Friends hold makeshift graduation for classmate on house arrest: Part 5

Cameron Harrison missed his high school graduation while on house arrest in his first degree rape case.
4:37 | 06/03/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Friends hold makeshift graduation for classmate on house arrest: Part 5
Reporter: Savannah is trying to make a fresh start. New surroundings. New perspective. I love film, writing, photography, art. Life itself makes me happy. Reporter: But there is a piece of her past that threatens to undo the entire case against her alleged assailant. 18-year-old Cameron Harrison. He shows authorities a bombshell. A Snapchat message Savannah sent him two days after the party. And here's what it says. "U didn't rape me. I mean U took advantage of me but I forgive you and I know U were drunk." It's a huge break for Cameron's defense. And for his buddies, it reinforces what they believed all along. There was a blatant text saying, you did not rape me. That should have ended it. She admitted that he didn't. If she said you didn't rape her, we know that you didn't rape her. She said it. She told him that. Reporter: This Snapchat that she sends, "Hey, I know you didn't rape me." That just goes to show that she didn't know the meaning of rape. Reporter: Savannah says the message was part of a larger conversation initiated by him. But only this snippet was saved by Cameron. Well, the selling point to Snapchat, the reason that it's popular, if you don't screenshot it and save it, it's gone. Reporter: And the breaks keep coming for Cameron. Remember that video of Savannah being carried up the stairs? His defense attorney claims to have found more of it. This additional frame where Savannah appears awake and smiling. The defense seems to say that there's another second in that where she's smiling. What's your impression of that? Unconscious people can make all kinds of facial expressions and they can have their eyes open. My position is that she's physically helpless. And that is very much bolstered by the fact that she's having to be carried. Reporter: Two key pieces of evidence but both sides saying it proves their case. Her smiling doesn't necessarily mean this was not a rape, but as jurors evaluate the case and have to decide, is it proof beyond a reasonable doubt, every little factor becomes relevant. Reporter: But that's little comfort to Cameron as he awaits trial. For the past six months, these four walls have become Cameron's closest companions. Now, only photos providing a peek at the life he once enjoyed. This is my senior banner. It says, running back, Cameron Harrison. All my friends made this for me. Reporter: Cameron showing us this window into a life seemingly put on perma hold. I'm blessed to have so much support from all of my friends and family. Reporter: Trapped by a dark cloud above him, and that device around his ankle, monitoring his movements. How far, Cameron, are you allowed to go? I can go to, like, across the street over there. Reporter: Ironically, the former running back's world is now limited to the length of football field, 100 yards. His mom(karon. We just deal with the days as they come through. Our love grows stronger every day. And we're going to make it through this. Reporter: Suddenly, throngs of kids begin to arrive. Cameron's classmates. It's graduation day. Cameron not being able to walk with us definitely, you know, kind of makes me a little heartbroken. My best friend. Reporter: They don caps and gowns for a makeshift ceremony. You don't have your tassel? There's one in the kitchen Go get it. Reporter: While the future is bright for them, Cameron's is still unknown. He is facing the possibility of ten years to life for rape and district attorney Hallie Dixon is showing no signs of mercy, local hero though he may be. Do football players get a free pass? Absolutely not. Not as long as we're prosecuting these cases. They will not get a free pass. Reporter: So for you there's no question. Cameron Harrison is a rapist. There's no question. I'm not saying that he is this evil human being. I am saying what he did was wrong. Reporter: When we come back, Cameron Harrison's day in court is coming. We did everything we could to block the camera crews. Reporter: Savannah braces for a face to face showdown. He did wrong. Every choice has a consequence.

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{"id":47802672,"title":"Friends hold makeshift graduation for classmate on house arrest: Part 5","duration":"4:37","description":"Cameron Harrison missed his high school graduation while on house arrest in his first degree rape case.","url":"/2020/video/friends-hold-makeshift-graduation-classmate-house-arrest-part-47802672","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}