States divided over 'vaccine passports'

While the White House rules out a possible federal "vaccine passport," "The View" co-hosts discuss why state officials are split on the issue.
9:40 | 04/07/21

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Transcript for States divided over 'vaccine passports'
American vaccinations are fast approaching the 200 million mark. As we start to open back up, there's talk of requiring proof you need one to travel, to go to public events and private businesses and the white house won't institute a national mandate. But Texas and Florida governors ban businesses for asking for proof and Desantis went further and said private businesses can't either. I don't know how many people would be comfortable getting on a plane and sitting next to people and you don't know if they've been vaccinated. Is asking for proof of vaccination -- we ask for it from people from other countries in order to get into the country. Is this crazy asking for proof of vaccination? Am I crazy, sunny? You're not. There are Republicans saying this is a radical idea. It's not. It's not novel. It's not new. Anyone that has children in school, in order for your kids to go to school you have to show proof of vaccine. I've travelled internationally. You have to show proof of vaccination. There's a yellow fever passport you have to show in certain destinations because international travel requires vaccination proof. I think what is odd is that this is against public support. 63% of adults support making digital vaccination certification available. 46% are in favor of people being required to carry them. I think what this is about is you have 49% of GOP men saying they won't get vaccinated. Rather than that group being inconvenienced they want everyone to be inconvenienced. It's a matter of personal choice. If you want to get vaccinvaccinated, fine and you get the privileges to go along with it. If you don't get vaccinated, you don't get a passport. You don't get to travel internationally. You don't get to go to certain venues and you don't get to super spread the variant to people who have been vaccinated. It's a matter of public health. Meghan, you say you're of two minds about this. Do you think it's a good idea for people to at least let you know if they have been vaccinated if you're sitting next to them and they look a little green or something? I think that people obviously feel more comfortable if you're sitting next to someone on a plane or working with someone in close proximity who has been vaccinated. I understand that concept. My first big issue is I don't believe that the white house and Democrats are doing a good job to get Republicans on board with getting vaccinated. I've always worried about the politics for worse for this country being involved in the pandemic. So much of this is political. I think Republicans being screamed at that they're like dumb rednecks, of course they're not going to want the vaccine. I don't make the rules. I hope we get to a place where we don't have to wear masks, but there are processes we have to do to get that. Conservatives and Republicans, part of our DNA is questioning big government. It's questioning being told what to do. It's questioning our privacy. When you go back in history with things like the patriot act, there's no reason for any American to trust our security or personal health would be in good hands if there was a database in states or federal. I think we should worry about China hacking into our systems which they've proven they can do and using that information and possibly for malfeasance. This is going to run into a lot of legal issues no matter what. There are things employers can't ask you about your health. If this does end up being mandate in some states, we're going to have a Texas and Florida versus California and New York. Some states will have it. Some won't. I'm mixed on it. I value privacy. I value anything having to big government is dangerous. I don't want to give anymore information than they have. I also want people vaccinated. I don't know the answer. Most of the people I know are vaccine hesitant haven't been moved by any arguments coming out of the white house so far. No. I got to tell you I don't know why it would B up to Democrats to convince Republicans to do something that's good for them. Y I don't care if they get vaccinated. I do care if you're not vaccinated and you think it's okay for you to sit next to me at the concert. I think that's where more folks are. Joy, where are you standing on all this? Well, you know, whoopi, I would like to get my behind to Italy before Stanley Tucci eats all the food in the entire country. You know, I mean, that program has me salivating. If I have to get a vaccine on my passport, so be it. You know, I mean, if you're so scared or so intent or you're a Republican male with wants to screw around with the libs or something, then don't come on the cruise with me. Leave the buffet to me. Get a row boat. Don't even go there with me. It's like -- also, this idea that it's a privacy issue, why is this a privacy issue? The same people who say it's overreach are anti-choice. Roe V. Wade was settled on a privacy issue. It's the law. This is an invasion of my privacy when you are sick in the same building as I am in. I'm against that. I am totally against you coming anywhere near me without a vaccine. I would like you to prove it. Don't the kids have to get vaccines to get into school? Don't you have to get a malaria vaccine to go to certain countries? Come on. It's logical. As sunny says, it's a public safety issue. It's not a political issue. I think we're headed more and more towards a completely divided nation where we'll have red states and blue states with different laws. We're headed towards the most divided America of our time and this is just another example of When we come back, Sara, I'll ask you the same question. We'll be right back. 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{"duration":"9:40","description":"While the White House rules out a possible federal \"vaccine passport,\" \"The View\" co-hosts discuss why state officials are split on the issue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76927235","title":"States divided over 'vaccine passports'","url":"/theview/video/states-divided-vaccine-passports-76927235"}