Shania Twain weighs in on Shakira and J. Lo’s Super Bowl performance

The country singer superstar discusses her fanbase and extending her Las Vegas residency.
8:01 | 02/07/20

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Transcript for Shania Twain weighs in on Shakira and J. Lo’s Super Bowl performance
She has won five grammys and she is a top selling female country artist of all time, and now she's hotter than ever with a new residency in Vegas, a new movie and a newfound Joie de vivre. Please welcome Shania twain. They're your fans today. So -- so, Shania, that's such a pretty name. I like that name. Thank you. You just walked out to your 1999 hit "Man, I feel like a woman" which is a female empowerment song. Very, very strong woman up there with "I am woman, hear me roar" that type of song. But you described yourself as shy. So where did this come from? Yeah, where does the shy come from? I am just quite a shy person. I'm a very solitary person. I spend a lot of time alone and I think this is -- this is where I'm the most creative. When I get out on stage and I get to be with some lovely ladies like you, of course I get all -- I come out. I come out of myself a little You want back-up singers? I enjoy interaction. To be honest, to put it in a nutshell, I do spend a lot of time alone. I write alone. I just need a lot of alone time. I reflect a lot, so when I am out with other people it's a moment where I really do embrace the communication and the interaction. That's really the -- I heard that when you were a kid though you were a tomorrow Tom -- tomboy, yes? Very much a tomboy. I be spent a lot of time -- There you go. I think my parents wished I was a boy. They always dressed me in blue and check out the haircut. And people thought I was a little boy. And I acted like a little boy. I was always out hunting with my dad and chopping wood. Where did you grow up? Northern Ontario, in Canada. So I was always roughing it. It was so great to have you backstage at the red dress collection fashion show. You were so -- she walked out first and I was right behind her and I was like, are you nervous? She's like, no, I'm good. I was like, I'm so nervous. You asked me that twice actually. Did I? Yes. I was so nervous. That looks like a really shy outfit. And you've also performed at the super bowl in 2003. Yes. You have this signature sort of sex appeal and I was wondering what you thought about j.lo and Shakira's performance because some critics are actually saying it was too sexy, which I don't know, I didn't see that but a lot of people are saying that. Not too sexy, no. They wear it well. They're out there showing what a healthy, strong, confident woman looks like. Yeah, yeah. I was so surprised that the criticism that j.lo didn't have enough clothing on. I was like, but -- She has more that Shakira has. Yeah. I was surprised at that. I didn't know if it's because she has a bigger bottom. What? Girl, if I looked like j.lo, I would be in a fig leaf and two coconuts walking through life. I didn't get it. These are professional, you know, dancers, movers, performers, entertainers. They know what they're doing. They're not up there to let it all hang out in the sense that they're showing off. They're doing a performance. They are -- they're actually dressed really from head to toe with -- if you look closely enough which I'm sure a lot of people tried to do. Anyway, they were awesome I thought. Stunning. And I got to say, a very proud moment for the hispanic community. Absolutely. The symbolism. It was awesome, yes. Absolutely, that Puerto rican flag, man, I thought my mother was going to lose her voice for the next month. Well, you have many fans of all generations, clearly. And a really interesting fan is post Malone is an absolute mega fan of yours and he went viral for rocking out to your performance at the American music awards. We have a clip of it. Also, Halsey is dressing up like you in her music video. She's imitating. You can see it right here. What's your reaction? I'm flattered by all this. It's funny because at my concerts I have such a diverse audience and a lot -- a big part of my audience are college age kids in their 20s who were six when I first came out so now they're grown up. You know, and they're Halsey and post Malone and Justin Bieber and so this age group -- so the artists are voicing it and they're sharing their appreciation and it's very flattering. Post Malone is living his best life listening to you sing. Talking about your diverse audience, you just announced that you are extending your Vegas residency. Yes. You have new dates August through December. I'm going to come and wear one of those leopard onesies. Oh, yes, come on. And today is actually a very special day for you because it is the 25th anniversary of one of your grammy award winning albums. So pretty. You say that your show is a girls let your hair down type of show. Yes. What does that mean. It's everyone let their hair down kind of show. It's a fun show. It's high energy. It's sexy. That works in Vegas, doesn't it? Oh. I love it. She brought some of the dancers to the red dress collection. They looked good. They're athletic. Oh look at the girls. They're just having so much fun. It is a fun show. It's very interactive. I bring people up on stage. We do some dancing up there. We all sing together. It's very informal and fun and just have a party.

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{"duration":"8:01","description":"The country singer superstar discusses her fanbase and extending her Las Vegas residency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"68828423","title":"Shania Twain weighs in on Shakira and J. Lo’s Super Bowl performance","url":"/theview/video/shania-twain-weighs-shakira-los-super-bowl-performance-68828423"}