Dalia Dippolito confides in a man who becomes an informant for police: Part 3

Mohamed Shihadeh, another man in Dippolito's life, went to police, telling them she wanted his help in having her husband killed. Shihadeh agreed to work with police on a sting operation.
7:57 | 05/16/20

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Transcript for Dalia Dippolito confides in a man who becomes an informant for police: Part 3
As Dalia Dippolito sits in that interrogation room, there is still a lot about her investigators don't know about her. She uses men for their money or to get into their lives so then she can then extract their money. She knew how to use her sex appeal, and she had a lot of it, to get her way. And that's what she did very successfully with men, including Mike Dippolito. She wanted Mike's house. She wanted all of his money. She decided hey, I got to figure out a way to get his stuff. She had several men wrapped around her fingers. One of those men was a Florida businessman, Mohammed Shihadeh. He was a 32-year-old Jordanian national. He was a quasi-actor. In fact, if you go to the site for Mohamed's talent agency, his online portfolio is still there. He really enjoyed playing poker and gambling in Las Vegas. How did you know Mohamed? I met him a long time ago. He had a convenience store business, and I had actually walked into his store, and that's where we struck up conversation, and we both had Middle Eastern background, and so we just ended up developing a friendship. And you stayed in touch for how many years? Throughout the course of, um, maybe like 15 years. So you considered him a close personal friend. I considered him a friend. I wouldn't say close. Fantasy They began a flirtation, which was very heavily sexually charged. When she needed something, they would rekindle that old flame, so to speak. If she needed to vent about a guy she was dating or a relationship that she was in, she would talk to him. So, in July of 2009 after Dalia was married to Mike, she reached out to Mohamed once again as she had done over time. She starts a narrative with him about Michael Dippolito. Dalia told Mohamed that she was physically abused, that he was controlling, and that she just needed out of the marriage. Were there any stresses on the marriage? We got into little arguments and things, but it wasn't anything major. But Dalia tells Mohamed that her husband is abusive, emotionally abusive, so much so that a regular divorce isn't going to cut it. So she wants Mike out of her life for good and turns to Mohammed for help. She wants for a more permanent solution to her problems. Dalia confides in Mohamed that she wants Mike Dippolito killed. They meet at a gas station in Boynton beach. Dalia tells Mohamed that she's desperate, that she needs to have Mike killed. It's a common thread throughout these types of cases -- beautiful woman and they often involve allegations of abuse. Mohamed is really nervous that if Mike Dippolito is killed, that law enforcement would come back to him, and he didn't want that to happen. And he didn't want Mike to be killed. Mohamed Shihadeh is actually the person that called police and said that Dalia Dippolito was planning to murder her husband. We had a gentleman come into the police department advising they had some information in reference to a young lady who wanted her husband killed. They capture this first conversation that they had with Mohamed on a tape recorder. Okay, tell us what happened. She asked if I knew someone who could kill her husband for her. I said basically, no, I I don't want. She tells me he's the nicest sweetest nerd, but she can't stand him. So at first we don't know what we have. You ever see him? No. The last name I don't know. At the time, we didn't know what to believe. Here's a gentleman who walks in. According to him, he's had a sexual relationship with this young lady, but he wasn't sure exactly where she lived, or her last name. Describe her. She's maybe 5'6", 5'7." Dark black hair green eyes. She's a good looking girl, really good looking girl actually. The fact that somebody was going to get killed, it was bothering his conscience. Did she ask you to find someone for her? Yes. So, after that first interview, law enforcement realizes that they're going to need to talk to Mohammed again. What cops want Mohamed to do next is bold and risky -- they want to set up a sting. They say we want you to put a wire on, and we want you to get her to outline this plan to kill her husband. So Mohamed morphs into a confidential informant. We have the informant contact the suspect by phone and set up a meeting so we can I.D. Her. The Mobil gas station was one of those places where they met before in the past, so we decided to make that the location. All right, you good to go? Yeah, I'm good to go. So police outfit Mohammed's car with some cameras and they put a wire on him. Hey, what's up? And a few seconds later, she begins talking about getting her husband killed. There's no small talk. Mohamed and Dalia launch right into a secretly recorded conversation, detailing Dalia's murderous intentions. At first it seems like her motive might be Mike's money. Honestly, you're -- kill him over that much money? Its not even over the Money. Like it's not even about the Money. Dalia has no idea that every word coming out of her mouth is being caught on camera. Okay, well, all I'm trying to say is this guy is a professional. This is not . All he does is get it done and that's it. It's done. Right. This is where he actually says he was going to introduce her to a hitman. I know him. He's good at it. We realized that this guy was credible. But now, how am I supposed to know what day he's going to do it? We were shocked how easily she talked about getting her husband killed. He might like tell you to get out of town or something for like a day. I'm not going out of town. You even hear her during the conversation her talk about no one would ever believe that she could be capable of murder. His mom is not going to get suspicious of you or anything like that? Why me? Like, do I know what Killing somebody is? No one is going to be able to point a finger at me. She ended up bringing $1,200 in cash. She believed that that money was gonna be given to the hitman to buy a gun. Alright, I try. She also brought two pictures. I have a picture of him right now. And you're sure everything else is okay? Yeah. You're sure, sure? How much sure do you want planning a murder? Come on. Stop, Yo. She's made a down payment on death. And now, Dalia Dippolito is about toe to come face to face with an assassin. Sure you want to kill this dude? But little does she know she's walking into a trap.

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{"duration":"7:57","description":"Mohamed Shihadeh, another man in Dippolito's life, went to police, telling them she wanted his help in having her husband killed. Shihadeh agreed to work with police on a sting operation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"70715874","title":"Dalia Dippolito confides in a man who becomes an informant for police: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/dalia-dippolito-confides-man-informant-police-part-70715874"}