Cleaning Out a Hoarder Home

ABC's Cecilia Vega goes into the ultimate "cleaner-upper."
1:26 | 11/15/13

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Transcript for Cleaning Out a Hoarder Home
He's retired psychiatrist. Whose neighbors reported -- terrible smell coming from his Condo. This can't be good for anyone's property values hiding and -- Just to take a look at -- sign -- -- -- The smell is almost indescribable it's I'm. I suffocating -- really hot an area's air conditioning isn't working and it's a combination of rotting food. I think feces. Trash. What -- the bulls are maggots on your winners from the book that -- the doctor is burdened phase when was the last time you saw your living room floor. But this -- -- was in tip top condition. Could be worth a 18590000. Dollars. Received some pretty poor condition it's really reported. So it's and now we're pretty much the only difference a person like me. Inspector Johnson has -- -- and after ready to avoid the dreaded red tagged doctor -- -- -- -- That's going -- and starts and we kind of get an idea. Where your -- and. Four hours they removed countless loads up so fast enough to.

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{"id":20908002,"title":"Cleaning Out a Hoarder Home","duration":"1:26","description":"ABC's Cecilia Vega goes into the ultimate \"cleaner-upper.\"","url":"/2020/video/cleaning-hoarder-home-20908002","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}