Where the Catt family is today: Part 11

Abby Catt hopes to have fresh start on life now that she's expecting her first child. Her brother, Hayden, will be out of prison in three years and says he has found "peace" and "faith."
4:23 | 06/29/19

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Transcript for Where the Catt family is today: Part 11
Now turning into the small road that leads to this prison in the middle of what looks like prairie land. It's been about six years since I last saw Hayden. He had just taken a plea deal for a 10-year prison sentence. And I'm here to see how he's doing behind bars. Hayden. Hey. Hey, how are you? Good. How you doin'? Good. You're lookin' good. Thank you. Very tan. Been workin' outside. I feel good. How's things? Great, actually. Really? Yes, sir. I mean, last time we spoke, about almost six years ago, you said that you expected prison to be as close to hell on Earth as anything you could imagine. Yeah. Doesn't seem like it's been that. Not at all. You know, I came in here very lost, very broken. In here, I found a peace I was missing. I found a faith, a faith in Christ. I feel more free and I feel more alive in here than I did out in the world. And I see now that I was basically the walking dead out there. You know, in many ways, your father was with you but abandoned you. Still, the last time we spoke, you were pretty forgiving of him. Do you feel the same way now? I do. You know, I think that he did the best job with me and Abby that he could. He lost his way. That's for sure. Have you been in contact with him? Usually, every week. Through our letters. What do you talk about? I think that he's found the same faith and redemption that I have here as well. Do you really think he's changed? I do, yeah. What about Abby? Have you kept up with your sister? You know, I don't hear from Abby as much as I would like to. But I love her so much and I can't wait to show her what these six years have meant to Do you think that Abby can turn her life around? Absolutely. The best thing that we have right now is we're both young and we've learned huge, life-shattering lessons at a young age. I really feel like it's put us ahead of our peers. You feel like you're ahead of your peers? Absolutely. In the next three years, I'll be going home. And I can't wait for it. I'm gonna attack life with everything I got. Reporter: As for Abby's future, there is big news in her life. She's now 25 years old. She went to work in a fish processing plant. There, she met her now boyfriend trensal, and they're now expecting a baby. Look at that! Do we know the gender? A boy! I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant currently with my first child. Everything changes once you find out you're pregnant. You can't be selfish anymore, that's for sure. I think she's going to be a very wonderful mother. I don't go to the store to buy myself things anymore, I go to the store to buy him things. And that feels so awesome. That's cool. We had a chance to reunite Abby with the sheriff who he'sed her years ago. I just wanna see a bright future for you. I just wanted to tell you I thank you for everything that you have done for me. Obviously, I let a lot of people down. And, you know, I apologize to you if that was embarrassing to you. I came out a stronger woman. And I thank you for believing in me then and believing in me now. Abby's aunt has invited Abby to live with her after the baby's born. You seem to have had so many chances, right? Uh-huh. With sheriff Nehls, with Susie, what makes you think it's gonna actually be different this time? My son and my relationship. Those are two things that I can't lose. So that's it. You're saying the stakes are too high this time? Yeah. I have too much -- there's two people that need me. You start to put your life into perspective. The person you are and the people you want to be around. And now we just have our son and he's going to be with us. That's all we need.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Abby Catt hopes to have fresh start on life now that she's expecting her first child. Her brother, Hayden, will be out of prison in three years and says he has found \"peace\" and \"faith.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"64030303","title":"Where the Catt family is today: Part 11","url":"/2020/video/catt-family-today-part-11-64030303"}