George Zimmerman Trial: Casualties of the Case

Part 3: Whatever the verdict, there are no winners, and plenty of losers.
5:59 | 07/13/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman Trial: Casualties of the Case
Reporter: More than two weeks of testimony. 56 witnesses. Hundreds of pieces of evidence. But only one man knows exactly w457d t what happened the night trayvon martin was killed. And today in closing arguments, his lawyer called him a victim. There was some anger and hostility and ill will and spite, maybe, that night. It just had nothing to do with george zimmerman. Well, that's not true. It had something to do with george zimmerman. He was the victim of it. Reporter: Defense attorney mark o'mara implored the jury not to assume anything or make snap judgments. And laid the burden of proof squarely at the feet of the prosecution. Give me a shred of evidence that contradicts that he had any other option. Reporter: Sybrina fulton couldn't take it, leaving the courtroom as pictures of her dead son played one last time for the jury. Six women, five of them mothers. Isn't that every child's worst nightmare? To be followed on the way home, in the dark -- Reporter: And lawyers for the state of florida tried to depict george zimmerman as a man who had choices and made a deadly one. Trayvon martin may not have the defendant's blood on his hands but george zimmerman will forever have trayvon martin's blood on his. Reporter: Two lives, forever changed. Your verdict is not going to bring trayvon benjamin martin back to life. Your verdict is not going to change the past, but it will forever define it. Reporter: And as the nation is about to turn its attention away from this tiny community, one person is left to pick up the pieces. A guy lost his life. Another guy shot him. When you pull that trigger, no matter what's going on, your life has changed. Whether you go to jail or don't go to jail, your life is totally, totally different. Reporter: Sanford mayor jeff triplett says there's no going back. Still, he's preserved every moment of this tragedy. This is really like a little sliver of history. It's a scrapbook of a city turned upside down. Faded clippings of memories still fresh. Your son looks terrified there. He looks absolutely terrified as to what's happening. We want arrest! The innocence of the children watching all this and trying to understand what's going on. Reporter: Here in sanford, being mayor is only a part-time job. But keeping the city safe amid nasty e-mails, manonymous phone calls, even death threats, became a full-time occupation. It was a lot of pressure. And I don't care if you're the major of new york city or sanford, florida, there's no way you can truly be prepared for it. Reporter: Where astray von martin lost his life, others lost their livelihoods. Police chief bill lee, a 30-year veteran, was fired. He' good man. For me, it wasn't what the investigation was, it was the handling afterwards, the chaos management, so to speak. He didn't take the -- Reporter: Shouted down during a press conference weeks after the shooting, he marches away as I try to talk to him. I understand your frustration. I thought for the good of the community and particularly for the good of the police department, we needed to move forward. Reporter: But lee wasn't the only cop casualty. Once a star detective, chris zurino was banished to the graveyard shift. Night patrol. He was called by the prosecution, but ironically, helped the defense, saying george zimmerman was believable. His statement, what did that indicate to you? Either he was telling the truth or he was a complete pathological liar. One of the two. Reporter: And then, there's the police department spokesman, silent, as we. Morganstern? He's still a sergeant on the police department. Reporter: But no longer the public information officer? No, he is right now on worker's comp. He's on light duty. Reporter: Okay. But the public remains rattled. Especially in the sleepy development where neighbors are still defending zimmerman. Matt, he had -- Reporter: He may have fought, but -- he has these, matty. He had these, okay? Reporter: You'll never convince frank that zimmerman did anything wrong that night. 16 months ago, you would have never been on tv. Now you are on tv three times a day. Everybody has 15 minutes of fame. Mine's on a loop, matt. Reporter: But fame's had its price. Especially those that never asked for it. You have jonathan good that saw the fight. You have jeremy and jenna, who made the 911 calls. You have the minolos. You have selma, you have sell lean. All these people are casualties of this tragedy. Reporter: And then there's another resident. George zimmerman. Tonight, awaiting a verdict. How does one plan for that? I think you do the best you can toed spend time with your loved ones because you may never hug them or see them or walk down the street with them again. Reporter: Lives destroyed, careers ended. A city ripped apart by the greatest casualty of all. The death of 17-year-old say von m trayvon martin. The major, now more of a custodian, trying to piece the broken city together. You apologize and you try to make things better. That's all you can do. You cannot change the past. But you can walk through it and try to make it better.

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{"id":19655483,"title":"George Zimmerman Trial: Casualties of the Case","duration":"5:59","description":"Part 3: Whatever the verdict, there are no winners, and plenty of losers.","url":"/2020/video/george-zimmerman-trial-casualties-case-19655483","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}