Chandra Levy Disappearance: Police Suspect Ingmar Guandique: Part 3

Guandique, an undocumented construction worker from El Salvador, had been hit with a 10 year sentence for attacking women.
4:28 | 05/21/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chandra Levy Disappearance: Police Suspect Ingmar Guandique: Part 3
??? "20/20" continues with mystery in rock creek park. Reporter: Sprawling rock creek park in Washington, D.C., with its 2,000 acres of lush trees, quiet streams, and wild life. It's a perfect place for a walk or a crime. Look at how remote this is, it's quiet, there aren't any other witnesses, so this is an ideal spot for a predator to attack somebody. Yeah, this is right off the beaten path. Reporter: Dr. Kim rossmo maps murderers. This is the apartment building where Chandra levy lived. This is where Chandra levy's remains were found. Reporter: His title, geographic profiler. His job, analyzing every location in a crime. I think she followed up the path here, and then she was attacked. And her body was found here. Reporter: Decoding the patterns than can crack a case. We break a crime down to its constituent parts. So, for a murder, we are going to have an encounter, the place where the offender first sees the victim. Then we are going to have the point where he first attacks her. Then we have the actual murder scene itself. Then finally, we have where the body gets disposed of. Reporter: Rossmo was brought into the Chandra levy case by the D.C. Metro police, and the FBI, after focus shifted away from Gary Condit. We made it pretty clear to the prosecutors that we didn't think Condit had anything to do with it. Reporter: Instead, police gradually retrain their focus on this man, who'd been arrested for attacking two female joggers in the park just two months after Chandra's disappearance. Not enough attention was being paid to a suspect who was hiding in plain sight. Reporter: Both attacks occurred in similar park locations. Same sort of path, same sort of slope although this is probably a bit steeper, same sort of isolation. Reporter: Both women fought off their assailant and survived. The first female jogger, the one who was attacked about 700 yards from where levy's body was found, said she saw Guandique in the pierce mill parking lot. And if you look at where Chandra levy lived, the logical route would have taken her right through the pierce mill parking lot. Reporter: So who is the predator in the park? His name, ingmar Guandique, a 19-year-old undocumented construction worker from El Salvador. He had alcohol problems, he had cocaine problems. Reporter: Sari Horowitz and her "Washington post" colleague Scott Higham published an explosive series of articles questioning why the metro pd hadn't pursued Guandique harder in the levy case, given his disturbing M.O. He would sit at a park bench and when he saw a certain type of female, something inside of him would compel him to give chase. He would sprint up behind them, grab them around the neck and pull them off the trail. I had seen an article in the "Washington post" that talked about this guy called Guandique, who attacked two women in the park. The microgeography was identical. So I was curious, how, how have they dismissed him? Reporter: Why would somebody who attacked a woman and possibly even killed her, come back to the same area and attack two more women right after that? Because it worked for him. Reporter: Guandique is hit with a ten-year sentence for the attacks. But now, after the scathing "Washington post" articles, police look at the levy case with fresh eyes. Zeroing in on Guandique's activity around the time Chandra vanished. We know he didn't go to work on may the 1st. We know that he had marks on his face, following the disappearance of levy that he gave inconsistent explanations for. But you can only solve a crime through a confession, physical evidence, or a witness. Reporter: There's nothing to actually tie him to Chandra levy. Unfortunately, one of the best means of finding physical evidence from the body had been lost because of its decomposition. Reporter: But all is not lost. Coming up, police find something, make that someone, who they say will finally connect Guandique to Chandra levy. The arrestee is ingmar Guandique. Reporter: And still to come, what role does this woman, an extra from "House of cards" and her secret seven-hour recording, have to do with the case? I feel like I'm in the house

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"Guandique, an undocumented construction worker from El Salvador, had been hit with a 10 year sentence for attacking women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"43318147","title":"Chandra Levy Disappearance: Police Suspect Ingmar Guandique: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/chandra-levy-disappearance-police-suspect-ingmar-guandique-part-43318147"}