Adults abandoned at birth meet biological family members for the first time: Part 3

While Ben Tveidt's biological dad said he didn't know he had a son, Andrea Klug-Napier meets a biological sister.
7:11 | 07/14/18

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Transcript for Adults abandoned at birth meet biological family members for the first time: Part 3
eporter: Aa sergeant in the Idaho National Guard, Ben tveigt has TD his mettle and as part of tlous u.-led invasion in Iraq. He's an experienced gunner on one herful tanks on the planet. We'ving to my dad's use. Reporter: But now, Ben has tomuhe couragehas for a deeply personal mission. I am terrifand excited all at the same time. The longest feet of my life. Reporter: Genealogist cece Moore joins hi a house I southern California where Ben's birth father lives. You ready? 'M ready. Give me a hug. I know your father is very excited to meet to be ca a T loo like an id knock on E door Andre is this voice. Somebody knocking at my doo Hello. Lo, you mu B I'm Ben. I'm doc. Wow. How you doing? This is eerie. Yout's eerie. Come on in, son. Come O. We welcome. And I was just overwhelmed. I didn'tn know what to say. Did you feel a connection? Yeah, right away. Right away. Reporter: His biological dad Richard or doc -- blfi recipient of the pple heart, shares keepsakes from a rich life lived. See theictures othe wall? Mm-hmm. Am vet, 8nd airborne. Reporter: The two are startledthti in their lives. WHE army, Y we 18? I was 18 years old. So same as I did. I went te Marine Corps Reporter: What if anything does he remember aboen's H doc recalls a night 32 years ago in Anchorage, Alaska a single had a chance encounter at a bar called the cabin tavern There was a young lady sitting at the bar. I sent up and sat down. He had my bee and we started conversati. She was in a difficult relationship. I took a liking to her, she dn't want to go he she came from. I N't remember the lady's name, honest to god I don't. Repr:lls making Dinn for the woman. And the two sharing a tender, romaight. Before she left, I remember this distinctly, I had three statues, I still htwo of them, they're from China and it was a Chinese goddess statue a I gave it to her and I said, "This will bring you good luck." I never heard from her again. I wonder if she L has it. Yep. Reporr: Then a revelation of relief, doc says he would've kept his S if he'd K he existed. Het feeling rejection that I had for so many years being abandoned, and it, unter-bala that feeling 'cause I wa -- I was accepted I was want it lifted weight off my shoulders, off my chest. I co'ted angry anymore. Reporter: As a parting gift, offers hisewly found a no. It says "We are family" and the ne coda "Semper fi" always loyal. While, andrea'sdentity search has hit a se was hope after offering that fingerprint from her birth mom to police And did they find anything? Fortunately N I mean it would have been great et the identity, had her fingerprints been in the system, that probably dne been a very positive indicator. Usually it's associated with crime. They've been arrested, we didn't want to believe that she wenttoe a life oime either. Ce three swabs. Reporter: But where old fashion nshave failed, some htech DNA sleuthing by geneticist cece Moore has come up with a startling match, with with someone also he DNA base. This is your match list. And when I opened it, I had quite a surprise. If you E both parents, you would have big blocks of green. So how much green do you S There'sot of green. The a Lotta green you know what that means? That we C be siblings? You're not just siblings, you are full siblings. Whoa, tis so crazy. You share the same mom, and the same dad Suddenly you realize you've got a sister. For somebody who's not even reallyecting much and re Seng this now. I thought wow, this actually worked. I found something. I couldn't even geta plane fast enough to go meet her. Reporter:ting no time, andreaves Colo for Wisconsin. I'm nervous to a stranger tjust happens to be my sister. I was so nervous for her ten the door I just didn't know what expect. Hi. Hello. Hre . How are you? Reporter: Arst, Andrea and her sister Heather are reeling fr nation of awkwardness and a deep bond. I jusewediately that we were both reashy and kind wkward and she jus immediatelld me that she had a bunc information about our biological family. Hat's my aptive mom. Reporter: Heather was adopted in wngton, a STE that allows access to adoption records. So, she Ady knows E names of their bth mom and dad. Our birth mom's name is deshe went by Cindy. Thiss our mom. Oh my god. Wow. Repor after yea of searg the mome has come, an is about learn Abo her origins, but the truth will be diffi. She had a baby boy two year R you. Oh my god. And the baby and pa away Oh my god that Issa I am really glad to find all this out -- when I heard that news I just. It took ov couldn't ev I just cto a stop. I -- will nevebe able to meeter. And to hear this from your sister who Yust met. Yeah, is sad. All this time I thought maybe somebody was thinking about me and wh-- where I was. But she hadn' feels LE I just L somebody and -- that I dt even know. Repor and there an nit her family saga. Whilandrea andther were given up, their mother and father kept and ra two sons. We knew that the boys were raised br mother a father. Why were they raised byr biolal parents and you weren't? Yeah. So, we had a lot of tons.

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{"id":56581158,"title":"Adults abandoned at birth meet biological family members for the first time: Part 3 ","duration":"7:11","description":"While Ben Tveidt's biological dad said he didn't know he had a son, Andrea Klug-Napier meets a biological sister.","url":"/2020/video/adults-abandoned-birth-meet-biological-family-members-time-56581158","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}