Trump and Bolton differ on departure

"The View" co-hosts discuss John Bolton's response to Trump about leaving his national security adviser post.
5:25 | 09/11/19

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Transcript for Trump and Bolton differ on departure
And it tweet yesterday. That he fired national security here by the job bulk. Was kind of shocked a lot of people especially John well. I put Sweden back ten minutes lane act that he wasn't fired he offered to resign. And what else. What do you mega ball it is a good riddance to him he's a fan of that bad fascist in Brazil who wants it. Destroyed a rain forest. He wanted to bomb I ran a North Korea he's crazy tip and by the way. If one person closes president tomorrow on inside get a clos tell us sit. Tell us his says he's a Marat judge James Jim Mattis says he's got the brain of a fifth or sixth grade. Donna Kelley called trumpet idiots Gary Condit said he was dumb as believed. And HR McMaster called an adult PS he cooled. McMaster it to get some help over the past few weeks I understand that's in the papers allegedly. Funny how they want people can't defiant how many more of that to say stupid before Americans get with the program and get this guy out some. Okay. President this I really I didn't saying the same thing every night until people get it I dropped does it. He analyze every day the same stupid lies every day and led a lot of people are believing it yeah well I you know I think what is. What is that act and I agree with you bubble in the sense that I'm sort of happy he is in there but now so hawkish and you know he was sort of one of the designers of weapons of mass destruction and an all back but. Sixty people now have left the administration. And it just seems like foreign policy. Of sixty. He'd. Yeah that many. Thanks so no lesson is what took so long and yeah. I mean. SA so more and more than hey what ports national security on eyewitness vision so what it's like who's running our foreign policy is it really Donald Trump like that terrifies me because it that means it's just chaotic it is just. Run by sheer ego and is an automated phone us ban like this for a while I did aegs. Ball all I call opposite Joseph Walton you know and as kids aren't channel eleven and there was a guy who did The Three Stooges is there was all of his indelible. I feel like he's a chart track back. But it has suspended though would be when you thought. Dobbs president truck was gonna have people surrounding him that were Smart and you know how we had this country we had this conversation that day after he was selected the half and not told you about it for. It is now that the problem was going to be less scam and or who he was surrounded by because his choice of people is not really Smart. He will choose someone Klutz he liked what they said about him. Pawlenty may. Well I I think I would follow mad dog Madison to howl again and he has by the with the number one selling T shirts Mattis for president Connie Amazon rain and he did at a certain point. Have people that I think they're brilliant surrounding by ads you noted they just haven't lots did. Apparently inside the palace walls intrigue of people leaving with about he didn't want 5000 troops to be removed from Afghanistan which doesn't trump wants. No one is happier about this than Mike Pompeo who wouldn't give. Today there's glass. I'm never surprised. Having that I'd get good fishing that. I may be regulating that of course but that's terribly imprudent to look it's like the what does this Gossip Girl what is this like flat brother. Feyerick is still thrilled that it's not good for a Mary Hudson you're talking Arab laughing a lot about a national security advisor did quitting or being. What happened were being barred account I'll also jumble of why are you texting every member of the media within five minutes of this happening which he was doing and he was accused of being away. Curry well I believe my favorite thing that's as far as comedy rat I went trump said that you can nuke the hurricane that was coming. Well yes supposedly eight Bolton allegedly read and as the one who leaked that information and that really but what of the tick him off he's the first ones Bolton to fight back onto her to say no I actually resigned first. This topic yesterday about that that's the trump family. And I feel if he runs everything like reality show he hit brought people together and in this case it was Pompeo vs Bolton. I never understood why higher gold to begin with that as an as the city he's Hough. Trump is he ran us like the anti war guy again price some on fox everyday was like will not gonna hire next week let's let probably said something nice about Donald and that's all you need to get it I it was going to be a Warner. What you fire people in person I mean at least do you strict as he fired the people in person writing was like. Up tired he's finding everybody I'm. Like any outdoor camera really had a that I work hours it's here point ambassador Bolton doing nest because he had. You can debate his politics. In this fear he's in which is more hawkish Mort you know we weren't policy alliance said. He has a good reputation and how he did it to and so when he joined the trump administration I was confused because it didn't team. Like long term but now he's terribly tainting it at least I believe any make you stop the Taliban from coming to Camp David which if he did. And this is why you're out thank you because I don't want the dollar about it and we're Camp David. Like it. The whole thing was bizarre you when you.

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss John Bolton's response to Trump about leaving his national security adviser post.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65544366","title":"Trump and Bolton differ on departure","url":"/theview/video/trump-bolton-differ-departure-65544366"}