an administration that wants to have a humane immigration policy. And that is going to take time because. What was left by an attempt administration was a I would say an immigration policy. That did not that was not humane and that that left our policies and shreds.

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{"duration":"6:35","description":"The Hawaii senator and author of the memoir “Heart of Fire” explains how the bill encourages the reporting of anti-Asian hate crimes, saying the AAPI community is “under siege and vulnerable.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77169900","title":"Sen. Mazie Hirono explains COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act she introduced","url":"/theview/video/sen-mazie-hirono-explains-covid-19-hate-crimes-77169900"}