Home Sweet Home: What Lies Beneath

The family of a man who died from a sinkhole speaks out for the first time.
6:13 | 03/09/13

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Transcript for Home Sweet Home: What Lies Beneath
20/20" continues with sink hole city. Gio benitis with the story. Welcome to sunny florida, the sinkhole capital of the nation. A hole that can bury you financially, or bury you forever. The bedroom floor collapsed and my brother-in-law is underneath the house! A sink hole swallowed a family home. Reporter: Last week, there was big drama inside this little house. It was late on faithview drive and jeff bush was in his bedroom. Without warning, the ground gave way and swallowed the 37-year-old, his furniture, clothes and everything else the sinkhole could fit in its giant mouth. That hole just opened up and swallowed my brother's bed. Reporter: Jeff's brother jeremy, went into that same darkness and lived to tell about it. I was in that hole myself, i didn't care. The hole was still growing as i was in the hole. Concrete was still falling as i was in the hole, I didn't care. I really didn't. This man right here is going to have to live the rest of his life seeing himself in that hole and hearing his brother scream his name. That's his last words. He's calling his brother's name. Reporter: Jeremy was pulled to safety by a sheriff's deputy. Just the entire thing. Never. Never in my life have I seen anything like that. Reporter: This is the first time the parents of jeff bush have sat down for an interview. They are confused and angered by perceived inaction of many rescuers. If you're too damn afraid to go in there, let me go in there. Reporter: You would've done that? Yes, sir. I almost lost two sons. This is close-knit family. They would not let us go near there. They wouldn't give us an opportunity. Reporter: You actually saw that hole was their anyway to think they could have gotten jeff out? Personally, I don't think he was able to be saved. Reporter: In a tragedy most adults can't seem to fathom there is the additional heartbreak as a fragile grandchild tries to comprehend. My little granddaughter. 2 years old. Let's go dig uncle jeff. Let's go dig up uncle jeff, we need to take him home take him home. My granddaughter asking that. Reporter: Fear has taken up they gave residents just minutes to go back home. No way I'm going back in. No way. No way I'm going gak to live. There was one option. The family watched as a backhoe demolished the structure. We don't have a body to bury, no ashes, nothing. Reporter: It's the third sink hole fatality in florida. Paula was barely able to avoid the same fate. She fell in a sink knoll her own backyard and managed to call 911 from her cell phone. I'm in the ground! Somebody help me! Reporter: This is sink hole season in florida, which ro coincides with the rainy season. Sink holes form with stone is eelten away by water. The land above it, with no support, can dramatically give way at any moment. To get a loser look at a sink hole, we went inside one. With geologist anthony randazzo. Here at the devils den scuba diving resort near gainesville, people don't fall in a sinkhole they take the stairs. And when you're looking at this you're saying it's a lot like that seffner home. Yes. With the surface expression being very small a diameter of 25 feet for the sinkhole but in the sub surface much wider much deeper. Reporter: Dows diver's paradise, the terror many associate with sinkholes is replaced by tranquility. But the question they're asking above ground remains the same. Do yhink any recovery effort would have been successful? I think it would have been fruitless unfortunately. Reporter: One man's misery is another man's opportunity. Enter the sinkhole guy. So, taylor, there's actually sinkhole activity beneath this home? That's correct. engineers. That the soils are very unstable below this home. Reporter: Taylor yarkosky is a contractor and in sink hole season, he's busy. Very busy. How many of these do you do each month? We underpin anywhere from 30 to 40 homes in a month, average. Reporter: The process involves a series of metal rods and a concrete like mixture that brackets the home to more solid footing. But peace of mind does not come cheap. This process, depending on the size of the home, can range sni where from 25,000 to 50,000 per home. Reporter: Experts say a home with a sinkhole problem can lose 80% of its value. Simply because home buy are afrao buy in the area. Fear is the worst enemy of real estate value. Reporter: Real estate shark barbara corcoran says just the stigma of having a sinkhole in your neighborhood is enough to drive property values down. Ive it can drive it down by a third, even 40%, 50%. Reporter: Back at 240 faithview drive, property value is the last thing on the family's mind. The infamous hole in the ground has been filled, the hole in their collective heart will remain. Love your children. Tell them when they're alive what they really mean to you,

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{"duration":"6:13","description":"The family of a man who died from a sinkhole speaks out for the first time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"18690122","title":"Home Sweet Home: What Lies Beneath","url":"/2020/video/home-sweet-home-lies-beneath-18690122"}