Whoopi Goldberg's New York Christmas

"The View" co-host takes her family around the Big Apple to see it transform into a winter wonderland for the holidays.
5:16 | 12/13/18

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Transcript for Whoopi Goldberg's New York Christmas
God every Christmas time on. Showed my brother and I Clive that there is no place in the world like New York turned the holidays I'm trying to carry on the family tradition by taking my granddaughters and Marin Jersey and my great granddaughter time rose. To all my mother's favorite holiday hot spots that we always started the incredible. Colleges list so it starts with the amazing rockettes at radio city music calls Christmas spectacular take a look. I reckon. I was. My pets. You. Out there is a Yankee. Is to come he has a little girl. And it was magical. Is it that's unlikely you'll walk everyday on the fifth of the book one of my most favorite times to be good morning just. Before everyone gets their but the crowds came into this is like govern with holiday tradition of the book com. From all over at a completed show every year of flat to tell you it was my apparently tradition when mom and grow. War with tests which does not now. But my two grand officer. This is terrorizing and that's Anwar. We learned running around she may be up one mistake shouldn't go. And see what's Baxter yup but you're the magic mountain home. Costner who head there's 618 girls changing here one time. There's a lot of Gregor he backstage let alone on stage the UAV is hard creative things like. Yeah undertakes an ankle and that's in line you are OK I want to yeah. Giving out. Lanny seek big. Little. And and we'll. An eerie gap right. Elements so I didn't actually. And a lot today. Oh yeah. The he always leave the Christmas spectacular feeling pretty good. About the holiday spirit and given an all against them but come on we would just kids and my mother knew exactly when it's because next. The most legendary toy store in history. FAO Schwarz when I was a kid FAO Schwarz was on Fifth Avenue. But it was recently re imagined in a new location at Rockefeller Center and I'm happy to say. This place has not lost any of that old college payments. Welcome to eight. Slaughtered. When I was little this dark. Every family whether they had one and a could come in here. And they didn't follow them. And so Clyde and I were able look at everything it touched him it was really grand. Okay. I. I'm millions. Natalie had visions of every single toy imaginable intensity. And I had. My mother knew she couldn't remember all of that but she didn't have to really. Because Santa Claus himself and set up shop from the Iconix we'll signature holiday windows. Macy S. So are you ready. To go up and see and that Santa let's. And. Christmas yeah. The night before Crist sends. Give Santos a big hug I'm so yeah. Merry Christmas. Well yeah. Well you know Santa's always busy but and it's time to get over to may season. It was fun it was not having an innocent early on a credible at all all San I don't know Charlie knows that John is that right height if it seeks to take care business center.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"\"The View\" co-host takes her family around the Big Apple to see it transform into a winter wonderland for the holidays.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59801806","title":"Whoopi Goldberg's New York Christmas","url":"/theview/video/whoopi-goldbergs-york-christmas-59801806"}