Sherri Shepherd discusses 'Call Your Mother,' 'Two Funny Mamas' and more projects

The former "The View" co-host also shares about her son, Jeffrey, her dating life and what she misses most about the show.
8:21 | 02/15/21

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Transcript for Sherri Shepherd discusses 'Call Your Mother,' 'Two Funny Mamas' and more projects
Hey there. Good to see you, baby. That sign doesn't look right. Oh, I -- you know what? I'm so happy. I want to cry, but I don't want to lose my eyelashes. It's so good to see y'all. Don't cry. And you. So how you been coping with this, and did -- I don't even know how to respond to the fact that Jeffrey is 15. I don't know how to -- I don't know how to deal with that. No. Because I remember when he was a little kid. How are you -- how is it going? How are you? I'm so good. You remember Jeffrey was 9 when I left. He's 15. He's taller than me. He sounds like Barry white. We are, because of the pandemic, it's like we're in a bad marriage. Like, Jeffrey will walk in and go, you're still here? I'll look at him and go, you still here? This online schooling is not working for me. He's online schooling, and I hate it because I keep walking past him in a white t-shirt with a taco stain in front of his classmates. He's getting mad at me. The teachers are getting mad at me. I stopped answering the emails. I don't even know if Jeffrey is online schooling right now. He might be working at Starbucks. I don't know. Whatever. That boy, you know, we have such -- we have such hard feelings for your son. He was part of the show, you know, he would be around all the time. He's such an adorable boy. You tell him auntie joy sends her love, okay? He told me to tell you, joy, all the ladies if y'all know of a girl that's 15 that he can date, he's a good kid. And he sounds like Barry white. Now the fun starts. So, you know, Sherri, yesterday wasvalentine's day. I'm almost afraid to ask you this question. Do you have a Valentine in the pandemic? Oh, girl. Joy, you know I'm always open because you know what they say. Twice married, six times divorced. So I'm still open for marriage. I'm open for a relationship, so I did not have a Valentine's day, girl. I went out -- somebody set me up with a dude who was 60, and I don't date 60 years old. He looked 58 so I went out with him. He ghosted me. I got ghosted by a 58-year-old. Oh. First of all, how you going to ghost me when you don't even got all your own teeth is what I want to know. So that didn't work out. Wow. I know that whoopi is glad to hear I'm not in a relationship. I've calmed down. I have been going to a therapist. Thank god for online therapy. It is good. I want a companion. Have a good time, and when you have to roll me around in your wheelchair, that's when we can that's when I'll be ready. I'm my own Valentine. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Yeah. Well, there's no rush. You have the baby. Well, Sherri, you look just beautiful and you have been on a mission to take control of your health, and so many people are struggling during covid to stay on track, myself included. How are you doing it? Girl, well, you know what? Meghan, during this pandemic, everybody -- I gained almost 20 pounds during the pandemic because you get depressed. You're in, and all the stuff your therapist tells you to do to love yourself, you're not able to do. It's hard to go out for brunch with your girlfriends. I haven't gone to the movies. I ain't had a Brazilian wax in a year, so it's crazy. What you do is you go to stuff that makes you feel good. So I really had to sit and say, Sherri, you got to get it together, and I have been trying to do it. Broccoli is not sexy, Meghan. As much as I try to make it sexy, it's just not sexy without the cheese dripping on it, but I'm trying. I've lost 15 pounds. Wow. You look good. You look great, Sherri, and you know you're always busy because even in the middle of the pandemic, you are working co-starring with Kyra Sedgwick. She was just here, on the new ABC show, "Call your mother." Are you having fun? Because I hear that Kyra comes to your standup act too. Oh my gosh. Kyra comes to my standup shows and now we do standup comedy on stage and you just blink your lights on and off and you got hand clappers. You're doing them in, like, parking lots. She will be honking the horn and I'm, like, Kyra, don't honk your horn. Just hit the clappers, but I love Kyra because she has grown children so when I ask her, like, Jeffrey is in the bathroom four hours with the shower running nonstop. What's going on? She's, like, girl, let me tell you. I did the movie "Beauty shop" with her husband, Kevin. I love working with Kyra. I love "Call your mother." The creator of "The new adventures of old Christine" created "Call your mother." It's nice to be doing sitcoms and making people laugh because people need that right now. They really do. Sherri, you make everyone laugh. I hear your name at this show since the first time I ever visited, you have left a reputation of love, admiration and joy. People joust love that. I grew right into that. You have a podcast called "Two funny mamas," and it tackles some of the things that moms are dealing with in an obviously hysterical way, but so many of us are feeling overwhelmed right now. Tell us about it. You know what? I created in the pandemic -- I was sitting here, Sara, because everything is shut down, and it was so depressing and one of my best friends and former bridesmaids, Kym Whitley, I was, like, let's do a podcast. We both like running our mouths and we're single and we're raising boys. We talk about everything, girl, from politics, and it's all through the lens of funny. So politics, relationships, raising our kids. We talk about sex or the lack thereof with both of us, and we just want, you know, it's our 40th episode, and we have fans worldwide who just say, thank you because I just needed to laugh in between being an essential worker. I'm in my car cracking up. So, you know, after all this craziness, we got something really good with "Two funny mamas." That's great. You have the perfect personality for that. We had some really good times when you sat at this table. Where is the table? The imaginary table that we used to have. So tell us the truth, Sherri. Tell me. Do you miss us at all? Because we miss you. Do you miss us? How many times do I text everybody? How many times have I texted everybody? Whoopi gets tired of me texting her. I be texting you, sunny. I miss y'all so much. We do pop culture, and I forget I'm not on "The view." I say, when I was on "The view" -- and they'll say, you're not. What are you thinking? First of all, that's not joy and whoopi. So they have to -- they got the correct me all the time, but literally I miss you guys. I watch y'all all the time, and I'm screaming at the TV like everybody else, and joy, I miss shutting down a restaurant with you because, you know, we could get together and talk until they made us go home, and whpi, I miss coming in your room and you giving me the greatest advice ever about men, and relationships, and I'm just, like, there was a bad seven years of my life. What am I going to say? I love that. Well, I have to tell you -- You're doing fine now. Maybe my advice was not as good as as it used to be because, you know, I have not taken my own advice. You know what I mean? I have not opened the door for a year. Okay? And I mean that figuratively and literally. In any case, we love you. We love you, love you, love you. It is good to see you. We love having you here with us. So everybody needs to check out all of her projects. If you want to know what they are -- again, they're all on the website. Check her out. We love you, Sherri. Bye, Sherri.

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{"duration":"8:21","description":"The former \"The View\" co-host also shares about her son, Jeffrey, her dating life and what she misses most about the show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"75908568","title":"Sherri Shepherd discusses 'Call Your Mother,' 'Two Funny Mamas' and more projects","url":"/theview/video/sherri-shepherd-discusses-call-mother-funny-mamas-projects-75908568"}