Incredible People Who Became Heroes in 2014

ABC's Robin Roberts names those who showed us their courage and inspired many.
6:14 | 12/24/14

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Transcript for Incredible People Who Became Heroes in 2014
will Rogers once said we can't all be heroes because swuns has to sit on the curb and applaud when they go by. Get ready to applaud. Everyday people who inspired the world this year with their bravery and messages of hope. She's the 13-year-old phenom who redefined what means to throw like a girl. With a 70-mile-per-hour pitch, Mo'ne Davis made little league baseball history with a no-hitter. I just go out there and throw strikes. Reporter: Taking it all in stride as she captured the nation's attention. A new kind of role model. I just have to be myself. Reporter: And reminding all of us that there is no "I" in team. Without my teammates -- I wouldn't be here right now. Reporter: A hero on and off the mound. Now when people say I throw like a girl, I say, "Thank you." Reporter: From fighting it out on the field, to fighting back from adversity, six-time olympic gold medalist Amy van dyken shows us what the heart of a champion really means. Paralyzed from the waist down after an atv accident severed her spinal cord, Amy has shared her struggle. Publicly with dignity and humor. What do you want to say to someone who is in a similar situation? I say, listen, it sucks. Let's be honest. But if you look and you go, "I'd like to maybe rock climb someday, you can rock climb someday." If you look at it, and you want to drive, you'll be able to drive. Like, whatever it is you want to do, you can still do. It's going to take a lot longer, but it's still possible. Reporter: You do talk about milestones. The other day, you got yourself in the car. You drove solo. Big day. Huge day. I think it was #hugeday. It was just so amazing being able to drive and go wherever you want to and do whatever you want to. And having that that pride that yeah, I did this myself, it was really cool. Reporter: Determined to walk again, she has inspired so many. There is a possibility that that milestone of me walking may happen. Will I do it under my own power? Probably, because I'm hoping it's going to be with braces. But will I do it without braces? I don't know. You know, I've done it with an exoskeleton. I'd love to do it by myself. But just that will be a milestone in and of itself. So let's -- let's do it. Reporter: Have you always been this optimistic? Yeah, I've always been this way. You -- you got to turn, you know, you got to turn lee mons into limoncello. Oh, limoncello, not lemonade, limoncello. I'm hangin' with you, yeah. Reporter: This year we learn courage comes in all sizes. Four-year-old dynamo Leah still facing stage 4 pediatric cancer head on. Her father Cincinnati Bengals football player, Devon still, her number one cheerleader. You ready to get this cancer up out of you? Fist bump. Reporter: The Bengals organization leading the charge in the hastag "Leahstrong" movement, raising over a million dollars for the fight against childhood cancer by selling Devon's Jersey. The strength my daughter has showed me is nothing short of inspirational. Reporter: Not all superdads are famous. Pittsburgh detective Luke adopted two brothers. Josh and Jesse. Who he met at a boxing gym. Rees kug them from a difficult life. Josh's own words were -- "I'm literally trying to sleep my own life away and I go what do you mean?" He said, "I get home from school, I'm trying to just fall asleep until I have to go to school again." He said, "Coach, you got to get us out of there. Can you help us?" He goes, "You're coming home with me now." That was one of the greatest moments in my life that I could think of. He's a great father because he teaches me how to be a better man in life. Reporter: Giving new meaning to the phrase "Protect and serve." Which is exactly what a Florida school bus driver named Kristina Burman did when she saved nearly 40 kids from a horrific bus fire, remaining calm in the face of chaos. Guys, line up against the black please. Line up. Move down, please! The kids did great. They got off the bus in a single file line. They moved quickly. Reporter: A true everyday hero like the doctors, nurses and aid workers on the front lines of the ebola epidemic, putting their lives on the line. Some contracting the deadly disease like Dr. Kent Brantly. I am thrilled to be alive, to be well and to be reunited with my family. Reporter: Nurse Nina Pham. As a nurse, I have a special appreciation for the care I have received. Reporter: And amber Vinson. While this is a day for celebration and gratitude, I ask that we not lose focus on the thousands of families who continue to labor under the burden of this disease in west Africa. Reporter: Just three of the faces of courage and dedication. It's extremely heroic to put yourself in harm's way when you are a medical worker to care for someone else. Reporter: Oftentimes, a tidal wave of change begins with a simple idea. Just ask the creators of the ice bucket challenge, pat Quinn and Pete Frates. Their campaign to draw attention to their disease, als, sparked a viral video revolution. It's really beyond anything we could have imagined. Reporter: Pete's wife Julie says they are heartened by the response. Before this, you know, so many people just did not understand what als was. We need people to rally around this cause and if people keep pouring buckets of ice over their heads then so be it. Reporter: Everyone got in the challenge -- lady gaga, Oprah and president George W. Bush to name a few. All that icy water turning to cold hard cash for a cause. The ice bucket challenge has raised over $100 million in donations for research, proving that with strengthen and perseverance, we can all be he

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"ABC's Robin Roberts names those who showed us their courage and inspired many.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"27808328","title":"Incredible People Who Became Heroes in 2014","url":"/2020/video/incredible-people-heroes-2014-27808328"}