Tracy Morgan on health and 'The Last OG Cookbook'

The comedian talks about his career and shares why he believes every day in life is a gift.
9:05 | 04/08/19

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Transcript for Tracy Morgan on health and 'The Last OG Cookbook'
At. Tracy Morgan is back for season two of the last OG at next congress who's gone all in to connect when his kids and if Israel would come at sap to Angola. That's why you father Doug Flutie does come to bring Britain Jordan mom who. It had his Maliki says he didn't think that was Google believes the more treats when that would definitely. There's dissension and getting to kids who policy commitment to meet you flew cool moment. Considering the late. So you'll. Don't call. You look happy. Hello human source into. Scott Levy through a mystery so glad to be. We love all of you and we love you on the show Tracy and Whoopi is still getting her strength back because she had double pneumonia and sap says I'm the more you. I better and I you're dirty rug that you had pneumonia as well. And it. Had to do how did you handle a media. Which are there. Live me quote we don't listen you don't have to have them won't go to Europe to give barge truck you have to be shot you'll do is there. You got a big lead earlier bids go where god so you'll business to discipline your race. They got to love everybody dent. Why. Now he felt. OK how W and they know you could do about it now. All you do is look back that's all you can do so that's a real war that's. Millions bid to life former U beauty school here he welcomes more than you think god and love each other meant. Here are sitting. Pro. The ferry road wanna say yes you opponent so buzz spread love and that's a good thing as a bright but it. The solar Guzman world we live in the now being need you know I got. That's some. And if you and so does it was over your hard forgive yourself ward figured the move forward. I don't fault that's what I value you critics yes he's certain that did not moment platform built throughout. And only gives their remote. Look at the red flags to put a red flags. But government should just reflects been red flags render me that's gonna I get like happiness study hall got NSA. You really want getting into it means sorties sorting through what it needs to the viewers about the yeah do you want to learn something about some might come to be quiet and that they killed quite good tell you old. Order all. They're deliberately in my hands who said it relates are you won't they are illegal. Oak let's go to signature. I'll sign a Bamba. And no you know this but you were presented. With a ceremonial key to Brooklyn. OK. Given. Welcome back. Want to make evidence read yet. So most celebrities sugar face up gold backed Afghan beckoned to your communities Starwood gentlemen he's and I wanted to go to our world and Africa. I want to give up some turkeys don't that is given is all good mate. About the told Tiffany's Sedrick Allah Maldonado Larry Brown allegedly could we don't wanna streets we have these books. So we bring more to just also liberty the lights and cameras in each trailers. Like the little can we bring hope to the little kids they see as fair and they're so they go out if we could do it could do it. I have ever meet. From small blue won the Olympic gold at these from projects and so when you look at 18 Olympic gold and what to Wear in a before he came back to project those little kids. What upsets in the gold medal. The middle forgot that mountain. Nothing you do it would us government model to date I was don't want to Dick Russell comparable. Yeah. It. Look at that moral right is back then. My life once singing when she's going McKinney north burger to train that's my life. Yet. I could also you'll work for would you leave me. I don't know how I carry it is and it didn't sell or not you're going there you global. We all love widow wanted to and I went way don't worry is apt saying things like Arabs are glad to. Welcome brought woods is not. Well he's feeling better yeah I'm not at double Norman there bar today it's a bullet that. I'm so long and who does not loses the ball yeah. So let's talk about go to work kind of started to cry Michael Michael. I'm recommending it. Popped up want general and so on not. Like hello I'm the son Michael Stevens let me give you don't then I'm not good things that I know what did. All jobs aren't. What is itself Michael say about him about how to be a better Santa. Does this. Me personally. I like to tell the truth Wednesday's couldn't prove that you fort around the world at salute to the Bible all bubble wrap up that it's mutual but so. People what I than the five relate with that before you begin funny. Before you can before real estate is a bit of dust was up they're OK one of us take the Mike out of does stand a move this band. I don't worry you but you don't hold environment this pockets of low over air pockets or global but it never neglect no applauding audience. I have moved the state you don't environment. And they have the right to pick you wolf that's right that's exactly what you do it immediately connect BQ all manner Google CE book on the surge broke. Yeah. We'll have to look at lose you do god yeah. Let you know we can you lose. The write about a global do things won't it. You get a lasted gave because. Note to you and your self in the show and the world know I don't know drove while not me now most of you praise so I can tell you bring so much of your humor. And all of my experience but did not just mind you the people who Germany to meet the partisan. This store reason it and you are right is this stories about Wright is don't have none out some ball blog would you white. Though because. The second season just started but since season one debuted as 2018 number one cable comedy the big cable comedy premier. Since 2015 why you keep up. Want. What did they would have to go the struggle. The struggle until he was not a black shell we just happen to be black morning. Got Toby looked on my show is not a show about the community. My shoulder shows probably knit community Michael we got was at Arlington community. At and I'll give you from Bangladesh. But you reckon arguing instead that struggle is about the struggle it would have been a love about the show that is the kind jelled yet if Virginia the president was she told me not what this summer rock chip. Yet the let me back in markets like yes we are not so bright amid a mistake in yet another trying to get back to make his life and it's so let it go back after. It is such a good show but you know what else is good at what we saw Brooke cola in the bird dog please could you not go to basketball presented and crack. Jack that the most honest soul pop back up his fate with commercial yet. You gotta OG cookbook outlook cook some of the names of the digital. Lou good. I'm really let you put so he could not put any. I'm a Democrat I agree I also own a restaurant to halt. Yes you do you let some of that some of them the bill the that it didn't as excited as they did capsize snitches get some beach says and then reneged fifth man. Full twelve confetti love it you cook at a fairly people look up over the warm partly quote while staff. OK well outsourced service there on Tuesday night on CBS this is the book you want to get his book self giving you want to get it behind it.

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{"duration":"9:05","description":"The comedian talks about his career and shares why he believes every day in life is a gift.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62253501","title":"Tracy Morgan on health and 'The Last OG Cookbook'","url":"/theview/video/tracy-morgan-health-og-cookbook-62253501"}