After breakup, teen claims he was kidnapped and left in ditch: Part 2

And while home alone, Emma Walker is scared by unknown man in black ringing her doorbell.
5:28 | 09/15/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for After breakup, teen claims he was kidnapped and left in ditch: Part 2
Aarp Medicare plans, from UnitedHealthcare. Eporter: It's Halloween, 2016, and it's not the decorations that have mark andfeeling spked. It's their high schoaughter Emma's two-year tumultuous relatiipririley gaulnow an 18-arld college football player who has cast a spell over he at some point, you groher. She's lowed to S Riley. And doeshawork? Th would always their way somew see each her. Became sneaky at that point. Reporter:jill bringdown the er, confining her daughter to thus. Only letting her out for school aneerleading shockingly, tears to wo. She become likeer old self again. She eat dinnerith us, an socializth us. Reporter:you were sing your daughr re-emerge? Yes. Rr: As for ma's ip with rilet's er. See text Messa to her fr Wele are done good. She just T realization that she deserved er. Like, this wasn't a good relationship, so she broke U with him. Then we're all, like, "Yes. Finally, it's happen we're like, T we've be waiting for." Reporter: But her boyfriend T taking T BP well. Pills D waes them down with alcohol, an attpt to kill him. One of the things triley gaulas known F is when things would not go the way he wanted, he would sometimes claim he W gonna kilhimself if they didn't reunite. Repter: How did you hear that he might have been suicidal? He would be off to the side, moping, I just fl so depre, I want to hurt myself," blah, blah, blah, . Ju T he would say a lot as a cry for help, I guess in a way. Repter: It's Friday night, and th playgame. Emma's allowed to join in the celebration at a friend's house nd 11:30 P.M., somethinstrange begins to happen. Zach Greene is with em Ni Ialk in Anda out of T , "Zach, I'm getting these rely weird text messages."ide alone Y want tseloved one get hurt." I'vgot someonyolove. If dy, I will hurt them. Reporter: Was she spooked Yea tely feel really weibo mean, itas a random number. Reporter: Creepy but Emma thinks ey's friends pling a pan then the messages become even more menacg. He's in the ditchide her ho a shame Y ca Suen not Val someone ee's life. E ended upoi outside. And we look, and we see a body la face down lijuk figure. Reporter:ouw of the street light, a surprising sight, iley. Tally get to him, and he's pulling up his head, kind of has this confuse on. Emma's like, "Why ar heikt know what happen here. I've been kidnapped. Somedropped meff here, dot know what's happening, where am I? How'd I get here?" Hog his headike he gotit upside the head kind of. Reporter:y are all ft dumbfounded. And when you stepped out, where did you see hie was kindup tea kind of the shrub where those trend of laying down. Part in the drivaybe. Reporter: Lying down?e face dowlike this.eporter: Aow did emm react? As very upt, cry. She didn't really know W, "We broke up,me alone." Orter: Andf that's not bizarre gh, Riley si walks away and C his close buddy, Noah. He D like he'd crying or he wounding gued, I guess. He bally told that these ople knocked him out, took his car and threw him in a vnd he didn't know where he was. Reporter: Essentially kiped? Yea Reporter: Did you believe him? All. But, what amupo? Reporter:ce? We talked about it but he was just like, "No, N no cops." Reporter: The next morning, just hours after that supposed kidnapping, thingsfr strae to sinisr. Emma is supposed to go meet starts bging on her door. All she can see is this person. She's not opening the do E's home alone. She's Ed. Repter: Emma xtr friends. I'm home alone and somebody in all blaalked down my St and came my door and was Ina's obviouslook. D think she calls? She calls Riley. I'm shaking and crying. I hate you but I need you righ 'M coming. Ding, just give me a minute. Sas supposeto come meet me and she didn't show. I an intuiti, something' , so I dro T, Y's car was siout front of house, and they were in the Reporte what was ur first thou thought, U're kiddi me. Knows he't allowed here I id, "You kw ot allowed, you need to L." Anhe did lea Reporter: Were you worried? Yes, I was worried, yes. I tried Tom her down and take hind off oft. Rep what, that some str, or maybe some burglar is trying to get into the house? I think.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"And while home alone, Emma Walker is scared by unknown man in black ringing her doorbell.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"57837164","title":"After breakup, teen claims he was kidnapped and left in ditch: Part 2","url":"/2020/video/breakup-teen-claims-kidnapped-left-ditch-part-57837164"}