Stephanie Winston Wolkoff alleges excessive spending on Trump inauguration

The former friend and adviser of first lady Melania Trump discusses what she calls excessive spending at the president’s inauguration which is now under investigation.
6:17 | 09/09/20

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Transcript for Stephanie Winston Wolkoff alleges excessive spending on Trump inauguration
Yes, you know, you were one of the leading organizers of trump's inauguration with plenty of experience in doing that. You oversaw Mercedes-Benz fashion week, and you were the fashion director for Lincoln center, and you were the director of special events for "Vogue." Now that inauguration however, was twice as expensive as any other inauguration in history at over $100 million, and it's now under multiple investigations for potential financial crimes. You say you have been trying to sound alarms about excessive spending even to the first lady whose spokesperson has denied she had any involvement in the committee or how the money was can you tell us what you know? Well, I have been working with three different prosecutors. So I was first, you know, given a grand jury subpoena in 2018 by the southern district of new York and the intelligence committee as well as the attorney general for the district of Columbia. So I have been actively involved in those three investigations and where some of them stand, I'm not at liberty to speak about them, but as far as the first lady being involved in the inauguration, the first daughter being involved in the inauguration, and knowing about all the financing, about all the problems, again, it -- facts are the facts and they speak for themselves, and I've written about it in the book. I keep saying, you can't write a book like this without having the truth behind you. You just can't. Trump's inaugural committee said -- please continue. No, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you. No, no. You had something else to say about their knowledge? I was going to answer your -- the second part of your question which has to do with the presidential inauguration committee itself. The committee was run by deputy chairman as well as the treasurer and finance committee. I was brought in to oversee two events which turned into 18 events which then turned into two, two-hour live broadcasts as well as an array of chaos that I wasn't expecting to even have anything to do with, and unfortunately I was like a piece of chewing gum stuck in the middle of all of it because I didn't have a final say on budgets. I didn't have a bank account number or checkbook, and my raising concerns was a constant, you know -- it was a constant pain for all of them to hear daily, day in and day out, and yes. I did run to Melania, and yes, I did run to Donald in the middle of the night with concerns over certain things, and little did I know that I was running to the people that did know what was going on. I believed that they didn't, and I was looking out for them. And you also write in your book, Stephanie, that you were surprised at the amount of money the trumps were charging for the use of their hotel. Absolutely. I mean, listen. One thing I learned in the field of events and with the productions that I have been involved with, and the people that I work with, is that you look at budgets very carefully. You have a budget before you begin. You don't do it the other way around. You don't back into numbers and you really, you know, you know who the vendors are. You understand. It's not like this is the first time there's ever been an inauguration. For me, it was the first time there had been an inauguration. There were experts involved, and their prices may have quadrupled, and had it not been that close to the time, having a couple of months to plan, that's a lot of money to charge just, you know, for time rushing something. I had never seen, you know, I never spent that kind of money before building any type of production, nor have I approved any budgets where the event -- the costs themselves don't add up to the unit prices. So there was a lot of shenanigans going on, and I, again, because of the investigations that are going on, can only say so much, but I had to say something, and I wrote this book through my friendship with Melania because of my nda, and I stayed within those bounds, and I dropped some bread crumbs or some bread loaves. I have a legal note. The trump inaugural committee said it disagrees with your description of this historic event and decline to engage in your effort to sell books. Okay. I want to ask. Sorry. I have a question I want to hear the answer to. Melania who rarely does interviews -- joy is one of the few people who landed one with her. There's speculation that Melania is unhappy being the first ly, that she didn't want her husband to win, and her facial expressions are acts of defiance against her husband and his you say none of that is actually true. Again, Melania, is investigate complicit, and that took me a long time to realize. Again, I think I was so tunnel vision in trying to take, you know, create a platform with her that would actually do some good for her country and keep compartmentalizing her from Donald and believing I could ethically do something separate of politics which was completely wrong and naive of me to believe. The fact that -- let alone the fact that she is a mother to wear something that just says I don't care for the media's attention when you are going to visit these children who have just been torn away from their families, it is just -- I couldn't -- there are no words, but no. She is absolutely complicit with him. I think we've dropped. I don't know if you can still hear us. I've lost you in my ears, but I want to thank you for coming onto the show. The book is "Melania and me: The rise and fall of my friendship with the first lady." It's available right now.

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{"duration":"6:17","description":"The former friend and adviser of first lady Melania Trump discusses what she calls excessive spending at the president’s inauguration which is now under investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"72907826","title":"Stephanie Winston Wolkoff alleges excessive spending on Trump inauguration","url":"/theview/video/stephanie-winston-wolkoff-alleges-excessive-spending-trump-inauguration-72907826"}