Grandmother said she believes granddaughter might be responsible for murder: Part 7

"I don't like to say that because I loved that granddaughter as much as anybody else in the family," Judie Eaton told 20/20 in 2008. "Ashley needs help if she did it."
6:16 | 02/09/19

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Transcript for Grandmother said she believes granddaughter might be responsible for murder: Part 7
Stacy castor, charged with poisoning one husband to death, trying to do the same with her daughter. Castor is charged with 2nd degree murder. Everyone was talking about it, you couldn't go to the grocery store, you couldn't go to the hair salon. Without people coming up to me and asking me, "Wait a minute, there's a woman who's been arrested, accused of killing her second husband, suspected of killing hefiand, and thing the deaths on her daughter by trying to kill her? Everyone's asking, well, what happened here? There were some who wanted police to look at, not Stacey castor, but there was another person that they should look at. There's really only one other viable suspect, the common link between Michael wallac David castor: That's Ashley, the daughter. And Stacey and her defense team alleged that it could only have been Ashley that killed David, and killed her father, Michael. 2007 Stacy castor contacts a defense attorney, chuck Keller. I grabbed my investigator, Gabe Ramos, and I said, "Let's get up there and see what' going on. Chuck was a fairly new attorney but very competent, very thorough. He goes to work and never stops defending Stacey. We have photographs, forensics, toxicology reports, fingerprints, the DNA. Shley Wallace's fingerprints are nowhere to be seen on any of the items tested. Whoever killed David had to have handled these items. His was a prosecutor who loves forensic evidence a dream. 'Cause it had computer evidence. It had DNA evidence. It had forensic linguistic analysis, which is you know, who wrote the note? Plus, she's a pretty -- pretty rotten human being. I wanted to make sure she was convicted. So we had been given this remarkable access to both D.A. Fitzpatrick and his team, and to chuck Keller and the team working with him to try to defend Stacey castor. And remember, for this defense team and this young defense attorney, what he has to do is come up with reasonable doubt. He really just needs one juror to think that it's possible that Ashley could have done this. We were looking for evidence of the accusations against Stacey. So they begin hunting. They go to the home. I think we looked in probably evevery dresser, we went in the basement. You can compare the style of writing, the way they spell certain words or misspell certain words. We found several letters and we said, you kno these were written by Ashley and one of themually discussed suicide and we thought holy cow this, this can't be a small thing. They find a letter. A tter written to one of Ashley's boyfriends, after they had broken up. She's distraught, and she says she's considerintaking her own life. And they point to that letter to say, "See? She was unstable. She was unhappy and she was contemplating committing suicide. After my dad died, I used to think about what would happened if I died. I almost tried to do it twice. That letter became a crucial piece of evidence because Ashley had told investigators that she had never contemplated suicide. Ashley was kind of jealous of her younger sister, bree. The dad favored bree. When David castor came along, he came in trying to be a disciplinarian and Ashley may have resented that. Somebody steppingack might say, okay Ashley didn't get along with her stepfather. Here's a way to get rid of him. As we looked into Ashley's background with David and Michael every witness we talked to who had something to contribute. They all pointed in the same direction at Ashley was absolutely capable and it was possible that she had done this. Mike and Dani Coleman were friends of Stacey. They knew Ashley her entire life. Hi. Hi, come on in. The colemans believed that Ashley was the bad guy in this situation. I think that because I can see how she can flip her temper very quickly. In my mind, in my gut, it makes more sense that she could have done it as opposed to Stacey. Ashley had ample time. Ample unity and I don't like to say that because I loved that grand-daughter as much as anelse in the family. Ashley needs help if she did it. She should've gotten help back maybe when her father died. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and ask yourself maybe there's something I'm not putting together? Oh, yes -- That maybe I'm wrong? I could be. But do I think I am? No. If you are wrong, what will you say to Ashley? I will apologize to her until the day I die. Statistics show that murdering your parent, is very, very rare, but it does happen. But to be convinced that her granddaughter did this, that Ashley did this, you'd have to believe that Ashley killed her father when she was just a little girl. It was either Stacey or it was Ashley. And it was gonna be up to a jury to decide which one of them actually killed these two men. Prosecutors have a mountain of physical and forens evidence. For the defense, if they can get these jurors to have questions about it, maybe Ashley could have done it, then they can get a not guilty verdict. I'm not guilty and we're

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"\"I don't like to say that because I loved that granddaughter as much as anybody else in the family,\" Judie Eaton told 20/20 in 2008. \"Ashley needs help if she did it.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"60951329","title":"Grandmother said she believes granddaughter might be responsible for murder: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/grandmother-believes-granddaughter-responsible-murder-part-60951329"}