Terry Crews' take on ESPN's ‘The Last Dance’

The former NFL player opens up about why he enjoyed the Chicago Bulls docuseries.
2:21 | 05/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Terry Crews' take on ESPN's ‘The Last Dance’
Lessons lessons they're watching the Michael Jordan documentary less dance are you one who waxed. Bottom loved a doctor Mary you know what. You know the reason why I loved person ball people how big big big sports there's a medal or on life. There are a lot of things in sports that don't work in light and this document every proved it. I've been stranded stuck where years my retirement NFL. You know there appears good did not work on me win the sport was older you know I mean I had grudges outlook. Angry. There was please don't on the sport on all don't all appealed it was. But in real life. This stuff doesn't work. And our looked at these are all the characters that laid out mattered the most important thing. For people have to remember that is not how you start it's how you greatest you are. But finished happy. I really really hope that all models god ended documentary can get together and really just. Nobody printed each other did you know what I mean it's the reason why you do what yesterday. Yet as I'm amazed by it. We dollar and found my documentary gripping I think but you're just asked to speak. The Boston Celtics it is amazing what did you end up top does about. You know I really talked about the trip all the mail lot of finger he's a bit darker battery you know we're big that I had I had humorous I was. You go arrogant mop mopping as is I thought it would never ever and into being if he would do it's you have. Have to prepare yourself when Wendy's this stuff is over you know let me read. I think got to do it again mocking all of you marry a large army of America 31 years my apartment and little old time to keep my head straight to let me know when I was all but I'm looking at bottles single guy and I don't have a kind of direction and they they got Olympic break at all what does this and are sought they're getting bad advice and I'm telling you. It's all about how duke British how to learn how to walk lol are you also learn how to be a good person straight up and that's kind of stuff. I was talking to him about it it's it's really you know the basic golden rule type things but. Believe me we all have to regard it all the tar.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"The former NFL player opens up about why he enjoyed the Chicago Bulls docuseries. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"70887517","title":"Terry Crews' take on ESPN's ‘The Last Dance’ ","url":"/theview/video/terry-crews-espns-dance-70887517"}