‘The View’ co-hosts share their summer break adventures

Whoopi Goldberg, Abby Huntsman, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain return to the show and reveal what they did on vacation.
6:31 | 09/03/19

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Transcript for ‘The View’ co-hosts share their summer break adventures
How will this year break. Lovely yeah look. Better rest home yes. Did you take pictures did you do any type the only the only significant thing was I went to a cocktail party with Nancy Pelosi. And there I am look at that she looks good. And does the getaway or glasses now I know first second and took them off stupidly. And and she's she's basically you know talk about some things that we know already about how you know. She feels that. And some crucial. A crucial time where and that our children's futures are at stake that everybody has to vote. And that we've got to beat Donald Trump on nine basically that was what she it was and everybody else has like okay how do we do that you know so we have the answer. Well she believes I think she I iPods I am fried vegetable believes that a moderate has a better chance of beating him. Then me out more time from radical. Behind candidates who don't know how could she did go as she pointed out that in the mid terms. It's the moderates who beat with Republicans in those trance states. And so just based on that information it would make sense as a man and that's what the country agree recurrence. So Michael Kinsley does is it our way every politician is that she was happy and you know delight when you are happy. Yes break you look good thank you glasses and nice house for how we ceremonial week well I'm not even your weekend what's in the what you. But the thought of the same old. I'm not I don't know if it feels so good be back I can see my feet I can't breathe. Bailey are already is everything I flew out to yanks get big oil yeah. Are airing may have done like I've had that first three months so I'm I. It's good to be back twins are here you'll see them. Yeah their season twenty three's first together so beauty and William. So you'll meet them he was you know what I'm a new person since last person I sat here. That delivery I was very lucky but we end up in the -- you for two weeks with one of them she her lungs were developing new and you know the nurses and doctors as you know I mean you're just did you feel so so thankful for them. But I was going back and forth for two weeks to feed blame at home. I such appreciation now for her parents that are still sitting and that make you. Still hoping that their baby is gonna be okay no hard but babies are doing wonderful and life is hectic and I drink a lot of copy and a lot of wine. Ends. I don't have time to go to Russia. Then I surprised by that Russia last week his teens he is finishing his job there he was so surprised because he didn't think I would leave the kids and come all the way over there. But I'll tell you if you want to appreciate this country can once so grateful to be an American. Spent all time in Moscow when you see that American flag. Waiting on top of the embassy I'll I thought was boy and my lucky boy are we lucky because we simply not here we do have our problems a lot of them. But you realize of course they'll probably Haller about Russia cop and and he's the Marines ice cold night ankle the Marines the embassy and it saying we don't talk about them in the media because they're not the headlines. But they don't to their famous for two years they're they're making sure we don't go to work. And they really deserve all of our respect as to all of these things. Access a couple of of weeks working 'cause I have a new show coming out on investigation discovery of truth about murder October 20. On the idea on channel ID check on the idea channel site I ice I have to still work and then I spent a week on Martha's Vineyard with my family. And it's to tradition for them to and jump off of the jaws bridge where the actual jaws movie was. Film so they were just hurling themselves off the bridge SY husband actually and that's my daughter. I'm doing it I'm very risk of her sick. Oh item which is wearing where anyone else. Swim well. Whoopi was supposed to teach me this summer term not nine numbers and I was guarantees. It didn't take I didn't get taught so that you could jump off the gadgets they needed. Skies it's not I don't know how to on land and I or how could do was jump into the water is high now I know. Join us also go to her pull it and do it now but I'm going to do it but I didn't do that. And then I spent. A couple days in sagged and I didn't see joy this time I'm glad that's Sag Harbor harbor Rosen who who are not. In the not yet exact car crash. And I can't actually Martha's been and I danced so much one night with my friend Regina that the bottoms up my feet hurt the next today. And then I couldn't feel like two toes crowd fans itself much in doing all of this stuff. But I guess I need sober and that moment not really. Really we. And then I spent time in Sag Harbor just really like her hanging out with friends and getting recharged. And not spending that much time looking at the news. Unfortunately. Yeah there and then when I plugged back in I was. Terrified. They're up. Don't you know I really God's country or in the middle of nowhere Wyoming fly fishing shooting doing all the right next step and think that dead time. I had then and we have the best time ever and it is just. I mean spectacular I mean eight. Go to Wyoming that's made life as in having the best time ever run and I went to they guessed they can't go apparently months back when they get and I thought. George Strait and share Yahoo! was incredible all written and I don't. Yeah. I'd add I think everyone should I mean like I was blown away and I. I liked her music but it was more lake. Politics what did you an element I got kids have to single out on it I know she hazy hot politics but I like to show girls without and George Strait was an adding till I pride myself. Well here's when our great thing about. Would you do people as does that. Sometimes. We in actually been friends. You know or other reasons we love all kinds of sounds out. That's one of the great things that as I did Jack bout between me. Did you work. I work for our Dan yeah oh yeah yeah that hasn't and that just hang in there have good. Still hot he's university Phil yeah you know I had I am always doing so.

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{"duration":"6:31","description":"Whoopi Goldberg, Abby Huntsman, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain return to the show and reveal what they did on vacation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65362147","title":"‘The View’ co-hosts share their summer break adventures","url":"/theview/video/view-hosts-share-summer-break-adventures-65362147"}