Accomplished fashion writer found stabbed to death at her home: Part 1

Christa Worthington, who worked for major magazines and publications like the New York Times and Elle magazine, was found murdered on Jan. 6, 2002.
7:49 | 11/25/17

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Transcript for Accomplished fashion writer found stabbed to death at her home: Part 1
In 2002, I was an emt on the truro rescue squad. The pager that I had went off and said that we had a rescue call from an unresponsive female at 50 depot road. I thought, "Gee, I think that's the Worthington residence." So I went in and just looked and Christa was naked from the waist down, lying on her back, and very dead. She was stabbed through the chest. Her cell phone was left on the kitchen counter with just the digit 9 punched in, as if she might have been trying to dial 9-1-1. 46-year-old Christa Worthington, an accomplished fashion writer, was found murdered Sunday in her truro home. It was everyone's worst nightmare. A woman alone in her home with her 2-year-old child in her beautiful cottage in cape cod overlookin' the atlantic ocean -- being found dead -- It involved a single woman, who was a mother with an out-of-wedlock child, fathered by a local, murdered with her baby daughter left beside her for 36 hours unattended by anyone. Her 2 1/2-year-old daughter ava was found unharmed near the body. She had been with her mother's body for more than 24 hours. There's some evidence that she had taken her Sippy cup and tried to feed her mother and she's trying to wake her mother up. Ava (ad gotten a wash cloth and gone, wet it some how, gotten up on the stool turned on the faucet, swabbed her mother's body, you know, she had been trying -- she had been trying to clean up her mother. It's heartbreaking stuff. The cape had never seen or witnessed an event like this. Ever. In truro, Amalia barradat, newscenter 5 -- And it wabig because it happened in truro. These things don't happen in truro on cape cod. The summer is wonderful. It is warm. All of the Patti page songs about cape cod beaches, the sunsets -- all true. ??? If you find a sand dune and salty air ??? ??? quaint little villages here and there ??? For beauty, for beaches, for wonderful fishing, for shell fishing, for solitary walks, there's just nothing like it anywhere that I've ever been. People like to describe the cape is like an arm and provincetown is at the very end of the arm at the very tip, and truro is sort of at the wrist. Cape cod alone is bucolic, but truro is really, they call truro the garden of Eden of Massachusetts. Truro is known today as the most rural town in cape cod. We have no town center. We have no streets. We have a post office and a general store. The people that see you every day are the same people. Very much like "Groundhog day," the same trash guy, the same milk guy, the same grocer. I mean, this is a place where people leave their doors open. This is not a place where people get killed. The Worthington family goes back generations here in truro, where they are rich in property. Christa inherited her mother's weather-worn cottage. It was here she came in search of solace, but instead, it was where she was savagely murdered. Secrets, sex, and money. That was all in this story. But the story I was interested in was the real story. Who was Christa Worthington? Christa was the only child. She grew up in hingham, mass, which is south of Boston, kind of Tony suburb. Her father was a Harvard educated lawyer. And it was a very privileged upbringing. After high school, Christa went to Vassar. I was a Vassar classmate of Christa Worthington. Christa and I were in this English thesis class. Christa was someone you would know because she was so short and -- but interesting looking and pretty. She was brilliant in class. The first few decades of her life outside of college were high fashion, high society. He began a career in fashion writing. She actually was the bureau chief in Paris for "Women's wear daily." She wrote for all the major magazines. "Cosmo," "Harper's bazaar." "The New York Times," she worked for "Elle" magazine. I met Christa when we were editors together at "Elle" magazine in probably 1990. "The devil wears Prada," 25 years later is more or less what the life was like at the magazine. It was kind of an ongoing party disguised as a publication. She interviewed people like yves saint Laurent, Martha Stewart. She even dated Anderson cooper's brother. Christa's writing -- oh, she could make anything just sound like magic. I mean, the most boring thing in the world was all fresh and exciting. Smooth and refined prose style. The headscarf. The headscarf reveals as it conceals. The louder, the go away message, the more audible, the come hither -- isn't that great I remember talking to Christa about her leaving New York City. There was nothing directly to predict that this could've happened to her. The question on a lot of people's minds is how does a glamorous fashion writer end up in some small town in cape cod dead in a bungalow? There are the immediate investigation of all of the relationships that the victim has and has had, as well as the putting together of the tracing of her movements in the last days and hours. There was nothing to indicate who it might have been. The house at 50 depot road is isolated. It isn't something that you happen to walk by because it sits well in on a long driveway, so you would have no idea of any activity going on in there. I couldn't imagine who could've killed her. I couldn't even think of it. There was so much talk about who did it, and who had the motive. And believe me, everyone in this story had a motive. The whole thing was just really bizarre. January 6th, 2002, Worthington homicide scene. This was the first murder in this town in 30 years. The media attention surrounding this is going to put enormous pressure on the police department to solve this and solve it fast. I was told by the state police that Tim Arnold was their number one suspect. Her last live-in boyfriend. He lived next door. He's the one who found the body. Why would he go there that night? Is that true that he was going

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{"id":51373704,"title":"Accomplished fashion writer found stabbed to death at her home: Part 1","duration":"7:49","description":"Christa Worthington, who worked for major magazines and publications like the New York Times and Elle magazine, was found murdered on Jan. 6, 2002.","url":"/2020/video/accomplished-fashion-writer-found-stabbed-death-home-part-51373704","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}