Have a Feud With the People Next Door?

Act 4: Neighbors From Hell blogger Bob Borzotta tries to resolve a pair of neighbor disputes.
8:04 | 09/21/13

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Transcript for Have a Feud With the People Next Door?
when you have toxic neighbors, who will you call to fix things? Well, the man you're about to meet, who has the guts to get into the middle of a mess. So blessed are the peace makers indeed. He'll need all the extra blessings he can get. Can he work miracles? Hi, jamie, it's bob borzotta calling, neighbors from hell, how are you? Reporter: That's bob borzotta, working the phones at the national headquarters of neighbors from hell. And, what is it that has brought them to throw things over into your yard? Reporter: Don't tell his wife, she thinks it's just their house. Why is he threatening your dog? Reporter: Borzotta wrote the book on neighbors from hell. What kinds of things qualify somebody to be a quote neighbor from hell? It starts out with noise -- is that the number one complaint? That is the number one complaint. Reporter: Like these noisy neighbors shouting from the roof-tops on the local news in st. Louis. You're talking out your, kid. Okay. Uh-huh. And it's a big one. Yeah. It is a biggie. Nut job. Reporter: Nuts to soup or some kind of grass killing poison brew spewing out the window of that truck. Neighbor versus neighbor miami style. Rock paper scissors? This one got settled with rocks, eggs, and nails. Borzotta agreed to take us on a guided tour of two fresh neighbor from hell hot spots. First stop -- a subdivision in warrenton, missouri. In this corner -- karman and mike lucas and tracy and robert nichols and just across the cul de sac their neighbors and sworn enemies. Beth and mike kendall. Nosy. Very un-neighborly. Very nosy. Reporter: They say nosy, she says noisy. Hear that? Beth kendall says it's mike lucas in a high decibel drive-by. Assault with a sub-woofer. Apparently our radio was too loud, and she called the police. Who exactly gets ticketed here? It's not me. Neighbors by chance enemies by choice. They don't like the fact that I have called the police on them for things that I know are ordinance violations. Reporter: To hear the kendalls tell it, their neighbors are a band of suburban outlaws. Billy the kid of the cul de sac. Their misdeeds? A car up on blocks, parking over the sidewalk, and disturbing the peace. Not a hanging crime, even in missouri. But it could get you a ticket. This sounds like junior high school. It is to us on the outside, it is not like that to them, it is very serious business. Reporter: The kendall's adversaries say they suspect there's a reason tickets are handed out like skittles on halloween. Beth kendall is a former town alderman. That's her at a meeting last year. You say you do not wield any political influence over the local authorities. No, absolutely not. Reporter: These neighbors say kendall is the lone ranger when it comes to the law or the lawn. She comes to our yard if the grass is so tall with a measuring tape, and has called the police because our grass has been so many inches high. Reporter: Kendall denies she ever measured grass in the neighbors yards, and even though there are signs in their garage that they might not be big on compromise. They say they're not the bad guys. It's all about respecting the law. It's the loud music, it's the, the speeding up and down the street, it's the loud cars waking me up on saturday mornings. Um, it's their dogs running loose. Reporter: And then the lucas and nichols say in spite of everything they're willing to give peace if not quiet a chance. Could there be a missouri compromise? If they would communicate with you? Yes. Would you be willing to communicate with them? Yeah. together I think that would be -- no absolutely not. I respect these people, but they'll never be on my property or in my home. Reporter: Meanwhile -- lets go to ohio. Reporter: Borzotta is off to troy, ohio. Where they still talk about this youtube classic -- Reporter: Of course most of troy is civilized, even scenic. But those life-like statues could be stand-ins for another pitched neighbor battle over on mayfield drive. This is not home sweet home. It's been horrible. Reporter: Melissa zimmerman says her neighbor from hell lives right across the street. That's the neighbor's house, right there? This one right here across the street. Reporter: That is mitch whalen's house. Borzotta was polite about the shrubbery. Very pretty, it's just a little overgrown. Reporter: Zimmerman was not. That house reminds me of a haunted house. Reporter: Before and after pictures show over the years whalen's house has undergone some kind of miracle gro transformation. Zimmerman could overlook the jack and the beanstalk landscaping, she says, if it weren't for all the other antics she's documented over the years. She says whalen threatened her with a real knife, and a pretend gun. He's out there. Reporter: She says her surveillance cameras show whalen has also been shooting a laser beam into her house at night . But what really hurt a few years ago, she says he began, questioning her son's paternity. She says whalen painted a message on one of his trees. It was on the side right facing our front window, in big orange letters, ich my son has orange hair, it said, dna, right on the front of the tree. Reporter: And she says there's the name calling. Calling me a whore, calling me a Reporter: She says you can hear it in this home video from a number of years ago. What are you doing on my property? Well sir we're on the sidewalk here. Reporter: Borzotta and our crew were shooting when mitch whalen himself emerged from behind the bushes. Mr. Whalen? Yeah? Hi I'm bob borzotta, I sent you a letter. Don't know if you happened to receive it yet. Reporter: To interrupt for one second. Instant replay please. Did you notice the hang-time on that handshake? Mitch finally did shake. But that was about the only progress. What is all this? This is for abc news. They follow me. Well mr. Whalen I wonder, maybe you'd just want to talk to me by myself? Reporter: Borzotta says, off- camera, whalen complained about zimmerman's floodlights, loud parties and even the fact that she's a single mother. Why is that his business? Exactly, but he felt that it would be appropriate for him to comment. Borzotta says whalen told him he just wants it all to stop. Mitch repeatedly says to me, all he wants is to be left alone. Reporter: But, but take a look at this surveillance video. It shows the 20/20 camera crew leaving melissa zimmerman's house. Less than 60 seconds later, there goes that nasty red laser beam again, shooting from whalen's house into zimmerman's window. It's sad to say that I don't even like to come here. This is my home, and I dread having to come in and get, park in my driveway, and come in the front door. Why does anybody wanna live in, in that kind of a situation? Why wouldn't you want to make peace? It, it's a question for the ages. Why people will actually enjoy conflict. Reporter: Borzotta is in touch with those neighbors willing to keep talking. These things can be resolved, he says, but only when both sides compromise or one side moves out. It's a horrible thing to go through, having a neighbor from hell. So it really removes all your escape options. Uh, please god protect me. Protect all of us. To find out his top ten hints to defuse nasty neighbors go to our web site. David and I will be right back.

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{"duration":"8:04","description":"Act 4: Neighbors From Hell blogger Bob Borzotta tries to resolve a pair of neighbor disputes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"20325628","title":"Have a Feud With the People Next Door?","url":"/2020/video/feud-people-door-20325628"}