2014's Biggest Breakout Stars

From Ariana Grande to Iggy Azalea, female singers dominated the charts 2014.
6:15 | 12/24/14

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Transcript for 2014's Biggest Breakout Stars
? let it go let it go ? You call 2014 the year of girl power, here's my look back at some of the musicmakers who became newsmakers, breakout stars who had us all listening and singing along because of the powerful messages in the song and you could dance to them, too. ? Reporter: In 2014, female singers dominated the charts and changed the conversation. They were confident and unapologetic. This was absolutely the year that women ruled music. Ariana grande, Meghan Trainor, iggy azalea. I mean, these people are just revolutionizing the way that women talk about themselves, present themselves, embrace their sexuality, their bodies and their message. Reporter: The woman who can shatter glass with her trademark four-octave range also shattered records with her songs and her style. ? She might let you hold her hand in school but I'ma show you how to graduate ? Ariana grande doesn't just have the finest ponytail in all of music. She's also the first female artist to score two number one "Billboard" 200 hits in her first 2 releases. And that's saying something. Is it me, or did Ariana grande come out of nowhere? One day she's on my kid's TV show. And the next day, she's strutting around the mtv awards as a sexy vixen. ? Just come and show me what your mamma gave ? It was her talent that took her places. She -- she was one of those rare child stars that, you know, didn't end up in jail. Instead, she became this amazing singer. ? Ariana grande made her transition from being a teen star to a grownup star. Or, as my people call it, her star mitzvah. Reporter: One of her chart-topping hits, "Problems," featured another 2014 breakout star -- Australian iggy azalea. Azalea had an amazing year and an unusual path to fame. ? If I had $1 for every Australian white chick who became an atlantic-style famous rapper, I'd have $1. This was a big year for iggy azalea, you know, and she had a lot of rocks thrown at her, being a foreign white girl. And I say to those people get over it, you know? Don't hate. Because she's doing something that many aspire to do, and she's doing it well. Reporter: And women in country were also breaking the mold. ? Follow your arrow kiss lots of boys ? ? or kiss lots of girls if that's something you're into ? Kacey Musgraves is breaking all the country rules. Okay? Boys kissing boys, girls kissing girls, smoking weed. Who is this woman? Reporter: You are not afraid to speak your mind, to sing your mind. Is there ever a chance of going, pushing the line too much? I never want to push an envelope just to push an -- any time I've pushed an envelope, it's been legitimately something that really made an impression on me. What we've seen in pop culture in 2014 has been something that's been building really for a couple of years now, across all of pop culture. You have katniss everdeen in "The hunger games," and films like "Divergent" that are showing very, very powerful female role models who are take-charge, who are not damsels in distress. ? I'm all about that bass ? Reporter: Meghan Trainor is definitely not a damsel in distress. Her debut single was an unapologetic anthem for full-bodied beauties. ? I think to know why "All about the bass" was a phenomenon requires nothing more than just listening to the song. It is completely irresistible. ? Reporter: And America loved every ounce of her. Even the parodies went viral. ? I'm all about that baste ? ? more butter ? ? I just can't clean this place ? ? I'm all about this bass ? But Meghan Trainor wasn't always confident, sassy songstress who loved her curves. I was not confident at all. And you could see it in pictures. So when I wrote this song, I wrote it to be -- because I'm so sassy on the microphone. And I had to learn how to be that sassy girl in real life. Reporter: She's been perfecting that sass behind the microphone from a young age. My first song that I recorded was when I was, like, 13 or 14. And I went in and recorded my song. It was about me having a crush on my brother's best friend. ? Just give me a chance 'cause now I'm older just give me a chance 'cause now I'm wiser ? Reporter: Just 21, Meghan's rise to stardom has been phenomenally quick. Just a few years ago, she was a high school senior from nantucket island who scored a publishing deal after visiting a songwriting convention. And I signed it, and I just felt like a boss that day. Reporter: And then, she moved to Nashville. My mom, as a Christmas present, she bought us cma tickets. So we're exhausted and we just moved in all day. And then we went to the cmas, sat in the way back. It was the cmas. It was epic. But I told my dad, "Man, I'm not coming back here until I'm invited. I want to be invited to these things. I want to be up there in the front." And literally a year later, I'm sitting second row and I'm on the stage singing my hit song. ? I'm all about that bass ? Reporter: Now she's not only performing at award shows, she's nominated, including two grammy nominations for "All about that bass," a song she thought no record company would ever publish. "No one's gonna hear this. We'll never make money off this. That's fine." Reporter: But the world has heard it, and they love it. And so I always wanted to be all about that bass. I wanted to be all about my

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{"duration":"6:15","description":"From Ariana Grande to Iggy Azalea, female singers dominated the charts 2014.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"27808423","title":"2014's Biggest Breakout Stars","url":"/2020/video/2014s-biggest-breakout-stars-27808423"}